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by on December 12, 2019

These days it can be extremely hard to find reliable wholesale suppliers that can consistently fulfill orders for you.


There are no shortcuts and it will take time to find reliable vendors that you can work with. In order to shorten that time, you want to make sure you are looking in the right spots.


These five platforms will help you find reliable wholesale suppliers you can depend on.


1. LinkedIn


Use the search option and look for manufacturers and distributors in your industry. Connect with members and send them a message immediately to start building the relationship. 


Make sure to be clear on the products you are interested in purchasing and provide all vendors with your company information, references, and current requests.


You can also use LinkedIn Groups to meet other wholesalers in your industry.


2. Facebook Groups


Facebook Groups is a great platform to connect with other distributors and companies in your industry. You can search keywords in your industry to find groups that are related.


Join the groups and provide as much value to the community as you can. Do not spam or promote your products, instead focus on helping other members and you will see your following grow significantly.


You can also create your own group and request information my an email address or phone number in order for a member to join. This is a great way to build brand awareness and create your own private network.


3. TopTenWholesale


TopTenWholesale is one of the largest b2b platforms that connects resellers with distributors, manufacturers, importers, suppliers and more.


They offer hundreds of unique categories and a network of over 200,000 members. You can find suppliers for apparel, closeouts, handbags, jewelry, electronics, etc.


With over five million product inquiries every month, TopTenWholesale is recognized as one of the largest wholesale platforms in the industry.


4. eBay Sellers


One unique way to find wholesale suppliers is through eBay. Many large sellers liquidate there excess inventory on platforms like eBay.


You can use the "Make Offer" option and offer a lower price for items you are interested in buying. When you make the offer, make sure to leave a message stating that you are a regular buyer and would like to purchase more in the future.


This task might be more time consuming than other activities, but it has proven to be one of the most profitable strategies we have used to acquire clients.



5. Trade-In Tech


If you are looking for electronics, make sure to check out Trade-In Tech. They offer a verified wholesale platform for electronics dealers.


Each member goes through a rigorous vetting process and is constantly monitored to make sure all users get the best experience.


You can buy and sell smartphones, tablets, computers, cameras, video games, home tech and more through their interactive platform.


All members get access to the business directory, private groups, live chatrooms, marketplace and training materials.

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