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by on July 27, 2020

If your business is centered around reselling smartphones and other electronics, you likely know how difficult it can be to find a reliable supplier that will provide you with all of the products you require. This is a significant problem within the electronics industry. Because of how popular Apple and Samsung devices are, there are a myriad of suppliers that you can purchase these products from, many of which aren't reliable.

If you want to be certain that you're partnering with top-rated wholesalers, it's highly recommended that you join the Trade-In Tech platform. From here, you can readily be connected to thousands of verified sellers that you can trust. However, you might want to narrow your search further by partnering with only the top wholesalers on the platform. While there are thousands of fantastic wholesalers to choose from, the following provides a detailed look at five of the top-rated wholesalers on Trade-In Tech.

Atlas Mobile

Atlas Mobile is a highly reputable wholesaler on the Trade-In Tech platform that's based out of Pennsylvania and has been a client for many years. They are involved in the buying and selling of a wide variety of different electronics, which can come in new, used, or damaged condition. They make sure to provide customers with prices that are competitive with the industry as a whole. Through the years, Atlas Mobile has built many relationships throughout the electronics industry, which allows them to be at the forefront of the reselling industry as well.

This global wholesaler handles hundreds of devices on a daily basis and provides their inventory to a vast community of buyers. These buyers find Atlas Mobile to be a great wholesaler that's consistently reliable. One notable benefit of partnering with Atlas Mobile is that all of their business transactions are seamless, organized, and efficient, which takes the hassle out of a typical transaction.

Atlas Mobile also has a complete team of individuals who provide spectacular customer service and can answer any question that you might have. This team can also guide individuals through the buying or selling process. If you decide to use Atlas Mobile for your buying or selling needs, keep in mind that they always have stock in sale and focus on fast payments. When you decide to sell or purchase from Atlas Mobile, you'll find that they have a complete price guide that you can look at before going through with the transaction. This price guide lists the price of many different devices in a variety of conditions.

BuyBack Solutions

BuyBack Solutions is a well-respected wholesaler on Trade-In Tech that aims to provide the best prices for buying back new and used mobile devices as well as a wide range of additional electronics and equipment. By providing some of the best pricing around, they believe that they are able to ensure customer and client satisfaction. Before selling their devices, the team at BuyBack Solutions makes sure to inspect every piece of mobile equipment in order to be certain that the device is in the right condition. BuyBack Solutions is also able to provide for all of your inventory needs.

When you decide to partner with this wholesaler, you'll find that they have very specific requirements when accepting mobile devices. While it's possible to sell phones that are blacklisted or have a bad ESN, any stolen devices that are provided to the wholesaler are returned at the expense of the individual or company that sold them. They also accept devices as new sealed or new open, the former of which provides the best prices.

For a device to be labeled as a new-sealed device, it must be completely sealed in the box without the warranty having been activated. New-open devices are ones where the box is open but the film is still placed on the screen of the phone. All accessories must be sealed and unused. BuyBack Solutions has been in business for many years, which should give you confidence that they are a reliable wholesaler.

KT Corp

KT Corp is a top-rated wholesaler on the Trade-In Tech platform that buys and sells quality consumer electronics. Their services extend to electronic services and products, the primary of which include smartphones and tablets. Their inventory includes many name-brand products, which places them towards the top of the wholesalers on Trade-In Tech. They have garnered more than eight years of experience and specialize in exporting their devices to international markets. In fact, they currently export to more than 20 different countries. When you partner with KT Corp, you'll find that their prices are highly competitive no matter the volume of your order.

KT Corp provides customers with numerous personalized services that are designed to assist them in succeeding within an extremely competitive marketplace. Along with the superior customer service that's available to all of their clients, they also strive to create long-term business relationships, which is perfect if you want to partner with a supplier that you know will be around for years to come. The technicians on their staff make sure to implement quality control for all of the items that they resell, which means that only the top devices reach the market. Their business culture is centered entirely around data privacy protection and environmental sustainability.


Brightstar prides themselves as being the global leader of end-to-end device life-cycle solutions. Their services are available to retailers, carriers, and enterprise entities. These services are comprehensive and include a wide range of useful features that can't be had with other wholesalers. If you operate as a reseller, Brightstar will work with you to make sure that you're able to offer customers exactly what they want at prices that they are able to afford. Keep in mind that they offer flexible device protection services and include an extensive buy-back program. Their global re-marketing network includes insurance service and an auction house, both of which you can access when buying used devices through Brightstar.

In the event that you want to trade in some of the devices that you receive in your store, you can make use of the Brightstar trade-in program when accessing their services through Trade-In Tech. If you decide to take advantage of these services, Brightstar will handle the trade-in logistics for you, which allows you to continue managing your business without needing to focus on the complexities of this type of transaction. Along with the wide range of mobile devices that are offered through Brightstar, they also focus on accessories, which they believe is an integral and ever-growing component of the electronics industry.

Cellular Professor

Cellular Professor is a refurbished electronics supplier that's based out of Chicago yet provides new and refurbished electronics to clients on a nationwide scale. Their products are available through Trade-In Tech to organizations, individuals, businesses, and resellers. While they offer an array of different electronic devices and accessories, they focus mainly on tablet computers and smartphones. If you visit this wholesaler through Trade-In Tech, you'll notice that they offer some of the most popular brands, which should give you access to everything you need as a reseller. For instance, they specialize in iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Along with tablet computers, this wholesaler provides customers with mobile hot-spot routers and smartwatches.

The bulk of their accessories are Apple-branded ones, which extend to AirPods, Apple TV, chargers, cables, keyboards, and adapters. As a wholesaler, their main goal is to make sure that every customer is satisfied, which is why they aim to provide honesty, value, and respect during all of their transactions. Their return policy is also relatively generous and allows all items to be easily returned when under warranty. While this wholesaler is known for its reliability, their fantastic customer service is among the main reasons why they are considered to be a top-rated wholesaler on Trade-In Tech. No matter the issue you have, the team at Cellular Professor will work to resolve it in a timely and efficient manner.

Each of these wholesalers has garnered a stellar reputation from the Trade-In Tech community. They are all known to provide fantastic customers service alongside many useful features that customers and clients can take advantage of. No matter which of these wholesalers you decide to partner with, you'll almost certainly have a great experience purchasing from them. To better identify the top reseller for your company, make sure that you look through and compare the features of each of these wholesalers.

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