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by on May 19, 2020

Many people wonder what it would be like to enter into the wholesale electronics industry. If you’re looking for inspiration as to how to achieve this goal, you can learn a lot by taking a few pages out of a certain wholesale mobile electronic company's playbook. This company is a leader within the mobile electronics industry. Here is a closer look at how Atlas Mobile was able to build a wholesale electronic business.


Found Large Demand For Used Phones


For a business to get ahead, experts often recommend the importance of researching an industry's target audience. A target audience consists of consumers or companies that your business should sell its products or services to. It might seem advisable to try and sell your products and services to everyone. However, this often requires a lot of time, effort, and money to market to such a large audience. Instead of doing that, you can achieve much more effective results by focusing on a target audience or some type of opening in your industry.


With that in mind, one of the ways that this wholesale electronics company began gaining momentum was by researching the industry of mobile electronics. During this time, the team at Atlas Mobile realized that there was a huge opening in the mobile electronics industry to capitalize on. Their research led them to find out that, in particular, there was a large demand for used mobile phones and similar types of electronics.


This is a fact that’s been backed up by numerous studies. In a 2018 article, “Demand for Older-Generation Phones is Spiking,” Business Insider noted that three of the most popular phones during that year were the iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, and Samsung Galaxy J2. What’s notable about the results of this study is that all of these phones were ones that were launched a year or more before this study took place, meaning many people were purchasing used phones over new ones.


Another study found even more amazing insights for those purchasing and selling used mobile phones. This study, from the International Data Corporation, found that a total of 206.7 million refurbished and used phones shipped throughout the world in 2019. What’s more amazing is this same study predicts that 332.9 million refurbished and used phones will ship throughout the world in 2023.


Atlas Mobile’s employees were happy to discover such an amazing opening. However, this business would need to determine the right way to claim its share of such a massive market.


Bought & Sold On Ecommerce


After realizing that there was a huge demand for mobile electronics (mobile phones in particular), this wholesale mobile electronics company began selling and purchasing these devices on ecommerce websites. This was a smart decision, especially considering the popularity of the world of ecommerce.


There are several reasons why ecommerce has become so popular among people throughout the world. One of these reasons is because ecommerce shopping often means people don't have to leave their homes to purchase products. This is also beneficial for those who find it difficult to go out in public. The world of ecommerce was appealing to this business because it helped expansion efforts. It was also a great way to get its network of products into the hands of consumers and business partners throughout the world.


Research shows that ecommerce sales have grown about 200% from 2014 to 2020 and show no signs of slowing down. Considering that, Atlas Mobile’s popularity on ecommerce websites continued skyrocketing. This was another way that this large company became even bigger by entering into a growing market. While buying and selling mobile phones on ecommerce platforms, this wholesale mobile electronics company was able to connect with a network of refurbishers and resellers throughout the world.


Repaired Damaged Phones


Unfortunately, it’s often difficult for people to avoid damaging their phones. If you’re like most people, you’ve experienced that gut-wrenching feeling of seeing your phone or tablet fall out of your hands. There are many ways that mobile electronics can become damaged. Research from Statista found that 75% of people who have damaged their phone did so by dropping this device. This same study also found that about 35% of participants reported accidentally dropping their phone in water.


Regardless of what causes damage to phones, people must have ways to get these problems taken care of. Unfortunately, certain providers might not have anything available that allows a customer to trade in their damaged mobile phone for something else. This type of situation can leave almost anyone worried as they wonder how they're going to stay in contact with others.


Fortunately, experts can solve all types of electronic problems by repairing damaged phones and similar types of devices. By doing this, these devices often go from heavily damaged to being usable once again. Considering that, this wholesale company was able to utilize a network of its own professionals to help repair many types of electronic devices.


As you probably know, not all types of phone repair companies can offer excellent service. There are simply far too many potential issues for these companies to take care of. Fortunately, this wholesaler ensured that they would continue to offer its top-notch service when it came to refurbishing and repairing mobile devices after forming strategic partnerships. This allows this business to be able to solve all types of phone-related issues, something that made their customers and business partners quite happy.


Sold To Refurbishers & Resellers In Hong Kong & Dubai


An important aspect of growth for any company often involves establishing strategic partnerships. With that in mind, this mobile electronics wholesale soon began working with refurbishers and resellers throughout Hong Kong and Dubai. Over time, these partnerships began to establish this business as even more of a leader in the mobile electronics industry.


Atlas Mobile’s network of refurbishers was able to perform high-quality work, restoring a wide range of damaged electronic devices to their original states. This was also beneficial for them because it could continue expanding its inventory of mobile electronic devices.


By partnering with more resellers, this business would continue growing at an even more rapid pace. As this was happening, Atlas Mobile knew it needed a way for everyone to see what it had to offer. Instead of just offering a standard list, they wanted to create something much more thorough. With that in mind, this wholesale mobile electronics company came up with its buyback price list.


Started Offering a BuyBack Price List


As we’ve mentioned earlier, many consumers and companies prefer to buy and sell all types of mobile devices. Considering the popularity of the mobile electronics industry, this wholesale company began acquiring a massive amount of inventory and needed a way to make things easier for everyone involved.


Coming up with a solution, Atlas Mobile began offering a buyback price list to its network of both customers and partners. By being able to price match competitors, this fast-growing business continues to gain a large audience of customers. Best of all, this business kept all of its information on a Google Sheets spreadsheet. This made it easy for anyone to sort and categorize the buyback price list data.


This business didn't want to be like just any other buyback company. To set themselves apart, this business made sure to offer a detailed buyback price list and grading system. This grading system allows this business to have an easier time buying and selling mobile devices from its large network of partners. The grading system makes life easier for buyers and sellers. As an example, Atlas Mobile currently offers four types of grades.


Grade A: These products are those that are in new or mint condition.


Grade B: Grade B products are OEM or original manufacturer equipment with no cracks. These items should have a minimal amount of wear and should still be fully functional.


Grade C: Grade C products have more types of imperfections. These imperfections can include good LCDs with a single white spot.


Grade D: Grade D products are those with multiple types of spots on their screens, otherwise known as bad LCDs. Other than these types of issues, Grade D devices should still be fully functional.


DOA: These types of products are graded below Grade D items. If an item is DOA, it means that isn't displaying any type of power or signs of life. Items are also considered DOA if they've experienced excessive water damage, bending damage, missing parts, and other issues that make these devices non-functional.


If you're looking to purchase new or like-new items from this business, you'll want to learn about a few terms. While browsing everything that this buyback company offers in its official spreadsheet, you'll see items categorized with the words sealed, open, and HSO.


Sealed items are those that are sealed in their original packaging, basically untouched. Open items aren't sealed but are still in their original packaging. These types of items should still have a protective film on the devices themselves, all accessories are sealed, and the product has a warranty within 30 days of activation.


Built Relationships & Consistently Bought/Sold iPhones, iPads, Samsung


Atlas Mobile also began forming strategic partnerships with a range of resellers. These partnerships ensured that this growing mobile electronics wholesaler continued increasing its profits. As a result of these partnerships, this business continues to offer a massive amount of electronic items. While you've learned that Atlas Mobile is an electronics wholesaler, you might be unaware of just how many types of items it buys and sells.


Disclaimer: This is not a guarantee of what’s currently available on this company’s buyback price list. So, be sure to check it out as this busy company is always purchasing and selling a range of items.


You can find all types of mobile electronics on Atlas Mobile’s massive buyback price list including, but not limited to iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, Samsung, etc.


In addition to its wide range of mobile electronics, you can sometimes find MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs on this buyback company's price list. Atlas Mobile also sometimes has Apple Watches on its buyback price lists. Considering that, it's worth checking out the price list that this buyback offers to the public. You're likely to find many types of deals on some of the most popular mobile electronic devices.


In Conclusion

To wrap things up, Atlas Mobile utilized a combination of strategies to build its wholesale electronics business. If you’re wanting to enter into this rapidly growing industry, consider signing up for a membership at Trade-In Tech. By becoming a Trade-In Tech member, you’ll be in touch with a network of wholesale electronic sellers and buyers from across the world.

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