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by on November 5, 2020

As someone working in the electronics industry, you have many choices regarding what platforms to use.


With that in mind, we wanted to take a few minutes to let you know about all of Trade-In Tech’s features. We’ll also explain more information about our company and how you can become a Trade-In Tech member.


Let’s take a closer look at what makes Trade-In Tech such a great platform for wholesale electronics dealers.


What is Trade-In Tech?



Trade-In Tech is a wholesale electronics platform that’s been in business since 2012. This business is a platform for electronics dealers, specifically wholesalers.


At Trade-In Tech, you can buy and sell smartphones, tablets, laptops, and much more. Also, you don’t need any equipment to get started with Trade-In Tech, just a computer and internet connection.


The mind behind this company, Hayden Howard, understands the difficulties business owners face being an entrepreneur. Using his entrepreneurial mindset, Howard took Trade-In Tech from a dream to one of the most popular platforms for electronics wholesalers.


Now, Trade-In Tech is a place that thousands of electronics dealers call home. Thanks to our awesome members, we’re continuing to grow rapidly.


How Do I Become a Trade-In Tech Member?


We would love to see you become one of Trade-In Tech’s members. We try to make the membership process as easy as possible for all who join.


First, you’ll need to provide us with information. This is the standard stuff you would need to make an account anywhere. After that, you’re ready to go through our verification process.


While it might sound a little intimidating, our verification process is simple but thorough. We’ll start carrying out our verification and review after we receive your references. 


It’s difficult to give a specific time as to when you’ll get your verification results. However, we aim to make the verification process as quick as possible.


After you become verified, you’re ready to start enjoying the many things Trade-In Tech provides to its members.


What Makes Trade-In Tech the Best Global Wholesale Platform?



We’ll now take a look at what makes Trade-In Tech the best platform for wholesale electronics dealers. We’ve got a lot of reasons, so let’s get right into it.


1. A Worldwide Network of Buyers and Sellers


As we mentioned earlier, there are many platforms for electronics distributors and dealers. With that said, certain platforms focus only on buyers and sellers in a specified area. While this is fine, a system like this is going to limit who you can work with.


If you want lots of success in the wholesale electronics industry, it’s better to have a large potential network of people to work with. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech can be that launching pad that gives you access to this type of network.


Trade-In Tech has members from all over the world. We have members from the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and many other popular locations for electronics. With such a massive global network, you’ll never run into trouble finding electronics for sale.


Also, such a massive network makes it easy to sell your electronics. With potential buyers all over the world, most members sell their goods quickly.


2. We Actively Market Your Company



Unfortunately, many companies want to get the most they can from each of their members. We don’t think this way. Instead, we try to give each of our clients as much value as possible.


One of the ways we provide lots of value is by marketing your business. After joining Trade-In Tech and creating your profile page, you’re instantly among a network of high-performing sellers and buyers.


But the way Trade-In Tech markets your business goes far beyond a profile page. We also regularly shout out some of our members over at our incredibly popular blog. 


These mentions aren’t just a line or two of text, no way! In the past, we’ve dedicated 2,000-word+ posts to our members. We make how you want to market your business incredibly flexible.


Do you want us to write about your company? Great, we can do that!


Would you prefer to create a new piece of content? That works, too.


We’ve also completed several video interviews with our members. In these interviews, Trade-In Tech’s CEO Hayden Howard speaks with members of our global wholesale platform. We post these videos to our YouTube page


Since YouTube is one of the most popular social networks, these videos can give your company even more of a popularity boost. You could even embed these videos onto your company’s website for even more traffic.


At Trade-In Tech, we put our members in control of how they want to market themselves. Fortunately, our marketing team is well-versed in digital marketing. Having such a team means we’re able to create content in all sorts of ways.


If you would like to explore all of these marketing options, you’ll want to become a featured Trade-In Tech member. With a featured membership, our company takes an active role in marketing your business to all of our members in an instant.


In addition to video and blog promotion, featured members also have special placement on our membership website's front page.


3. You Don’t Have to Worry About Fees


No one likes fees, plain and simple. Neither do we, that’s why our members don’t have to pay them.


Yes, that’s right, Trade-In Tech offers NO fees to both of our buyers and sellers!


When you buy electronics from a Trade-In Tech member, you won’t have any fees from us. The same holds true when it’s time to sell items. We won’t charge you any fees for selling your electronics.


We believe in doing things fairly. Because of that, we know it’s harder for our members to succeed if they’re always having to worry about constantly being charged fees.


When someone wants to buy your item, you and this party can establish a direct payment. We can also help you get paid through PayPal. It’s also possible to directly message the buyer to set up some other type of payment.


4. Trade-In Tech’s Wholesale Electronics Blog



If you want to get better at something, it’s beneficial to spend time learning tips and strategies. This is something that many successful business leaders swear by, from Elon Musk to Warren Buffett.


Don’t worry; we’re not trying to sell you a book or anything. But we do recommend that you check out Trade-In Tech’s blog to find the business tips you’re looking for.


Over on the Trade-In Tech blog, we post content multiple times per week. We cover many topics on our blog, including business tips, sales strategies, and lots of information about the most popular electronics companies.


By reading and following our blog, you can learn about the best electronics to resell for profit. You might also want to read about some of the most popular wholesale electronics dealers.


This blog is a way we can continue to help your wholesale business become as successful as possible.


5. Freedom to Create Your Own Custom Profile


In life, it’s good to have freedom. With that in mind, you’ll love our custom profile creator. When you become a member of Trade-In Tech, you’ll get to create a profile.


Each Trade-In Tech member has a profile page. You can make a personal page or one for your business, whichever you prefer.


Our custom profile creator allows you to list information about your business, pictures, and logos. Feel free to list as much information about your business as you want. 


The more information you list, the easier it is for other Trade-In Tech members to connect with your company.


You can also use your Trade-In Tech profile to send out exclusive updates on our platform. After you prepare and submit your post, it instantly goes out to all of your connections.


6. We Guarantee You’ll Receive Leads


Source: Pixabay


In this day and age, it’s always good to get a guarantee as a customer. Unfortunately, it seems like fewer companies offer guarantees to their clients.


We want to stand out by offering a bold guarantee. If you become a member of Trade-In Tech, we guarantee you at least 75 leads each month. We do this so that it’s as easy as possible to expand your client base.


At Trade-In Tech, we understand that it’s rarely easy for new companies to get leads coming their way. Fortunately, we’re able to take the guesswork out of getting leads by sending them directly to you.


While we can’t vouch for every website out there, this isn’t something we’ve seen anywhere else. With this guarantee, you won’t have the worries that come with joining many other new platforms.


7. A Dedicated Support Team


Using a new platform for the first can feel overwhelming. After you become a member of Trade-In Tech, we never want you to feel overwhelmed or confused.


To help you out, Trade-In Tech has a support team that works around the clock for our members. If you need help with something, have a question, or need to report an issue, our support system will take care of it.


We also pride ourselves on fast response times. We’re firm believers that no one should wait for days (or weeks) to receive the answers they deserve.


Best of all, our support team is available 24 hours a day. If we don’t respond right away, you can bet one of our technicians is working to solve the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.


We don’t believe in keeping our members waiting for the help they deserve.


8. Our Incredible Dealer’s List


If you follow marketing, you’ve probably heard that “the money is in the list.” This saying basically means that your business can make lots of money by having a list of clients.


However, it takes a lot of time and effort to create this type of list. You might be setting your life on hold for months and months to have a list of contacts. No one wants to do that.


Then, there’s also the issue of verifying such a list of contacts. This single aspect of list management can also take a long time.


If you join Trade-In Tech, you’ll never have to worry about creating a contact list. Instead, we’ve done the work for you!


Another awesome feature that’s exclusive to Trade-In Tech members is our incredible dealer’s list. With this list, you’ll have information about a wide range of electronics companies.


This information can include (but isn’t limited to): name of companies, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more.


Companies sell lists like these for thousands of dollars, but our members don’t have to pay that kind of money for access to our list. Best of all, each business on this list is verified.


Once you get your hands on this list, you can start networking and watching your business grow.


9. Create a 100% Custom Buyer’s Request


We never want you to have trouble finding what you’re looking for on Trade-In Tech. That’s why we offer our members a chance to create their own buyer’s request.


This request allows you to list exactly what you’re wanting. We give you full control to list what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. With our requests, you can be as specific as you want.


Our buyer’s request option is the perfect combination of something that lets you leave all the information you need to while not being confusing.


Since we operate a social platform, your request is instantly sent to our network of members. This feature is something we’re incredibly proud of, and not one you’re going to find elsewhere.


In closing, there are many reasons why you’ll want to think about becoming a Trade-In Tech member. If you’re on the fence, we also currently offer a trial. This trial allows you to see everything that Trade-In Tech has to offer for only $1. We do this because we’re confident that you’ll love Trade-In Tech.

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