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by on June 11, 2020


Throughout the world, many people run businesses reselling electronics. However, it's hard to make a sizeable profit in this industry if you're not buying and selling valuable electronics. Fortunately, many types of profitable electronics are a breeze to resell. Here is everything you need to know about seven electronics you can resell for profit.


1. iPhones


When it comes to the leader of smartphone sales, Apple's offering is still an industry leader. Recent data shows that Apple's iPhone XR was the best-selling smartphone of 2019. However, Samsung (another industry leader) wasn't far behind as two of their phones were able to gain spots two and three in this same study, respectively.


Several important factors affect the worth of an iPhone. One of the biggest factors is what generation and model you're trying to resell. As you likely know, you can make a much higher potential profit by selling a brand-new iPhone than one that's five years old and previously owned. Generally speaking, you'll obtain a higher resale value by reselling later iPhone generations including the iPhone X, XR, XS, 11, and 11 Pro.


As with the estimated profit values you'll see with each of these items, it's important to note these are only estimates. Your amount of profit may vary, but that also means your profit could even be more than our estimations. Newer generation iPhones like the 11, XS, and X can resell for anywhere from $600-800. Older generation models like the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are worth around $400-600. If you're reselling sixth and seventh-generation iPhones, it's possible to resell these phones for around $100-200.


2. iPads


Never a company to slow down, Apple knew it had something valuable with the iPhone. Wanting to move this type of technology forward, this tech company created the iPad. As many people suspected, it didn't take long for iPads to do for tablets what the iPhone did for mobile phones. These devices have most of the functionality of an iPhone much with a much larger screen.


When it comes to reselling iPads, you can make a lot of profit with these items. As it goes with almost all types of electronics, newer generations will provide you with higher resale values. In most cases, the latest generations of the iPad vary slightly. The most valuable of all current-generation iPads is the Pro model that features lots of extra features and memory capacity up to one 1 TB (terabyte). You can expect the iPad Pro to bring in anywhere from $250-600, depending on the memory capacity of your devices. Expect slightly lower resale values for current-generation iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Mini models.


3. Samsung Galaxy Phones


Apple certainly isn't the only leader in the world of smartphones. For the past decade, Samsung has continued to establish quite a presence in this industry. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are many valuable items from Samsung that people love to resell for profit.


Popular Samsung Galaxy models include the S9, 10, S20 (this company's latest generation of smartphones). If you're reselling the Galaxy S20, expect to receive anywhere from $400-600. Samsung Galaxy S10s can sell for anywhere from $350-550 and Galaxy S9 and S9+ models resale for about $300-450. Again, the exact value you will receive for these phones varies based on condition, memory capacity, and other features.


4. Apple Watches


Besides reselling smartphones and tablets, smartwatches also remain extremely popular types of electronics. For now, Apple continues to have the edge in popularity when it comes to smartwatch brands. If you're wanting to make the most profit reselling smartwatches, it's best to find the ones that Apple manufactures known as the Apple Watch.


However, the Apple Watch is much more than a device used to tell time. When this company released this watch, Apple wanted it to offer all of the features people came to expect from the iPhone and iPad. Considering the popularity of Apple's smartwatch, it's a safe bet to say this company succeeded in its goal.


While this might change soon, the Apple Watch is now in its 5th series of production. If you have these watches, you can resale them for anywhere from $350-550. Apple Watch Series 4 models resell for around $200-350. The Series 3 models resale for about $100-200, with resale values dropping as you look into the 1st and 2nd Series Apple Watches.


5. Repair Parts


You don't only have to purchase electronics you can resell for profit to make money in this industry. Throughout this massive industry, many professionals and companies need to purchase repair parts to continue doing their jobs. What types of repair parts can you make a profit by reselling? Considering the many parts that make up a smartphone, there are many profitable ways to make money reselling phone repair parts.


One of the best ways to make a hefty profit is by reselling LCDs or replacement screens to electronics wholesalers, repair companies, and other types of similar businesses. You don't only have to find, buy, and resale LCD screens for iPhone and Samsung phones. Consider expanding your network of potential customers by reselling screens to companies that work with Motorola, ZTE, HTC, and other smartphone companies.


Your resale business doesn't have to only offer replacement screens. You can also resale replace phone cameras, SIM trays, charging ports, and many other items that need replacing from time to time. If it's profitable enough to pursue, you can also make a tidy profit by reselling extra phone repair tools you're not planning to use.


6. Accessories


In addition to repair tools, you can also make money by reselling phone accessories. When it comes to these types of accessories, there is a staggering amount of products you can potentially resell. If you're wanting to focus on the personalization side of things, you can easily have a profitable business by reselling protective phone covers, grips, stands, styluses, and many other items. By reselling these types of accessories, you're allowing people to personalize one of their most prized possessions.


If you're wanting to focus on phone covers and other types of personalization items, there are still many other goods to resell. One of the most best-selling phone accessories remains the device it needs to charge. In the past, a simple charging cable was all a smartphone owner needed. Now, there are new types of chargers including charging pads that make powering up your phone more convenient than ever.


Other types of popular smartphone accessories include headphones, adapters, mobile gaming accessories, SD cards, speakers, and virtual reality headsets. And, unlike with smartphones, the condition of these items isn't as much of a factor since most of them are brand new.


7. MacBooks


We've spoken a lot about mobile-based technology. With that in mind, many people consider the laptop to be the originator of technology that you could take anywhere. Considering the popularity of remote work, it's no wonder that the laptop continues to hold its own against the popularity of desktop computers. One reason for the popularity of laptops is because they're lightweight and don't require much in the way of assembling.


Laptops are also extremely popular for people who resell electronics, namely MacBooks. If you didn't know, MacBooks are laptop computers made by Apple. We often mention products by Apple on this list because of how well they hold their value. In fact, a recent Forbes article named Apple "The World's Most Valuable Brand" in 2019.


While MacBooks are going to cost more to purchase than most smartphones and tablets, these items also bring a higher resale value. As is the case with other electronics, newer MacBook generations tend to bring in higher resale value than older models. Current generation MacBook Pros can resale for anywhere from $1,500 to over $2,000. MacBooks manufactured during 2019 typically resell for anywhere from $850-$1,300.


Unlike most types of smartphones and tablets, even first and second-generation MacBooks can retain a good amount of their respective values, fetching resale values ranging from $400-600.


To Wrap Everything Up


To summarize, you'll find many types of electronics that you can profit from reselling. If you want to take your business to the next level as fast as possible, it's a good idea to think about becoming a Trade-In Tech member. Our wholesale platform allows you to build your brand, connect with buyers, and resell your profitable electronics. Best of all, we offer zero buyer or seller fees.

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