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by on December 18, 2020

For a company to start expanding its reach, it needs to have an online presence. Unfortunately, this is something that many business owners struggle with. That said, most companies struggle with digital marketing because they haven’t taken time to understand how to pull this off.


We love watching wholesale electronics dealers succeed. If you want even more success when it comes to the online side of things, you’ll need to learn about search engine optimization or SEO.


To be fair, SEO can become technical and complicated. However, we’re going to focus on the basics. By understanding the basics and putting the strategies you’re about to see into play, expect lots of positive results for your website.


Here are five tips for electronics wholesalers to boost their websites’ search engine rankings. Also, make sure not to miss our bonus section featuring four SEO mistakes to avoid!


What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO?



Have you ever wondered what determines why certain websites show up higher on search engine results than others? The reason this happens is because of search engine optimization.


Search engine optimization is a process that helps websites achieve higher placement in search engine results. Of course, this is a simple definition of SEO. 


To get started with SEO, you’ll need to begin optimizing your website. At this point, you might be asking “Who or what am I supposed to optimize my website for?” Optimizing your website is something you do for search engine bots or crawlers.


Search engine bots or crawlers sound scary, but they’re not. This is the name for tools search engines everywhere use to index websites. If they don’t index all (or a good portion) of content, these companies wouldn’t have anything to display in search results.


We understand if bots and crawlers are a bit too “science-fiction” for you. Think of the bots as building inspectors and your website is the building. To pass your inspection, you’ll spend time and energy working to ensure that your home passes each of an inspector’s tests.


Why Does Search Engine Optimization Matter?


It’s understandable if you’re not yet convinced about the power of SEO for your wholesale company’s website. With that in mind, we wanted to quickly go over the benefits of search engine optimization.


Increases the Reach of Your Company: At the end of the day, one of the most important things for a wholesaler to do is keep their businesses growing. However, getting new customers is sometimes easier said than done. Fortunately, with an SEO strategy in place, you’ll have a proven marketing strategy companies worldwide use to gain more customers.


Provides Long-Lasting Results: When you advertise on the radio or television, you’ll have a limited number of spots advertising companies will run or play. Once this happens, television and radio companies won’t run your ads again until you pay for another campaign. With SEO, there are no guarantees your rankings will stand the test of time. However, certain keywords to rank well for months and years without spending another cent on advertising.

Staying in Step With the Competition: It’s almost impossible to avoid competition, especially in the wholesale electronics industry. Considering that, it’s important to do everything to stand out from all of your competitors. If other companies are utilizing SEO and having success with it, they might be taking your customers away! With an SEO strategy, you might soon start seeing your website overtaking competitors in search results.


5 SEO Tips to Boost Your Wholesale Website’s Rankings



If your wholesale company’s website isn’t doing as well as you want, you can fix this problem. To do this, consider giving some of our SEO tips a try. Here are 5 SEO tips to help boost your website’s rankings.


1. Join Trade-In Tech


While it’s possible to have digital marketing success on your own, it’s always good to have a helping hand. This is where Trade-In Tech can help you out. With most digital marketing methods, you might be waiting for weeks or months to see results.


There’s also the time and energy it takes to boost a website up search engine rankings. If you’re wanting to make money right this second, waiting for organic results might not be a viable option. After you’re a verified Trade-In Tech member, you can start getting your wholesale business in front of tens of thousands of buyers and sellers right away.


At Trade-In Tech, we understand that starting a new business costs a lot of money. That’s one reason why we’re proud to offer no fees to our ever-growing member base of buyers and sellers.


2. Give Paid Advertisements a Try


In the world of digital marketing, there is organic traffic and paid traffic. Using either strategy is a great potential way to start showing up in more searches than normal. If you haven’t given paid advertising a shot, now might be time to give it a try.


With paid advertising, you pay a set amount of money whenever a visitor performs an action or views your advertisement. 


If you pay for views, you’ll often spend a lower amount of money. But, you’re paying upfront. There’s also the option of paying only when a user performs a certain action. While you’ll pay less upfront, you’ll usually spend more each day when a pay-per-action campaign.


A few platforms that are popular for their paid advertising platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, and Google. To determine which platform is best to start placing paid advertisements on, think of websites your company’s audience uses the most.


For example, LinkedIn might be a better platform to advertise on if you work with B2B clients. If you choose to go the route of working with influencers, you might have more success on Instagram or a similar website.


3. Put a Chatbot on Your Website


In some cases, companies have employees standing by 24/7 to answer questions from the public. However, in most cases, these employees are chatbots. Some experts predict that about 80% of enterprises will be using chatbots in the near future.


A chatbot is a program that communicates with customers about their questions or concerns. This service is great for helping customers and business partners around the clock.


Let’s say that one of your customers is having an issue with your business, but you’re closed for the day. With a chatbot, this person can visit your website and immediately start interacting with it. Best of all, chatbots are becoming more advanced each day.


The convenience of chatbots is a low-cost addition to your marketing strategy that customers will love. Also, chatbot companies are so good with these tools that it’s becoming almost impossible to distinguish chatbots from human help.


4. Start Streamlining Wherever Possible


As a business owner, you have lots of things on your plate. If there was a way to streamline a few of your company’s processes, how much more time would you gain? To find out, it’s worth taking a current look at the fulfillment process of your wholesale business.


By digging deeper into how your company fulfills orders, you can spot problem areas and improve upon them. With streamlined fulfillment processes, you’re able to provide a better overall experience for both customers and vendors.


5. Do a Content Audit


Understandably, most business owners don’t like hearing the word audit. However, auditing the content on your company’s website can help improve its rankings. It’s a good audit that isn’t the kind of traditional one you’re thinking of.


So, how do you perform a content audit? You’ll want to start out by seeing what pages or posts on your website are performing the best. Look for pages with better rankings and more traffic. After finding them, consider adding more words to these pages or posts to strengthen them.


It might also be a good idea to get rid of older pages and posts with no traffic or value to visitors. This is otherwise known as content deindexing and it’s more beneficial than you might think. If done well, content audits can boost your traffic and rankings by quite a bit.


4 SEO Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs



Considering that the world of SEO can sometimes seem complicated, we also wanted to include a list of SEO mistakes people commonly make. Don’t worry if your website is dealing with one or all of these issues, we’re also including solutions to start fixing these problems.


1. Duplicate Content


One of the most common problems that website owners are dealing with has to do with duplicate content. As you probably know, people are creating content every minute. 


With so much content popping up, search engine bots must have a way to filter out one piece of content from all of the duplicates. If this didn’t happen, search results might contain repeats of the same content.


To solve this problem, Google recently came down hard on websites with “duplicate content.” Let’s say that you own a business that sells only blue iPhone X devices. You make 10 pages, all of which have the words “blue iPhone X for sale” in the title and subheadings.


When Google’s bots go to crawl your website and determine its quality, it’s not going to understand which page has the best information about a blue iPhone X for sale. Instead, it will assume your website is filled with duplicate content that it wants no part of. 


After this happens, your content either doesn’t get indexed in Google’s results or it’s pushed back to page 4 or 5.


Google offers an official explanation of what is and isn’t duplicate content that’s worth checking out.


2. Thin Content


Another SEO issue to watch out for is thin content. In most cases, search engines deem pages with a decent amount of content to be of higher quality than ones with thin content. 


So, what does thin content mean? Generally speaking, it’s any page or post with less than about 500 words. Unfortunately, there’s no set number. But pages with less than 500 words of content are usually less likely to rank well than something with 1,000 or 2,000 words.


3. Repeating or “Spamming” Your Keywords


After choosing the perfect keywords to target, it’s important to avoid placing them everywhere on your website. As a general rule of thumb, it’s best to only mention your main keywords a handful of times in each piece of content you create.


If the content you’re creating is relevant to the main topic (your keyword), it will get noticed. Listing your keywords too many times in your content isn’t going to get you good results. In most cases, search engines will realize you’re trying to “game the system” and your site might get moved lower in search results.


4. Getting Non-Relevant Backlinks


A backlink is a link to your website from another one, and it’s an important part of any website’s SEO strategy. In the early days of SEO, you could have quite a bit of success from having links from as many websites as possible. Long story short, many people figured this out.


Soon, Google would place much more restrictions on what separated a “good” backlink from a “bad” one. To keep things simple, aim for backlinks from relevant and quality websites.


A relevant website is one that’s in the same industry or mentions the same topics as you do. For example, a bunch of links from guitar websites wouldn’t make sense if your website was a store that sold laptops. If you got a backlink from a place that sells used electronics, this would be much more relevant.

As you can see, SEO is an awesome way to get better results as a wholesaler. The best way to do this is by using proven and safe optimization tactics instead of riskier, more dangerous ones. In most cases, it will take time and effort to see results. To bring in more customers while you’re waiting for SEO improvements, join Trade-In Tech.

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