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At Trade-In Tech, we’ve spent a lot of years in the wholesale electronics industry. Throughout this time, we’ve seen our fair share of amazing wholesale electronics dealers. Whether you're new to this industry or someone with experience, it's understandable to have questions.


One of these questions might be “what is separating my business from others moving much more electronics and making lots of money?” Considering that, something separating many successful business leaders from others is that they know the importance of making connections. 


With the right connections, your wholesale electronics business can start gaining lots of success in a short amount of time. In such a large industry, how do you know what companies are going to provide worthwhile connections? To help you find these types of connections, let’s learn more information about 10 wholesale electronics dealers you need to work with.


1. KT Corp


KT Corp has been recognized as one of the highest paying buyers in the United States, Dubai, and Hong Kong for nearly 10 years. They have office locations all over the world and provided the highest prices for all Apple and Samsung products. Primarily focusing on Apple iPhones, iPads, and Macbooks, KT Corp offers aggressive prices to all resellers who are looking for a direct buyer.


As a side note, KT Corp has been one of Trade-In Tech's top-paying buyers of new and used stock for the last 5 years. We've sold them thousands of devices, always been paid on time, and taken well care of. We shipped direct to their Los Angeles, CA location and received payments within 1-2 business days of receipt. We highly recommend reaching out to KT Corp to start building a solid relationship in the business. You can click here to contact KT Corp at any time on WhatsApp.


2. Atlas Mobile -


Atlas Mobile is a global leader in the world of wholesale mobile electronics. This company buys and sells a wide range of electronics including smartphones, tablets, computers, and even smartwatches. Atlas Mobile usually processes Samsung and Apple items, but it’s often possible to find items from other popular electronics brands. Also, you don’t have to worry about needing to have new inventory to sell to Atlas Mobile, it typically buys electronic devices in all sorts of conditions including used and refurbished items. Under certain conditions, Atlas Mobile also purchases DOA or non-working goods.


It’s easy for buyers and sellers to learn the value of their items with the help of Atlas Mobile’s price sheets. Best of all, this company’s pricing spreadsheet includes a handy grading guide. This grading guide makes it easy for both buyers and sellers to understand the value of their goods. As you’ll soon see when checking out this massive guide, Atlas Mobile purchases and sells quite a lot of electronics.


Throughout this company’s history, it’s provided competitive prices to buyers and sellers. Also, Atlas Mobile’s ability to process lots of devices means you’ll never be waiting long to receive high-quality mobile electronics you need. By working with Atlas Mobile, you’ll understand why partnering with this company is “the easy way to sell.”



3. PhoneCheck -


Many wholesalers prefer to test what they’re buying and selling, especially ensuring these devices have clean ESNs. However, checking electronics by yourself can take a lot of time. While trying to do this, you'll likely start encountering lots of headaches. There’s also the possibility of not being able to uncover issues that require lots of technical knowledge to even begin discovering. Fortunately, PhoneCheck’s product takes care of all of these problems.


PhoneCheck is the company behind a program of the same name that provides diagnostics information and data wiping capabilities for mobile electronic devices. This program can check any Apple or Android device produced in the last 10 years. It can also check for manufacturer, software, and carrier locks. PhoneCheck can even perform in-depth diagnostics tests and inspect the authenticity of OEM parts or the condition of replacement parts. Also, PhoneCheck quickly wipes data from your devices, bringing them back to their factory default states.


In addition to running on both Android and Apple devices, the PhoneCheck app can run natively on any Mac or Windows PC. Using PhoneCheck is easy, regardless of how much inventory you have. By using a USB hub, you can process multiple devices at the same time. Best of all, PhoneCheck’s team works hard to make sure they’re able to have updates ready for new devices right away.



4. H&Z Wholesale - Contact On WhatsApp


Another important company in the mobile electronics recycling industry is H&Z Wholesale. Their primary focus is reselling phones, tablets, computers, and smartwatches. In a short time, this company has quickly become one of the leaders in the world of recycling mobile electronics.


While this company typically purchases mobile electronics that are pristine quality, they also buy used devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Google, and more. By being able to offer competitive pricing that’s above industry standards, you can always rest assured you’re getting maximum value for your items.


H&Z Wholesale also understands the importance of long-term business relationships. This is why it’s been able to partner with so many companies in the wholesale electronics industry. If you’re looking for a long-term business partner to help your business achieve success in the wholesale electronics industry, consider contacting H&Z Wholesale.


5. Zelphone -


Zelphone is a company based out of Las Vegas, Nevada that purchases both new and used devices in bulk. Depending on the condition, Zelphone even purchases broken devices. This company also understands that not every wholesaler is moving thousands or even hundreds of devices at a time. Considering that, Zelphone partners with businesses of all sizes including mobile phone stores, phone buyback businesses, pawn shops, and many others.


You’ll also be glad to know that Zelphone offers some of the most competitive pricing in the industry. Even if the price of the device you're selling falls during the week, Zelphone will honor the original price it gave you. If you’re interested in buying cell phones in bulk, Zelphone processes thousands of devices each month in addition to its already massive inventory of mobile electronics.


By offering such an impressive range of mobile electronics, you’ll always find something from Zelphone worth adding to your inventory. To start seeing your wholesale electronics business expand rapidly, think about establishing a partnership with Zelphone.



6. Cellular Professor -


Based out of Chicago, Illinois, Cellular Professor is a company that supplies individuals, companies, resellers, and organizations with both new and refurbished electronic devices. While this company focuses on purchasing and selling both smartphones and tablets, make sure to keep a close eye on its ever-expanding inventory list.


In this ever-growing list, you’ll sometimes find that Cellular Professor sells smartwatches, mobile hotspots, computers, and a range of accessories for Apple products. Cellular Professor also tests all of its inventory with software that certifies the functionality of devices, deletes device data from previous users, and restores each item to its original factory settings.


By offering so many high-quality services, Cellular Professor can be seen as a one-stop-shop for all of your mobile electronic needs. Also, it only takes a few conversations to see that Cellular Professor offers excellent and responsive customer service. Like other suppliers in this list, expect to be impressed by Cellular Professor’s prices and overall selection.


7. Give Back Wireless -


If you’re looking for an excellent partner in the wholesale electronics industry, you’ll want to learn about Give Back Wireless. Each device you purchase from Give Back Wireless comes with a 100-day warranty, and that's only after each item passes this company’s thorough 32 point inspection process. 


Not every wholesaler is looking to purchase or sell devices, some want to recycle electronic items. With that in mind, Cellular Professor’s recycling services include iCloud removal, DEP/KNOX removal, and certificates of data deletion. You might also benefit from utilizing one or several of Give Back Wireless’ managed services. These services allow your business to receive professional support for your company’s administrative and management needs.


Give Back Wireless knows that repairing electronic devices can be quite costly, depending on who you’re partnering with. Fortunately, this business offers affordable device repair services for products from major smartphone and tablet manufacturers. Depending on the device and severity of repairs it needs, it’s sometimes possible to get a 24 - 48 hour turnaround time. This is great for wholesalers who need repairs taken care of quickly.



8. My Phillie Wireless -


It’s not always possible to get new or used electronic devices that are in optimal condition. What you might not know is that many successful wholesalers love seeing pallets or lots of broken electronic devices for sale. Why? Because, by partnering with My Phillie Wireless, you can send these devices to repair professionals and sell them back for maximum profits. My Phillie Wireless is a phone repair company and provider of unlocked mobile phones. This company’s knowledgeable staff work to repair electronic devices in a fast and efficient manner.


Something that sets this company apart from many of its competitors is that it's able to offer lightning-fast repairs for most problems, resolving most situations in only about 20 minutes. My Phillie Wireless also offers a free diagnosis to customers visiting this company’s retail location in Philadelphia.


This business offers risk-free repairs, which means you don’t pay if they don’t fix the items you sent in. My Phillie Wireless currently partners with another one of our favorite dealers, PhoneCheck, to also offer certified unlocked mobile phones for sale.



9. Banana BuyBacks -


If you’re looking for a company to purchase the devices you have, you’ll want to consider Banana BuyBacks. Since 2013, this company has been working with buyers and sellers from around the world. This company also has several retail locations throughout the United States.


Banana BuyBacks’ purchasing process is easy. First, you receive a quote for the items you’re wanting to sell to this company. Next, you simply provide a valid ID, sign a few forms, and start getting paid. This company purchases all kinds of models from brands including Apple, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and HTC. Banana BuyBacks also offers some of the best buyback prices in the industry, beating many of its competitors.


There’s also plenty of reasons to work with Banana BuyBacks if you’re a buyer. By having a huge network of vendors, Banana BuyBacks always has a large selection of used mobile devices. Also, Banana BuyBacks provides a 14-day guarantee if something does go wrong. You’ll also love working with Banana BuyBack’s friendly and knowledgeable staff.


10. K Wireless Wholesale -


K Wireless Wholesale is another important wholesale buyer in the electronics industry. This company first began selling mobile phones. Soon, it began expanding into a large electronics wholesaler. K Wireless Wholesale purchases goods from large stock liquidations from its massive network of connections.


With its data cleansing facility, K Wireless Wholesale can clean devices of information from previous users. This company also supplies its partners with a large selection of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) stock. By receiving an R2 certification, K Wireless Wholesale utilizes an electronics recycling system that follows strict health and safety guidelines. 


This company is always looking to expand its network of business partners through purchasing new, used, and refurbished mobile phones. K Wireless Wholesale also purchases LCD screens, boards, and other types of mobile phone accessories. To join K Wireless Wholesale’s fast-growing list of business partners, think about reaching out to them.

11. NYC Phone Buyer -


As an extra bonus, we'd like to recognize NYC Phone Buyer as a top distributor who purchases and sells electronics throughout the world. This business knows how important it is to deliver solutions that work in such a fast-paced industry. By using time-tested and proven principles, NYC Phone Buyer always goes above what is expected from their customers and business partners.


You can also rely on NYC Phone Buyer's phenomenal customer service. NYC Phone Buyer's knows that a business partner must be available at all times with knowledge and solutions. By offering fast response times, you’ll never be waiting long to receive a response from one of NYC Phones Buyer's knowledgeable staff members.


With a long and successful history in the wholesale electronics industry, NYC Phone Buyer is always staying connected to sources that provide the most popular mobile devices out there. Whether you’re buying or selling electronics, you’ll find that NYC Phone Buyer offers extremely competitive rates. By purchasing inventory from this company, you can start building your list of goods without worry about breaking the bank.


Key Takeaways


As you can see, there are many great potential partners out there for your wholesale electronics business. If you want to get in touch with some of these dealers and many others, we encourage you to become a member of Trade-In Tech


Our social platform connects buyers and sellers from the wholesale electronics industry, helping everyone grow their respective businesses. Plus, with your own easy-to-use custom profile builder and exclusive marketplace, you’ll have everything you need to watch your business skyrocket in popularity.

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