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by on September 30, 2020

Most companies operate by working with customers, other businesses, or both companies and individuals. If you’ve been working in the B2C (business to consumer) world, it might be time to start working with companies.


Let’s take a look at why B2B (business to business) sales are beneficial. We also have a list of proven tips to help increase B2B sales for your company, let’s get started!


Why Start Working With B2B Clients?



Before we get into how to increase your business-to-business sales, let’s take a quick look at why so many love working on the B2B side of things. Here are a few major advantages of working with B2B clients.


Clients That Love Buying in Bulk


An essential element of wholesaling is buying in bulk or purchasing many items at once. If you sell electronics to consumers, most aren't looking to buy more than one or two devices at a time. This is where switching to or entering the B2B sales world becomes so beneficial.


Most business clients rarely want one or two of an item, especially when it comes to electronics. These companies usually want everyone to be using the same devices. If not, it could end up creating a lot of unnecessary confusion. 


So, B2B clients often prefer to buy in bulk. Certain companies can have hundreds or thousands of employees that need electronics. As a wholesaler, this helps you move lots of devices and bring in major profits.


Larger Budgets


Another reason to start selling electronics to businesses is because of their budgets. Because of their larger budgets, you’ll often spend less time negotiating prices with B2B clients. Of course, most business clients have spending limits. It’s just that their limits are often much higher than the average consumer’s.


8 Amazing B2B Sales Tips for Closing Clients Fast



At one time or another, almost every business owner has dealt with a time when sales were slow or non-existent. Whether you’re new to selling your products to companies or you’re part of a B2B company that’s struggling, we’ve got you covered. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the best B2B sales tips for electronics wholesalers.


1. Join Trade-In Tech to Increase B2B Wholesale Sales


One of the best ways to start increasing B2B sales is by joining a wholesale directory like Trade-In Tech. Directories are places where both buyers and sellers connect to either buy or sell items. For those working in the wholesale electronics industry, Trade-In Tech is the place to be. 


We provide each of our members with easy access to thousands of electronics wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. This means that you’re not wasting days trying to find buyers, sellers, and other types of electronics professionals.


You can’t start increasing sales and making more money while dealing with scammers. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech uses a verification system to keep the threat of scammers away from each of our valued members.


After becoming a member of our wholesale platform, you can set up your page and start connecting with electronics wholesalers throughout the world. We also offer groups and chat rooms, if you don’t want to message anyone directly.


2. Launch Your Own Website


Another one of the most popular B2B sales strategies is to create a website. By doing this, your business has an online presence. Having a website also lets any interested parties know about your business whenever they want. With that in mind, it’s important that your company’s website makes a great first impression on visitors.


In the past, most people would hire a web designer to take care of this problem. Now, many website creation services make this process much easier and streamlined than it used to be.


When preparing to launch a website, you’ll need to factor in a few costs. One of the first costs you’ll pay is to register a domain name. A domain name is how people get to your website. For instance, our domain name is


You’ll have two options when it comes to buying a domain: creating a new one or purchasing a registered domain.


Registered domain names will be pricier than a brand new one. This is because certain registered domains might have an existing stream of traffic or rank well for popular online search terms.


If you buy a new domain, you’ll need to pay a small registration fee. In most cases, this shouldn’t be more than $10-$20. The drawback of new domains is that it will take time and effort to build this new website up.


To find out more about website creation, make sure to check out our guide on how to grow your wholesale business online.


3. Start Asking Your Customers for Reviews


Take a moment to think about the last time you searched for a business online. This might have been a new restaurant you wanted to check out or a movie you wanted to see. If you’re like 93% of consumers, online reviews play a role in deciding what business you’re going to choose. 


If you’re not happy with the number of reviews you have, it’s time to start reaching out to customers and business partners and asking for them. Asking for reviews is a simple yet effective strategy because most people lead busy lives. Therefore, it’s likely that many people loved working with you but need a reminder that an honest review would be much appreciated.


With that said, you don’t need to track down every customer to ask for reviews. Make sure you’re not asking for a review from someone who recently had a bad experience with your business.


Look for your brand advocates, those who are the biggest supporters of your company. If they haven’t already, chances are they’d love to tell others how much they love working with your business.


We advise staying away from buying reviews from a random company. At best, you risk receiving generic reviews that might look fake. The worst-case scenario is that websites detect these fake reviews and ban your account. Neither option is a good one.


4. Think About Redoing Your Pricing Structure


You can do everything right but, without a great pricing structure, it might be hard to increase B2B wholesale sales. How do you spruce up your pricing structure? Fortunately, there are many ways to make your pricing more enticing.


Wholesalers often buy electronics in large quantities. To make your business more appealing, why not offer bulk discounts? If you can find a bit of wiggle room in your budget, offer discounts for those who buy in bulk.


Another one of the most effective B2B sales strategies involves upselling your clients. As you know, electronics often come with lots of accessories. Instead of waiting on a client to ask, show them you have every electronic accessory they need. This is also great for the client since they don’t have to shop around. 


5. Make Things Personal



To start increasing B2B sales, you need to focus on excellent customer service. How do you do this, especially if you’re speaking with retailers, pawn shops, wholesalers, and many other types of businesses? By using one of the most under-utilized B2B sales strategies, making things personal. CSO Insights reports that 65.2% of B2B buyers felt that discussing issues with salespeople was valuable.


You might be surprised at how fast a partnership grows from listening closely and speaking about non-work topics. This is because many people focus only on making sales and not building relationships. Even a simple “how’s your day?” can be the one question that grows a relationship between your company and its clients.


Also, having these relationships comes in handy when things aren’t able to work out. Whether it’s a late delivery or being out of stock, having great relationships with vendors also helps when you have to deliver bad news. In most cases, these people will let bad news slide from a vendor they know and trust versus one they don’t.


Of course, you never want to get too personal with someone. Don’t mention any topics having to do with politics, religion, or similar subjects.


6. Begin a Referral Program to Increase B2B Sales


As your business continues gaining momentum, you’ll start gaining satisfied customers. Certain businesses celebrate getting these new clients and stop there. If you want to increase B2B sales, start a referral program.


Have you ever had a great experience with a business? When this happens, you probably tell at least one person about how well this company treated you. By having a referral program, you’ll have others telling people they know how much they love your company. You’re also using one of the most effective B2B sales strategies out there.


Referral programs are successful because they use a trusted type of advertising, word-of-mouth. One study found that 74% of survey participants felt word-of-mouth referrals were key factors in their buying decisions.


A referral program is also beneficial for those referring out your business because they’re rewarded for their work. A few popular referral program companies include Ambassador and Referral Candy.


7. The Importance of Continual Training for Your Sales Team


In the B2B world, things often change at a rapid rate. To keep up, it’s a good idea to make sure your sales team stays informed of all the changes happening in this industry. Even small industry changes can have a big impact on your business. To do this, take the time to retrain your sales employees.


These training sessions aren’t only about rehashing skills your sales team already knows. This is also a great time to teach your salespeople any new skills or lessons you’ve learned about. With continual training, it’s also easier to track what’s working for your salespeople and what isn’t.


Also, use these sessions to speak with your employees about the challenges they’re facing. Sometimes, you don't know problems your employees face until you hear about them. Making changes based on what you hear might be what pulls your business out of a dreaded sales slump.


Continual training is great for uncovering your sales team’s strengths and weaknesses. It also provides a much clearer picture of what to do to help you increase B2B sales.


8. Build Long-Term Relationships With Contracts


It’s easy to think that making sales means having a successful business. However, it's just as important to have long-term customers. You can start gaining long-term business by entering into contractual relationships with partners. 


In the business world, contracts are agreements between two parties. Sometimes, your business might present a contract. Other times, a company will ask your business to sign a contract they’ve drawn up.


Not every business will want to jump into a contract with your company. Sometimes, companies will issue one or several test orders to make sure you’re reliable. During these times, go above and beyond for your clients and you might soon land another contract.


Signing a contract is an extremely important decision that you don’t want to take lightly. Considering that, it’s best to contact legal experts to draft up a contract for your business. By doing this, you'll save time and not have to worry about leaving anything out in your contracts.


If you sign every contract that comes your way, it’s easy to find your business overburdened and unable to meet your partner’s contractual requirements. With only a few contracts in place, your company can secure itself quite a profitable future.




There are many ways to increase your B2B sales. To start achieving this goal, give our B2B sales tips a shot and watch the sales begin to start rolling in. With a little dedication and time, following these steps will help take your B2B company to the next level. For more B2B tips, make sure to visit the Trade-In Tech blog.

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