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by on January 7, 2021

As time goes on, the electronics industry shows no signs of slowing down in popularity. The global electronics market currently has a net worth of about $1 trillion.


So, what can you do to make sure that your electronics company gets to enjoy a share of these profits? One great way to achieve this goal is by partnering with successful companies in the electronics industry.


With that in mind, we’re here to help you out with a list of companies that make excellent partners. Here are four companies in the electronics industry you need to work with.


1. H & Z Wholesale - Laptops, Tablets, Game Consoles & Watches



Source: H & Z Wholesale


Located in Winter Haven, Florida, H & Z Wholesale is a popular nationwide wholesale business. This electronics wholesale business buys and sells: laptops, tablets, video game consoles, and smartwatches.


This company works in both wholesale and direct-to-consumer markets. Because of this company’s flexibility, H & Z Wholesale is able to handle both small and large orders.


To maintain its inventory, H & Z Wholesale buys its electronics from an exclusive network of wholesalers. Because of these strong partnerships, H & Z Wholesale always has a great supply of popular electronics.


H & Z Wholesale carries new electronics, which is great if you don’t want to buy pre-owned devices. If you’re in the electronics industry and need a new business partner, contact H & Z Wholesale as soon as possible.


You can reach out to H & Z Wholesale here or by giving them a call at (863) 640-9920.


2. Atlas Mobile - iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, Samsung, Watches



Source: Atlas Mobile


Another popular wholesaler in the electronics industry is Atlas Mobile. Atlas Mobile buys and sells a wide range of electronics. By working with Atlas Mobile, you’ll be able to choose from smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and much more. 


Plus, this company has a wide range of popular electronics from top brands including Apple, Samsung, Google, and many others. Also, Atlas Mobile offers both new and used electronics. This company’s selection is only one part of this successful wholesale electronics business.


Atlas Mobile also offers a buyback price sheet that makes it easy to see everything this company has to offer. Whether you need to sell your electronics or buy devices, Atlas Mobile most likely has what you’re looking for.


While looking at the lengthy inventory list of Atlas Mobile, you’ll find the latest iPhones, iPads, and MacBooks. Atlas Mobile also buys and sells a wide range of smartphones and Samsung devices. We recommend keeping a close eye on this company’s inventory, as they are always buying and selling electronics!


3. Phonecheck -  Mobile Diagnostics & Data Eraser Software



Source: Phonecheck


Not every top business in the electronics industry buys or sells these devices. Another incredibly important aspect of this industry is testing your electronic devices.


Unless you’re buying brand new devices all the time, you’ll spend some time working in the used electronics market.. As many electronics wholesalers will tell you, used devices are often incredibly profitable.


With that said, used devices can be available in all sorts of conditions. Sometimes, there can be a lot of difference in terms of profits between a device in poor condition and excellent condition.


Making things more complicated, not all problems with used devices are easy to see. What if your electronics that look great on the outside, have internal or CPU-related issues? We don’t say these things to discourage you from buying or selling used electronics. On the contrary, there are many companies making lots of profits in this industry.. 


To avoid dealing with any used devices catching your wholesale company by surprise, you’ll want to partner with Phonecheck. This company provides peace of mind to electronics dealers worldwide. PhoneCheck is able to perform over 100 automated tests and inspections on mobile electronic devices. These tests make sure a device is completely functioning properly, both internally and externally.


Another reason why a partnership with Phonecheck is so beneficial is that this software wipes data and resets your devices. This feature alone can save you an incredible amount of time by not having to wipe data manually.


4. LSCR - iPhones, Samsung, LG, Google Smartphones



Source: LSCR


We can’t have a list of excellent companies in the electronics industry without mentioning LSCR. Based out of Houston, Texas, this company has a long history of buying and selling a massive range of mobile electronics.


If you’re looking for smartphones and tablets from Apple, Samsung, Google, or LG, you’ll want to work with LSCR right away. Plus, LSCR works with a massive international network of suppliers. With partners all over the world, you can rest assured that LSCR has the mobile devices you’re looking for.


But there’s a lot more than a great selection that makes LSCR stand above the rest of the competition. This company knows the importance of being trustworthy and reliable. Every item in this company’s inventory is rigorously tested and inspected. This ensures that every customer of LSCR gets exactly what they pay for.


Another quality of LSCR that makes them a successful wholesale company you want to work with is their responsiveness. If you ever have a question or concern, you’ll know that LSCR will respond with a helpful response right away.


Find and Start Working With These Companies on Trade-In Tech


To start reaching out to these companies and many others from one convenient location, become a member of Trade-In Tech. We built our wholesale electronics platform to help your electronics company grow.


We offer a members-only electronics marketplace, private groups, chatrooms, and an exclusive in-house social network. Plus, we require that each of our members complete our verification process before joining us. This process weeds out any potential scammers.

Whether you’re just starting out or run an established business, it’s always good to have new partnerships. When you’re ready to find new partners, look no further than the four excellent companies above. Partnering with these companies provides everything you need to have a business that sells profitable electronics. Also, check out our wholesale electronics blog that features weekly content designed to help you market your business.

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