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by on June 24, 2020

Whether you sell a wide range of electronics or focus your business on one single facet of the industry, it's not always enough to sell directly to consumers. While standard business to consumer sales might be enough to help support your resale company, it's the business to business sales that can take your brand to the next level.


Businesses utilize more technology in their day-to-day operations than most consumers. Not only that, but many companies take advantage of all kinds of electronics to support their business. From smartphones to computers, every modern business needs technology to thrive in our digital world!


So, why not work to increase your B2B sales? B2B sales are lucrative, yet often untapped, parts of the market.


Of course, improving your B2B sales is not easy. Standard consumer sales are hard enough. When you factor in the needs of a larger organization, you have to work harder to close deals.


The B2B environment is about making connections with decision-makers, demonstrate the value of a business relationship, and cater to the ever-changing needs of a multi-faceted organization. Luckily, there are several strategies that you can employ to see success!


Retarget Your Website Visitors with Paid Ads


First things first: You need to be seen by your target audience.


If you already have an established website, take a look at some demographics to see who your visitors are and where they are coming from. Chances are, your visitors are predominantly private consumers.


To be successful in the B2B realm, you'll need to attract businesses rather than consumers. This doesn't mean that you have to abandon the B2C side of things. But, you will need to retarget your core audience to ensure that your products and services are as appealing to business as possible.


Paid advertisements can work wonders to attract businesses. Companies are looking for electronics all the time. With strict budgets and massive orders, you'd be surprised by how many companies are scouring the secondary market. It's the perfect opportunity to gain traffic and generate interest.


You can pay for targeted ads on a wide range of platforms. The most obvious would be through Google. Paying for some exposure on those relevant search engine results pages could prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Combine those paid advertisements with good search engine optimization and you could increase brand awareness across the board.


Of course, you're not just limited to Google advertisements. One good way to reach your target audience is to advertise on the platforms that they use. For example, why not pay for some ads on LinkedIn? The professional social media platform offers direct access to millions of companies!


Retargeting with paid ads takes time. Digital marketing is a marathon, not a sprint. Figure out your budget and use those ads strategically. With some careful planning, your efforts can pay off tremendously.


Use Influencer Marketing to Find New Customers


Sometimes, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. The B2B environment is all about networking. To truly succeed in this arena, you need to start building those relationships.


Once you have an "in," word about your company can travel fast. That's where influencer marketing comes into play.


Influencer marketing is a unique form of advertisement that has really taken off in the last decade. The goal is to use leaders within the B2B environment to showcase your brand to a much larger market. You may not have the exposure just yet to rely on organic marketing tactics alone. Working with a key influencer can give you the quick exposure you're after.


Essentially, you're working with an influencer rather than trying to sell to a larger group.


There are a few different ways to go about influencer marketing. The most common is to hire market influencers to promote your brand directly. The influencer will recommend your company to their audience, which can lead to direct referrals and increased business.


It expands your reach significantly and takes care of one of the biggest obstacle companies face concerning B2B sales: exposure!


Create Contracts to Solidify Customer Relationships


Once you start generating leads and making sales, you need to continue offering top-notch service to your customers. Successes in the B2B realm aren't achieved through one-off sales. They're achieved through repeat business!


To truly increase your B2B sales, you need to continually foster those working relationships. This means continuing to fulfill your customers' needs. Eventually, the goal should be to create contracts that solidify your relationship with customers.


This isn't always possible with the first sale. Many organizations are going to want to test the waters to see how your company performs and learn more about what you have to offer. Think of it as a trial phase. If you continue to meet their needs, that B2B relationship will get stronger and you can eventually offer an established contract.


This is the ultimate goal for both parties involved. No company wants to continually search for electronics suppliers. It wastes time and resources to find the right business to work with. Having an established seller the company goes to every time is beneficial for all parties involved.


Take some time to create a solid contract. Work with a legal team and collaborate with your customers. The contract should lay out the terms of your relationship fully. This includes what both parties expect from one another.


As long as you hold up your end of the contract and continue to provide reliable service, that business relationship will be a reliable source of income for your company.


Master Social Media Selling


Social media is king these days. Don't make the mistake of thinking that you can't conduct business on social media. It can be a great way to make sales and build those all-important B2B relationships!


B2B selling on social media can be tricky. But once you master it, that source of revenue will prove to be an important one.


Take some time to create a strategy. Where are you going to sell? How will you approach social media sales? Who will handle them? These are all important questions to answer.


The first step is to choose what platforms you'll be selling on. For B2B sales, LinkedIn and other professional outlets are ideal. While sales on Facebook, Twitter, and more are possible, those platforms are geared towards social communication rather than business dealings. As a result, more businesses are apt to respond to sales pitches on LinkedIn rather than Facebook or Twitter.


After that's decided, you'll need to build your brand presence and be proactive about making sales. Here's where paying for those targeted ads come into play. You can build your brand equity and spend some time investing in other forms of advertisement.


As you make sales, take advantage of what those social media networks have to offer. They let you communicate instantly with companies around the globe. Use this to your advantage and respond to leads quickly and efficiently. Don't ignore soft leads and make sure that you focus on the interactive element of social media sales.


Gather reviews, ask for feedback, and develop a strong network of leads. Over time, your presence on social media will strengthen, leading to more sales.


Retrain and Enhance All Sales People Every Quarter


Last, but certainly not least, it's always recommended that you retrain your sales team regularly. The B2B environment is constantly changing. The best way to increase your B2B sales is to make sure that everyone on your sales team is updated on what's going on in the industry.


For example, maybe a lucrative client you've been eyeing for months has left their normal electronics supplier. You could focus your quarter on getting that contract. Or, maybe you've generated new leads. All of that information should be discussed with your team.


Additionally, it's always good to invest in your team. If you're looking to increase sales, you have to understand why sales are not where you want them to be now.


Understanding your team's shortcomings and investing in improvements can make all the difference. Take some time every quarter to analyze your team's performance and see where they can improve. Put the resources into training your team. Not only does this build confidence, but it can provide your team with the tools they need to earn more revenue for your company.


Taking that time to enhance your team could make all the difference. It's a win-win all-around and could improve your company's bottom line.




There are many ways that you can increase your business sales. Give these tips a shot and see what kinds of improvements your business can experience!


Every company is different. However, there's no harm in adopting some essential sales strategies. There's a good chance that you will see a boost in sales figures, allowing you to create a reliable stream of revenue that will take your resale business to the next level.

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