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by on January 30, 2020

It is time to upgrade! New 5G devices are coming out this year. Consumers are trading in their old devices to get ready to buy the newest gadgets. Perhaps, you have items that are no longer needed, and you must make room for new stock and merchandise. Electronics BuyBack Websites are the perfect solution. You can sell unwanted items and get cash in a matter of days.


Some online companies allow you to trade-in your used devices to buy the devices you always wanted. Not only can you trade-in merchandise, but you can also buy gift cards. Electronics buyBack websites want this process to be as pleasant as possible for their customers.


When you are ready to ship your used cell phone, tablet or computer, make sure the ESN is clean and ready to sell. Don’t forget to reset your device to factory defaults. As always, check price quotes on multiple websites. During your search, relax while you view all the consumer gadgets online.


BuyBackBoss guarantees that you will get the highest price for your items. Get a quote for your products in 30 seconds or less. BuyBackBoss buys used and broken cell phones. You can also sell iPads, watches, and iPods.


The entire process is simple. First, choose the model of the item, select its condition, and then choose the provider. You will get a device quote that is good for 14 days. You can even sell multiple devices in one order.


The shipping is free. BuyBackBoss will send a prepaid shipping label to your email account. Simply pack up your items and ship them to BuyBackBoss.


Expect to receive your payment in one to two business days after BuyBackBoss confirms receipt of the device. As necessary, you can track your device online.


BuyBackBoss makes payment by a mailed check or through PayPal. The entire online buyback process is assured to be convenient and speedy.




BuyBackWorld has the largest online platform in the world. Get instant quotes on over 30,000 products in over 25 product categories. Sell products like smartphones, headphones, smart watches, cameras, and tablets.


Through BuyBackWorld, get immediate cash for your products. Also, trade-in your products and get other pre-owned merchandise like iPhones and iPads. As a bonus, you can buy discounted gift cards or sell your own unused gift cards.


BuyBackWorld wants to make it easy to say goodbye to the stuff you don’t want to get something you really want to buy. Sell your items in four easy steps:


Get an Instant Quote: Select your category, mention the condition, and get a quote. The process should take no longer than 60 seconds. BuyBackWorld will then send you a free shipping kit. Choose to be paid via check, direct deposit, PayPal, gift cards, and prepaid debit cards. And they even guarantee consumer goods for 30 days.




The company prides itself on being the highest-rated company. ItsWorthMore wants to make it as easy and simple as possible to sell your products. The company mainly accepts mobile phones, laptop computers, and tablets. The core major category brands the company accepts are Apple phones, computers, tablets, watches, and Samsung products.


If you have another brand, you will simply look-up the device in the category search field on the website. You will then select from five category descriptions including; Brand New, Flawless, Good, Fair & Broken.


Subsequently, you will receive a fair quote based upon the device's condition and demands in the marketplace. The final value is determined by the forecasted price that your device is expected to sell.


Once you log into the system, you will download the free pre-paid shipping label and send the item to the company via UPS or FedEx. An associate will evaluate your item based upon its selling condition. offers three forms of payment: Check, PayPal, or Zelle. You will receive a payment within two business days after the item is received in the warehouse. For your convenience, you can select expedited processing.


As an extra layer of security, the system will automatically send you notifications and updates as your devices move through the logistics system. FedEx and UPS package insurance is included for a final value of $100. If you require additional insurance, you must purchase this on your own.




At last, there is an easy way to sell your gadgets at It is a great platform to sell Apple iPhones. You can also sell any phone like Samsung and Nokia. All major mobile carriers of cell phone contracts are accepted like AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. In addition to Apple products, uSell buys back all types of consumer goods. You can sell tablets, computers, game consoles, cameras, watches, and more.


You can basically sell anything electronic, including vacuum cleaners.


When you first visit the website, select the gadget you want to sell. The system will ask you to select the make and model of the device you are selling; you will also input the condition of the device. The system accepts damaged, good, and flawless conditions. Immediately, you will get a fair quote from the system from a network of preferred buyers.


Afterward, you will log into your account and prepare your item for shipping. The shipping kit is free. Once your buyer receives the item, you will be paid within five business days. You can either get paid by PayPal or by check delivered via UPS. The entire process can be easily tracked online so you can have peace of mind.




Apple has a trade-in program. Simply, trade-in your device for an Apple Store Gift Card or use your credit for the purchase of a new device. If your item is not eligible for trade-in, Apple will recycle your product free of charge.


For iPhones, Apple is accepting trade-in devices for the iPhone 6s up to the iPhone XS Max. Credit is available from $80 up to $500. The maximum amount depends upon the condition of the product.


If you want to sell an iPad, Apple is buying back the iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad, and iPad Pro. The estimated trade-in value for these products is $80 up to $220.


MacBooks have great buyback potential. Most MacBooks are accepted from the Mac Mini to the MacBook Pro. Expect to receive up to $230 for the Mac Mini, up to $4150 for iMac Pro, and a maximum of $2530 for MacBook Pro.


Apple has accepted all series of the Apple Watch for trade-in. You can receive anywhere from $30 up to $100. If you have other devices that you no longer use, like iPods and Apple TV, Apple will accept those devices for recycling.


You have two available options when you are ready to sell your devices. You can simply contact Apple by phone, and a representative will send you a return shipping kit. For faster service, simply visit the store and an associate will assist you. It is preferable that you make an appointment in advance for store assistance. That way, you will not experience extended wait times.

These are some of the best buyback websites online. Get ready to package and ship your items to your preferred retailer. New products are always coming out to the marketplace.

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