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by on April 8, 2020

When your business is looking to resell electronics for profit, you need to know that there are certain types of electronics that sell better than others. Also, many wholesalers only specialize in sales of certain categories of electronics. The following is a list of electronics that sell well and are easy to locate.



Most people own a smartphone or know someone who does. Because new smartphones are very expensive, many people look for deals on them. Also, smartphones tend to break easier than older flip-style phones. With that in mind, people usually need to replace them on a much more frequent basis. Some also seek out upgrades for their phones, only to find such upgrades to be cost-prohibitive. You can provide such upgrades in the form of refurbished phones at much more inexpensive prices. When you are looking to resell electronics, reselling smartphones just makes sense.


Many more people have tablets than ever before. Children use tablets to play games and do their homework. Adults use tablets to surf the internet and work from home. The elderly use tablets to email and Skype with their grandchildren. Tablets serve a multitude of uses. However, tablets are also very breakable. Countless people have accidentally dropped their tablets and broken their screens. Sometimes, having the screen repaired can be just as costly to them as purchasing a refurbished tablet. Therefore, selling refurbished tablets can be a great business move.


Both tech and everyday people alike seek out great deals on computers. There are many computers on the market, but not every computer proves to be a great deal. Tech-savvy people want the most up-to-date computer for their use at a great price, and regular people don’t want to pay a large sum of money to buy a computer that they may just use to browse the internet. Providing a wide range of computers for people to purchase is quintessential in your reselling business. You’ll want to provide both laptop and desktop models as well as gaming computers.


Have you seen the price of decent quality DSLR cameras? Many people looking to get into photography just can’t afford the cameras they need in order to get started. Providing refurbished cameras to people at a reasonable price can provide your business with great profits. Also, selling camera lenses can be a great idea. Many photography aficionados want to try different lenses, but they don’t always want to pay top dollar to upgrade their lenses.

Cases and Accessories

There are many out there who love to have the latest and greatest decorative or protective cases for their phones, and many need to purchase additional charger cables and other accessories for their phones. People who keep losing their phone chargers don’t want to spend excessive money having to replace them on a regular basis. Many of the cheaper, unlicensed chargers tend to be of poor quality or even be fire hazards. If you sell discounted cases and name-brand accessories, you are likely to make a smart business move.


People love to tinker with their own electronics when they’re looking to save some money on repairs. The cost of labor for repairing electronics can be huge, so lots of folks like to buy parts to repair their own devices. You’ll want to keep an adequate stock of parts for screen repairs, cellphone repairs and computer repairs in your online store.


Good quality headphones are something that many people would love to purchase, but they can’t always afford them. People will want to search for deals on headphones for both themselves and to give away as presents for other people. If you keep a stock of quality refurbished headphones, you will likely see returns on your investment.


Carrying a stock of refurbished electronic watches can be a great idea. Electronic watches make great gifts, but many people don’t want to pay retail prices for such items.

IT Equipment

People looking to start up their own business or organization may desperately need adequate IT equipment, but they may not be able to afford to spend a lot of money on such equipment. When you can carry such things as servers, modems, routers and other like devices in your online store, you’re able to properly serve the segment of customers who need to purchase IT equipment at reasonable prices.

Video Games

Both children and adults like to play video games. Although video games aren’t overly expensive in the retail market, many people are looking to purchase both new releases and older video games at discounted prices. Keeping an adequate stock of the most popular refurbished video games is very important.

Home Technology

How many people do you know who would love to try Google Home or Alexa? Many people find these products fascinating, but they likely don’t enjoy paying full retail prices for items that they may just want to try out. Having a refurbished stock of such home technology in your store can be beneficial.


These are just a sampling of the electronics you should have on hand to resell. Of course, the climate is always changing, and there are always new electronics emerging from various technology companies. To keep an updated business model, you need to be aware of newly released electronics as well as current buying trends. All of this research can be done online, but it does take time. When you are running an electronics reselling business, customers’ needs and wants have to be your first priority. If there is little to no demand for certain products, there is no need to carry those products. Look online for current buying trends.

You may also eventually want to investigate carrying rare and more valuable products. For instance, if there is a particular cellphone or video game that is difficult to locate, you may see your profits increase if you are able to keep the product in stock. Don’t be afraid to branch out with the products you carry, but always be mindful of current market conditions for products.

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