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by on December 21, 2020

Whether for business or fun, people throughout the world use electronics regularly. With so many people focusing on their electronics, it’s easy to forget about how important accessories for these products are.


Experts predict the U.S. electronics accessories industry to see sales figures reaching $12.96 billion by the year 2022. 


If you want to enter this growing market, you’ll want to learn how to buy and sell these items. But, what do you buy? What electronics accessories are worth good money and which ones will you be wasting your time with?


We’re going to answer all of those questions.


Here is more information about the most popular electronics accessories. We’ll also cover how much money you’ll make by selling them.


Popular Types of Electronics Accessories



We will get started by taking a quick look at some of the most popular types of electronics accessories. After doing this, we’ll take a closer look at resale values of these items. Here are the most popular and profitable electronics accessories to consider reselling.




Smartphones, tablets, and laptops offer easy ways for people to listen to music. With that said, not everyone wants to play music through the speakers of these devices. To solve this problem, many people purchase headphones as accessories for their electronics.


There are many types of headphones on the market. If you’re wanting to make the most profit, look for headphones that fall into the high-end range of these products. You’ll spend a little more upfront, but high-quality headphones are always in demand.


Wireless Earbuds


Wireless headphones are great. However, not everyone wants to have something that bulky on their head. Fortunately, earbuds solve this problem. These are wireless, small devices containing speakers that fit into your ear.


As you know, the most popular wireless earbuds are Apple’s AirPods. But, as often happens, many other companies were quick to follow Apple’s massive success by making their own types of earbuds.


Power Banks


As the name implies, Trade-In Tech is all about electronics. However, we know as well as anyone that electronic devices can become quite distracting. Considering that, you’ve probably dealt with a time when you were distracted and forgot to charge your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


Electronics are amazing devices, but not if they’re dead. Fortunately, companies manufacture power banks to help take care of this problem. These products are basically portable batteries, allowing you to power up almost any compatible electronic device.




As any person who owns a few electronics knows, this can lead to cables piling up around you. So, there’s always going to be a huge demand for electronics cables for almost any device.


While charging cables are always going to be popular items, electronic devices use a wide range of cables. For instance, televisions and computers depend on power, HDMI, and other types of cables to function.


Most average consumers won’t need to buy cables in bulk. With that said, there are plenty of electronics suppliers always looking for large amounts of cables for electronics. So, concentrating on buying and selling cables might be best if you’re running a B2B wholesale business.




Not everyone wants to listen to their music privately. Whether for work, home, or a social event, speakers will always be popular electronics accessories. In the past, most speakers were large and bulky items. Now, Bluetooth or other types of speakers are much smaller. This is great for electronics wholesalers as these items are easy to buy and transport.




One of the most notable trends in the electronics industry is to allow people to use these products on-the-go. Considering the price of the average smartphone or tablet, it’s understandable that consumers want to protect these items.


While it might not seem so, cases can be extremely profitable items to resell. This isn’t because cases are known for fetching hundreds of dollars. Instead, cases allow people to personalize their beloved electronic devices. Whether it’s for protection or to also make a fashion statement, protective covers for electronics are here to stay.


Can You Make Money by Buying and Reselling Electronics Accessories?



Yes, absolutely! As we mentioned above, the key to making money by reselling electronics accessories is to do this in bulk. Buying in bulk means purchasing larger quantities of items, typically full boxes, pallets, or truckloads.


The other key to making money by reselling electronics accessories is keeping an eye on your profit margins. To put it another way, make sure you’re selling items and making a profit. Your business profits are money left over after deducting the cost of your goods and all other business expenses.


Where Can I Find Wholesale Electronics Accessories Online?



Now, it’s time to answer the question: where can I find wholesale electronics accessories online? Fortunately, there are many ways to start doing this. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best places to find wholesale electronics accessories online.


Trade-In Tech


The best way to find electronics accessories is by visiting and becoming a member of Trade-In Tech. With our wholesale electronics platform, you’re instantly tapped into a worldwide network of buyers and sellers. If you want to take a closer look without becoming a member, think about checking out our wholesale electronics marketplace.


After you’re verified, you’ll be able to start talking to all of our electronics dealers. What makes this even better is that you pay no fees on what you’re going to buy. You can simply pay through popular payment platforms like PayPal or negotiate directly with dealers.




Another popular place to find wholesale electronics accessories is eBay. Most likely, you’ve used this website to buy or sell something in the past. If you haven’t, it’s easy to set up an eBay account. Once you’re in this company’s system, you can start bidding on or buying electronics accessories.


It might take a little digging to find the amount or type of electronics accessories you’re after. However, eBay’s marketplace is huge. So, it’s always a good idea to see what’s listed on this website.




You can also find wholesale electronics accessories at Amazon. In the past decade or so, Amazon has built a large network of independent sellers throughout the world. Like with eBay, you’ll need to do some digging to find what you’re after. 


However, Amazon’s reach and selection make it another great way to find electronics accessories.


If you’re ready to buy larger quantities of electronics accessories, we recommend joining Amazon Liquidation Auctions program. You’ll need to provide proof of your business, but it’s a great potential way to find electronics accessories.


Resale Values of the Most Popular Electronics Accessories



Before you start spending money on electronics accessories, it’s understandable to want to know how much you can expect to make doing this. When it comes to buying or selling electronics accessories, knowing how much they’re worth is an essential step to take.


With that in mind, here are resale values for some of the most popular electronics accessories.


Headphones: With headphones starting to become a type of status symbol, a few brands lead the competition in terms of resale value. One of the most popular headphone brands is Beats by Dre. If you can find these headphones, they regularly sell for around $100-$300 on popular electronics marketplaces like eBay.


Wireless Earbuds: In addition to headphones, many companies also produce earbuds. As mentioned above, Apple leads the pack in terms of earbud sales. As long as they’re in good condition and work properly, AirPods typically resale for about $100-$250.


Power Banks: While not as valuable as earbuds or headphones, many people and companies need power banks. Your best bet for making profits from power banks involves buying them in bulk. It’s possible to find power banks for anywhere from $3.50 to upwards of $30 each. Keep these costs in mind when you’re pricing power banks from different companies.


Cables: In a similar manner to power banks, it’s rare to sell cables and make lots of profit per unit. However, buying wholesale quantities of cables can help you get the profits you’re after much faster. With that said, it’s possible to make a few dollars per sale. Some of the most popular electronics cables include USB and HDMI cables.


Speakers: We’re not discussing top-of-the-line speakers for musicians or audiophiles. However, speakers for mobile electronics can still provide great sound. While you won’t make hundreds or thousands of dollars per sale, you’re also not asking customers to spend thousands of dollars on premium speakers. As with cables and power banks, it’s safe to assume you’ll make a few dollars on each set of mini-speakers you sell.


Cases and Bags: Whether you’re protecting a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other electronic items, you’re going to need a case for them. Bags and cases from certain companies can provide more revenue than you might think. 


To find them, start by looking for authentic smartphone cases from companies like Mous and Bullstrap that can resell for about $30-$50 each. You can also find plenty of valuable laptop bags, including those made by Coach and Montblanc (some of which resale for $500-800).


Advantages of Reselling Electronics Accessories


Easy to Sell Products: If you want to make money fast, why waste time with hard to sell items? If you’re wanting to become a wholesaler, selling electronics accessories is a great way to start this journey. Most electronics accessories aren’t expensive items unless you’re buying large lots. Because of that, you don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to get started with this type of business.


Not Worrying About Condition: As we’ve covered in the past, condition is an important factor when buying and reselling used electronics. Many wholesalers experience the feeling of watching something that might be brand new drop hundreds of dollars in value just from having a few scratches. If you sell electronics accessories, most everything you’re selling should be brand new. This means no worrying about listing an item in the wrong condition or even worrying about condition issues at all.


Having Plenty of Inventory Options: Another major advantage of reselling electronics accessories has to do with the range of inventory available. As you can tell by now, there are a lot of popular types of accessories for electronics. With so many options, it’s easy to choose whether you want to carry a small number of products or create a massive online store.


Drawbacks of Buying and Selling Electronics Accessories


Making More Sales to Remain Profitable: One of the drawbacks of selling electronics accessories is that you’re probably going to need to sell quite a few items to make a sizable profit. After all, the profit margin from selling an iPhone 10 is going to be much higher than selling a USB cable.


Spending More Time and Energy Running Your Business: If you need to sell more items than someone selling smartphones or tablets to stay profitable, it’s going to cost you time and energy. There’s the possibility of hiring someone else to help with your wholesaling tasks. However, this will only start eating into your profits. If you have the time and energy to invest in wholesale electronics accessories, this can definitely be a profitable career path. But, if not, you might want to conserve your time by buying and reselling electronics instead of accessories.


Trying to Build a Brand From Other’s Products: Unless your company is the one manufacturing electronics accessories, you’ll be selling items from other brands. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, many companies build empires from selling other company’s products. If you’re wanting to build your own unique brand, this might not be the best business option for you.


To wrap everything up, you can make lots of money from buying and selling electronics accessories. If you don’t like the technical side of selling electronics, reselling accessories might be the way to go. When you do this, make sure to choose popular electronics accessories. With a good pricing structure, you’ll soon start making profits.

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