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by on July 8, 2020

When you're searching for ways to bring in new B2B clients, paid advertisements are among the most effective strategies for doing so. No matter the marketing strategy you choose to employ, it can take a long time to increase B2B sales. However, implementing the right strategies and techniques can help you expedite this process and bolster the amount of B2B sales for your company. 


Likely the top marketing technique for increasing B2B sales is using paid ads in clever ways. Whether you retarget your site visitors or promote your brand through wholesale directories, there are many ways that you can use paid advertisements to enhance your B2B sales.


Retarget Your Website Visitors


Among the more effective methods for obtaining more B2B sales is by retargeting your website visitors, which will allow you to market your company to other businesses that have recently viewed your website but may not have followed through with a purchase. Retargeting is a very common form of marketing that aims at making sure that anyone who has recently viewed your website but has clicked away will be shown your paid ads when they visit another website. This is the ideal marketing method when you want to appeal to businesses that you can be confident are already interested in the products you offer.


If your business is involved with purchasing and reselling various types of electronics, the individuals who enter your website may be tied to companies that you can do business with. When you decide to implement retargeting ads, you can do so via list-based retargeting or pixel-based retargeting. When you choose to integrate pixel-based retargeting into your marketing campaign, you will be able to display your paid ads to any visitor who entered your website.


This is easily the more common form of retargeting that uses a small piece of JavaScript to make sure that the browser the user is accessing your site from is flagged. The "cookie" that's placed in the browser will notify other platforms to serve your ads when they enter other websites and search engines. These paid ads must be tied to certain pages of your website.


When looking specifically at list-based retargeting, you will need to have the visitor's contact information stored in your website if you want to employ this type of retargeting. If you're performing a retargeting campaign on Twitter or Facebook, you can simply upload a list of email addresses of users who have visited your website but haven't purchased anything. In the event that you use retargeting properly, you should be able to reach new customers and increase B2B sales. This is also a great way to raise brand awareness.


Target People Who Engaged With Your Social Media


If you want to bolster your B2B sales, likely the best way to do so is by targeting people who engage with your social media accounts. Facebook alone has more than 2.5 billion users, which means that these social media platforms can help you market your business to other companies from all over the world. LinkedIn is likely the ideal social media platform to use when you're trying to bring in new customers. If you have a business account on LinkedIn, your paid ads should be used on this site to target the individuals who have engaged with your account.


As touched upon previously, retargeting is a great technique to use when you're attempting to engage with individuals who have already shown interest in your business or brand. When you're trying to reach businesses and individuals who have interacted with your social media, you can choose to target by industry, company, job title, or seniority. With these filters, you should be able to create customized paid ad campaigns that will be appealing to your main audience. Make sure that your ads are varied and include everything from carousel ads to video ads. The analytics for your ad campaigns should allow you to determine if your efforts at increasing B2B sales are successful.


Upload Emails & Target Existing Customers


When you're conducting an email campaign that will send various emails to current and prospective clients, you should include paid ads within the emails that you send. While the emails themselves act as advertisements, the paid ads that you include inside of the emails can be more customized to the specific interests of the customer. Uploading emails is similar to the list-based retargeting mentioned previously. It's possible to upload the email lists that you've gathered from your database via two separate methods, which include retargeting and prospecting.


While retargeting allows you to match your paid ads with individuals who have visited your website and social media pages, prospecting marketing gives you the opportunity to identify potential customers. When you utilize both of these options, you should be able to market your business to a much wider audience. In the event that a prospective customer signs up for a newsletter on your site or watches a webinar that you offer, you will be able to collect their information and use it with your paid advertisement campaign.


It's also very important that you target your existing customers who have already done business with you in the past. There's a difference between standard customers and loyal customers. If you want your customers to become loyal and continue doing business with you for months and years to come, it's important that you pay attention to their needs as well. As such, a portion of your paid ad marketing campaign should be dedicated towards your current customers, which should keep these customers engaged.


Promote Your Brand on Wholesale Directories (Trade-In Tech)


One method of increasing B2B sales that you should heavily consider is to promote your brand on wholesale directories like Trade-In Tech. When businesses want to purchase in bulk for their stores, they can do so by visiting wholesale directories. These directories provide resellers with easy access to thousands of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, which means that each directory acts as an ecosystem where buyers are connected directly to wholesale suppliers.


Among the more popular wholesale platforms for electronics is Trade-In Tech. If you want other businesses to notice your company and eventually become customers, it's important that you increase the visibility of your business, which can be done by using paid ads on the more popular wholesale directories. As long as the ads you create are compelling and effective, you should see an increase in B2B sales after promoting your brand with these directories.


Creating the perfect ad to place on wholesale directories or in an email marketing campaign can be difficult if you've never done so before. B2B ads have different requirements when compared to ads that are aimed specifically at consumers. Your main goal when attempting to create a compelling paid ad is to make sure that the ad is appealing to your target audience. Once you've conducted research on your target audience, the entire ad should speak to their interests. Make sure that you display how your company is different than the competition.


Comprehensive customer research should be paired with premium ad copy, which refers to the words that are written on your paid ads. This is where the most significant difference between B2B and B2C marketing is located. With B2C ads, you might include phrases like "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" as calls-to-action. However, B2B ads come with different ad copy requirements if you want the advertisement to bring in new customers.


For instance, consider using calls-to-action like "Get More Information Here" or "Call Us Today" B2B transactions come with a long sales cycle, which means that the companies you interact with likely won't be able to make the purchase immediately. Your goal should be to make sure that the company in question is interested in finding out more about what you offer and how you operate. Once you have created the ad and have placed it online, make sure that you measure the performance so that you can make adjustments as needed.


If you want your business to not only survive but thrive, it's essential that you take the necessary steps to increase B2B sales. While there are many different methods that you can use to bring in new clients, paid ads have proven to be effective for capturing leads quickly and efficiently. This article should help you refine your paid ad marketing campaign for better results.

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