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by on December 6, 2019

If you buy and sell used electronics, you know that the industry has extremely poor quality control and grading guidelines. The inconsistent testing, defective devices, and high return rates will make a business owner rip their hair out! We solved these problems by integrating a software program known as PhoneCheck.


PhoneCheck is the #1 rated mobile diagnostics software that allows buyback companies and consumer electronics recyclers to properly test the functionality of their inventory. Devices like iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Google, and other major brands integrate directly with PhoneCheck software and can be tested at a faster rate than manual testing.


They offer over 100 different unique tests and allows users to properly data wipe all devices at once. The software is designed for high volume wholesale dealers to ensure their devices have the leading industry quality standards. You can test all devices on Mac or Windows PC and receive 24/7 support from their customer service team. 


Features they test include iCloud lock detection, functionality diagnostics, battery health, background report, cellular service, data wipe and more. PhoneCheck also tests all components in a modern smartphone include wi-fi connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, headset ports, battery capacity, vibrations, buttons, switches, microphones, speakers, cameras, video, LCD, digitizer, Face ID, accelerometer, activation lock and more.


PhoneCheck has over 100 employees and processes nearly 1 million devices every month through their software program. They work with the most respectable companies in the industry and are always looking for the next leaders. Contact to certify your used devices and increase trust with your customers. 


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Trade-In Tech
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