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by on November 28, 2019

In this video, I will be breaking down the strategies I used to sell over $30 million of iPhones, iPads and Samsung electronics online in less than 5 years.




This training is for people who are interested in reselling electronics, resellers looking to expand their business and wholesalers who want to find more customers. Learn how to buy and resell in bulk and scale your company to become an industry leader.


By the end of this training, you will understand how to build a multi-million dollar business in the electronics industry, understand where to find customers on autopilot and be able to find the highest paying buyers in the world.


The first step is to create a business plan. 7 out of 10 companies don't have a business plan or written procedures for their employees. Document your goals, tasks and requirements before getting started.


Second, instead of cold calling, I suggest creating a lead generation machine to attract new customers. You can create a sales funnel and pre-qualify each lead based on interests and behaviors. It's much more scalable to bring customers to you, instead of going after them.


Third, I believe in having an omnipresence for any brand in any industry. If you want to dominate your market, you need to be present on all advertising platforms. The most popular websites include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Swappa, eBay, B-Stock and more. You can even use paid advertising and private messenger groups like WhatsApp to connect with other resellers.


Finally, it is important for any business to focus on offering the best product, avoid causing any industry hard, and create solutions to automate your efforts. Focusing on providing the best customer experience will help generate more revenue and a respected name for yourself. If you want your business to continue to grow, you must outsource and automate repeating tasks, always secure your money and only make purchases to fulfill orders.


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