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by on February 3, 2020

While most electronic resellers focus on the consumer market, private buyers are not the only ones that you can work with. Business owners offer up a relatively untapped market. The business-to-business world can be quite lucrative. You'd be surprised at how much you can grow when you buy & sell smartphones to business owners.


Regardless of the type of business a company performs, there's a good chance that smartphones play an important role in their day-to-day operations. Everyone from retail workers to manufacturers rely on smartphone technology to stay connected, manage schedules, and more. Thanks to the flexibility of smartphones, it's not uncommon to see in-house apps that catered to business operations, too.


Like consumers, business owners are always looking for the latest technology to improve productivity. Because most of them are looking to stick with a budget, the secondary is often their go-to.


Not only can you sell to those business owners, but you can also pad your inventory by buying their used gear. Businesses are a gold mine for hardware. Rather than scouring the web for a few good deals, you can get a ton of stock from one source. It's a win-win all around.


To help you dive into this lucrative market, here are some great business-to-business sources for buying and selling.


Trade-In Tech


One of the easiest ways to work with businesses directly is through a platform like Trade-In Tech. We run a global network that connects buyers and sellers in the electronics industry. The service is very easy to use. Plus, we take several steps to reduce fraud and make transactions as smooth as possible. Thanks to our worldwide reach, there is no shortage of business owners to work with.


Cell Phone and Computer Repair Stores


Electronics repair shops always need smartphones. Though, they tend to use them a bit differently than most businesses. In many cases, repair shops utilize smartphones from the secondary market for replacement parts. Most of the components in modern smartphones aren't readily available to the masses. This is especially true for popular brands like Apple.


Thanks to the lack of access to spare parts, repair shops have to tear down other phones and collect components. Why is this beneficial for you? Well, you can often unload smartphones that you couldn't otherwise sell. Instead of putting in the money to make huge repairs, you can always sell to the repair shop. They can scrap the phone and just use those components that are in good condition.


Alternatively, they can choose to make investments and repair the smartphone themselves. Whatever the case may be, you're still making a sale. Unlike single consumers, repair shops can be a great continuing source of revenue. Once you've established that relationship with the business owner, you can continually rely on the repair shop to make some income.


Pawn Shops


Looking for a place where you can both buy & sell smartphones? Take a look around your local pawn shop. Pawn shops are a great source of inventory. While not all shops will take damaged phones, some offer them for very low prices. Not only that, but you may be able to catch a good deal if you choose to buy in bulk.


As for selling, pawn shops are usually very willing to take some stock off your hands. The great thing about selling to pawn shops is that you can work closely to get a fair price on individual phones. Don't expect to get much beyond the fair market value. After all, pawn shops are looking to make a profit. However, you can get the upper hand in negotiations if you're dealing with a lot of stock.


R2 Recyclers


The Environmental Protection Agency started to develop programs to address electronic waste in 2008. One of them was the R2 certification program. Basically, R2 recyclers are companies that go to greater lengths to ensure that electronics are recycled safely and efficiently. The program is overseen by the R2 Technical Advisory Committee, also known as TAC.


Despite the constant flow of new electronics that are always coming out, most hardware can be recycled and reused without any issues. The program was established to handle the growing electronics market and reduce its impact on the planet.


There are hundreds of R2 recyclers in the United States alone. Each one has a large collection of used smartphones up for grabs. You can often buy directly from these recyclers at very low costs.


One unique thing about this inventory source is that the hardware is handled very carefully. To become an R2 recycler, businesses have to meet certain standards. They are audited regularly to ensure that those standards are met. Not only do the recyclers work to meet health, environmental, and safety standards, but they also have to keep data secure. All data is wiped from the phones, making it easy to flip the hardware for resale.


BuyBack Websites


There is no shortage of buyback websites out there. Typically, these sites are catered to normal consumers. However, nothing is stopping you from using the platforms to make a quick sale or get some high-quality stock.


Most buyback websites work the same way. All you have to do is answer a few questions about the smartphone. You're then provided with a preliminary offer and given the opportunity to send it in for inspection. After a detailed review, the buyback company will pay you.


Like pawn shops, buyback websites are focused on making a profit. So, sale rates may be on the lower side.


However, these sites are a great source for getting high-quality gear. All of the smartphones these companies sell go through a strict inspection process. In most cases, they have that "certified" stamp of approval to ensure buyers that the phone is in good working condition. That's less work for you, making it easy to turn a profit quickly.


Facebook Groups


Last, but not least, you can always go to Facebook Groups or other marketplace sites. Buying and selling groups are a dime a dozen on Facebook. According to statistics published by Facebook in 2018, roughly 800 million people use Facebook Marketplace every month.


Creating a listing is easy and will put your post front and center for a large market to see. You can find groups designed for business owners or groups focused on business hardware. This would put your inventory front and center for your target demographic to see.


Best of all, Facebook Marketplace is free to use. Unlike other sites, there's no charge to create a listing for Facebook Groups. You can also respond to business owners trying to get rid of their smartphones to get more stock.


When you buy & sell smartphones, every piece of the transaction can be handled directly on Facebook. It simplifies the process significantly. Even if you don't want to move money through the platform, Facebook Groups are a great way to meet local business owners that you could potentially work with in the future.




The first step you need to take if you want to buy & sell smartphones to business owners is to find them! Connecting with one-off consumers isn't hard. There's always a demand for smartphones. However, the same can't be said for businesses. The business-to-business world tends to be a bit more private.


The trick to being successful is to develop good professional relationships. Business owners want to know that they can rely on you and vice versa. Once you have an in, those business transactions can be an important part of your own resale business.

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