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by on January 27, 2020

There is a seemingly endless amount of electronics out in the world. If you're an electronics reseller, you don't want to spend lots of time and money purchasing items that aren't profitable. After reading this helpful guide, you'll understand what electronics people want to buy and how much you can expect to get for them.


What Factors Affect the Value of Electronics?

If you're going to resell electronics, it's important to note what factors affect your potential profits. First, you'll want to make sure you're purchasing items with clean ESNs. This means that these items, after being activated, are ready for consumers to use. Without a clean ESN, it's possible that the items you're trying to sell either aren't fully paid for or possibly stolen.

It's also extremely important to inspect the condition of any items you're thinking of reselling. If they're purchasing something that isn't new, consumers might expect a bit of wear and tear. As a reseller, it's imperative to let consumers know the honest condition of items you're selling. To accomplish this task, it's best to include lots of clear photos in your item listings. Also, make sure you write detailed information about any condition issues you come across.

You'll also want to check what features your electronic items have. For instance, many consumers will pay more for smartphones, tablets, and laptops that include lots of storage space. You'll also find that electronics with larger screens tend to bring in more profit than those with smaller screens.


Apple iPhones

Apple's iPhone helped pave the way for a new type of mobile phone. Since this time, the iPhone remains one of the best-selling mobile phones of all time. Considering the popularity of these devices, Apple releases these items in generations. Generally speaking, newer iPhones will be worth more than older models.

What to Look For: The newest line of mobile phones from this company, the iPhone X, usually sells for around $500-600. The iPhone 8 Plus sells for about $350-400 while the iPhone 8 base model usually sells for $300-350.


Samsung Galaxy Phones

There are also many popular smartphones made by one of Apple's largest competitors, Samsung. Considering that, many resellers can make quite a nice living by finding and selling Samsung Galaxy phones. Like the iPhone, newer Samsung Galaxy models tend to bring in more profit than older models.

What to Look For: To get the most profit, look for the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which typically sells for anywhere from $350-400. The Galaxy S9 will sell for about $300-350. You can also receive a great profit on 7th and 8th generation Samsung Galaxy smartphones, which sell for anywhere from $250-350.


Apple iPads

In addition to smartphones, mobile tablets are other types of electronics that resellers love. By having larger screens and lots of storage capacity, tablets offer lots of functionality. Also, tablets remain popular with consumers all over the world. With that said, it's important to learn what types of Apple iPads are the most popular.

What to Look For: You'll usually find that newer iPad Pro models with larger screens go for anywhere from $500-650. While the value of these devices tends to decrease with age, it's still possible to get upwards of $250-300 for older iPads in great condition. You can also sell most iPad Minis in good condition for about $80-120.



Certain consumers want to have more computing power than smartphones and tablets while they're on the go. Many people purchase MacBooks to achieve this goal, which is Apple's line of sleek and functional laptops. If you resell electronics, you'll likely be glad to know that laptops are known to bring in lots of profit. Generally speaking, MacBooks are going to be slightly harder to find than iPhones and iPads. But, the profit these items bring in makes tracking them down worth it.

What to Look For: If you want to get the most profit, you'll want to look for the MacBook Pro. These types of laptops feature the most memory, storage, and processing power of all of Apple's laptops. With that in mind, the Apple MacBook Pro can bring in resale values that range from $1,400-2,500. It's also possible to sell older MacBook Air models for around $450-700.


Google Pixels

Apple and Samsung aren't the only two companies manufacturing and selling popular electronics. Many resellers can receive excellent profits by purchasing Google Pixel smartphones. This company hasn't been producing smartphones as long as many of its competitors. However, these phones offer lots of unique features that make them hot commodities with many smartphone buyers.

Average Resale Price: To find the highest resale value, look for the Google Pixel 4 or 4 XL models. If they're in great condition, these types of smartphones can sell for upwards of $500. The third generation of Google Pixels typically sells for around $180-240. You'll also find that the second generation of these smartphones will sell for about $80-100.


Apple Watches

As is often the case, Apple continues to bring lots of innovative products to the market including smartwatches. These types of electronics allow people to stay connected to the digital world by offering many features that include telling time, communicating with others, and using a wide range of Apple's apps.

Average Resale Price: There are five separate generations of Apple Watches. With the fifth-generation models being the newest, expect these items to sell for around $450-550. If you have fourth-generation Apple Watches, expect these items to sell for anywhere from $250-400. It's also possible to sell back third-generation Apple Watches, for around $150-200.

In closing, reselling electronics can be a great way to make money. With that said, you'll have the best experience with reselling electronics if you know what items are worth the most amount of money. Fortunately, electronic manufacturers produce and sell many items that can hold their value for years. To get the most profit, try to make sure you're selling newer electronics in the best possible condition.

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