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by on March 4, 2021

At Trade-In Tech, we love to see our members continue their success. However, we know that all of our established members were once new to this platform.


We understand if you want to learn more about Trade-In Tech before becoming a member. With that in mind, we wanted to come up with something that lets you know more about this business.


As we started working on this, we realized how much we offer our members. With that in mind, we decided to create this post.


It’s time to learn more about everything that separates Trade-In Tech from other wholesale platforms.


1. Our Large Network of Awesome Members



Throughout this post, we’ll have plenty of time to mention our features. Instead, we wanted to start this list off by giving a shout out to all of our members.


Since we’ve been in business, Trade-In Tech has been fortunate enough to have some of the best electronics dealers around as valued members.


When you join Trade-In Tech, you’ll be able to start speaking with these members, join their groups, and much more. Having all of these options makes it much easier than normal to start making sales.


Here’s a recent post we did that gives you more information about Phonecheck. Phonecheck’s software makes it easy for electronics wholesalers to process and check electronic devices.


You’ll also want to think about checking a post we did with one of our members that’s doing over $100,000 per month in smartphone sales through phone flipping.


Here is another post we did that explains how Cybertron Electronics grew to become a massive success.


As you can see, we love highlighting our members. When it comes to the reasons why you should join Trade-In Tech, we have to put them at #1.


2. No Fees


While you’re buying or selling items online, it’s almost impossible to avoid fees. They’re everywhere! It’s understandable to see why fees are so popular. Most companies utilize fees as a way to make more of a profit.


Dealing with fees after you buy something online has almost become a given. Wouldn’t it be great to find a company that didn’t weigh you down with constant fees?


Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with fees eating up your profits at Trade-In Tech


We are proud to offer absolutely zero fees for both our buyers and sellers! It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a few items a month or a few hundred, you won’t pay fees for these transactions.


By not having to pay fees on your transactions, you’ll have more profit to put back into other areas of your wholesale electronics business.


3. A Strict Verification Process


Source: Money Saving Expert


If you’re like most people, you spend a lot of time on the internet. Whether you’re buying or selling items online, it’s likely that you’ve run into a few people with less than good intentions.


Unfortunately, it’s hard to deny that there are many scammers of all kinds on the internet. When it came time to form Trade-In Tech, our business wanted a way to keep those scammers out of our platform.


Many of our members are wholesale electronics dealers. This means they could be spending hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time if not more! So, the last thing these people want to do is get scammed.


The solution to this huge problem was to come up with an exclusive verification system. When someone wants to become a Trade-In Tech member, every single person must go through a verification process.


So, why don’t other companies with similar platforms do this? We can’t say for sure, but some want to put profits ahead of their member’s safety. You won’t find us doing that. Because of our verification system, we offer members an extra layer of security.


4. Live Chat System


Do you remember the fun and help you could get from chat rooms on the internet? There’s something about being able to chat in real-time with people around the world that people love.


Unfortunately, it’s very hard to find any companies offering chat rooms to their members any more. Social media and private messaging systems are great, but we wanted to offer even more to anyone who joins Trade-In Tech.


When you join our platform, you’ll get to take part in Trade-In Tech’s chat rooms. We have lots of chat rooms, all of which stay organized.


If you want to find iPhone dealers that only sell new products, we have a chat room with exactly what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re wanting to only look at laptops from a specific company. 


Regardless of what you need, Trade-In Tech probably has a chat room to help you find it. If there isn’t a chat room available, we’ll 


Our chat rooms are also great for buyers and sellers that don’t want to wait for direct message responses.


5. Cost-Effective Trial for New Members


Throughout life, it’s important to try something out before deciding whether you want it or not. At Trade-In Tech, we completely understand how beneficial a trial is. Considering that, we’re happy to offer every new member a heavily discounted trial.


For only $1, you can try out everything Trade-In Tech has to offer for 30 days. When many others offer trials, they usually only last for a week or a few days. With one of Trade-In Tech’s trials, you instantly gain full access to everything our social platform offers.


We’re proud of what we have to offer you and feel confident that you’ll love what Trade-In Tech has to offer.


It’s understandable to wonder what happens at the end of your trial. As we do with many things for electronics wholesalers, we make this process as easy as possible. 


If you want to become a member during or after your trial period, we offer several membership levels. These options are to best suit the needs of each of our potential members. 


6. Having a Library of Valuable Video Content


Source: Photo by Artem Podrez from Pexels


Once certain membership websites get you in the door, what you see is what you get. At Trade-In Tech, we’re always working hard to go above and beyond. Considering that, we wanted to go all out when it came to having lots of content for our members.


After becoming a member of Trade-In Tech, you’ll get access to a library of awesome content from our founder, Hayden Howard. These videos, shot over the course of several years, are a wealth of information for anyone trying to make money.


In this video library, you’ll find everything from beginner-level overview to step-by-step tutorials. Plus, you can watch these videos at any time. Having access to this type of on-demand content is perfect for watching at your own leisure. And it’s just one of the many ways we give back to our members.


7. Our Private Group Creation Tools


Something we feel that sets us apart from the competition is how many personalization options we offer our members. We have to admit; we’re pretty proud of the many groups throughout Trade-In Tech.


With all of that said, you might want to make your own group. Certain platforms either wouldn’t allow this or might not have the technology available to make it possible. This leaves you stuck with nothing to do but create a support ticket and hope for the best.


Fortunately, Trade-In Tech allows you to create private groups. This type of group is great for someone who wants to only speak with a small group of people. We make it easy for you to pick who you want in your group and send them an invitation right away.


If you’re the owner of a private group, you have full control over who enters your group and who doesn’t. You can also change who is in the group over time. After joining Trade-In Tech, we always do our best to put you in full control.


8. A Dedicated 24/7 Support Team


Source: Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels


Something else of importance to us at Trade-In Tech was having a great support system. Many of our team members remember a time where we had to with a bad support department. Or, even worse, no support department at all!


While we hope it never happens to you, it’s possible that you might have a question or concern about our platform. When this happens, we want to put you in touch with someone that can help you right away. To do this, we have a 24/7 support system in place.


We know that no one likes waiting. If we have a problem, we like it to get taken care of right away. When you’re a Trade-In Tech member, our support team is here to do that for you.


Our support system makes it easy for you to type in the question or concern you have. Soon, you’ll receive a response from one of our dedicated support professionals.


9. Creating Buyer Requests


Another cool feature that’s popular with Trade-In Tech members is the option to create buyer requests. A buyer’s request allows you to describe exactly what you’re looking for.


You can list what you want, the quantities you’re looking for, condition information, and anything else you can think of. After creating your buyer’s request, you can send it out to our worldwide network of members in a matter of moments. 


It’s going to be difficult to find another platform that puts you in front of this many electronics dealers so quickly.


Plus, you’ll instantly receive notifications when one of our users responds to your request. Having instant responses is much better than waiting days or weeks to receive any responses.


10. We Can Help Market Your Business



Trade-In Tech understands the power of effective marketing. That’s why we offer something special for our featured members. If you choose to become a featured member, we offer an awesome marketing package.


This marketing package includes getting featured placement throughout our website. You’ll also have a featured members section on our homepage. With all of our members and visitors, your business will be getting lots of views and exposure.


We can also help give your business even more exposure to the public with our series of featured videos. In these videos, we interview and highlight some of our most successful members/business owners.


You’ll also find that these videos can help increase your company’s brand exposure and SEO (search engine optimization) efforts.


If you want to check out Trade-In Tech’s video library, including the previously mentioned interviews, you can visit our YouTube page here.


Another great way we like to help our members is by including them in our content. On the Trade-In Tech blog, you’ll find lots of content that features interviews with some of our top-performing members.


11. Trade-In Tech’s Referral Program


When you’re wanting to buy a product or service, word of mouth advertising is extremely helpful. We understand the importance of trusted referrals from people you know. This is why we started our referral program.


Our program is simple. First, you’ll need to be a member of Trade-In Tech. After you’re in our system, you can start referring people to our platform. If they become a member, you receive payment.


What’s great about our referral program is that we don’t limit it. Some companies will only allow you to refer someone a few times. With Trade-In Tech, you get paid to refer other people to our platform. The more people you refer, the more money you can earn. How cool is that?

As you can see, Trade-In Tech has a lot to offer. If you’re ready to become a member, here’s where you can get started. To find out tips that help your wholesale business, make sure to check out some of our recent blog posts. We recently created a post about the best electronics to resell for profit. Here’s another post we completed that features our CEO, Hayden Howard in a webinar about phone flipping.

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