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by on July 20, 2020

If your company is looking to resell electronic devices, it's essential that you partner with verified suppliers that you can trust. These suppliers will need to be experienced enough to provide you with everything you require as a reseller. To pair up with the right supplier, it's highly recommended that you join Trade-In Tech, which is a wholesale platform that's dedicated entirely towards making sure that electronic dealers have a place where they can buy and sell products without issue.


By using this platform, you can readily connect to potential suppliers, which gets rid of many of the problems that usually come with attempting to find the ideal suppliers. Keep in mind that this platform accommodates computers, tablets, smartphones, and many additional electronic devices. Before you get started with this platform, it's important that you understand why your business should be on it.


100% Verified Wholesalers


Likely the top reason to put your business on this platform is that they only partner with wholesalers that have been 100 percent verified, which means that you won't need to conduct extensive research to determine if your supplier of choice is reputable and has garnered experience in your industry. This platform has performed this research for you. In the event that a wholesaler isn't fully reputable, they won't be allowed on the platform in the first place. By taking this step, your risk should be minimized.


In order for a wholesaler to be verified, they must go through a stringent verification process. A core component of the verification process involves providing two industry trade references directly from previous customers. They will then speak with the previous customers to determine if the wholesaler is legitimate and reputable. While you'll still need to browse through various suppliers to make sure you select the right one to partner with, the fact that this platform only uses verified wholesalers means that your research won't take nearly as long to complete.


1,000+ New Companies Joining Monthly


Another reason to join this platform is that they are the most popular wholesale platform in the world for electronics dealers, which means that you likely can't afford to not be a member. To display just how popular this platform has become, more than 1,000 new companies are joining on a monthly basis. No matter what type of supplier you're looking for, you should easily be able to find them when using this platform. Keep in mind that it's easy to build your brand on this site, which gives you the opportunity to appeal to prospective B2B clients.


At the moment, more than 13,000 clients have joined this particular electronics platform. It's also important to note that nearly 5,500 profiles have been made with nearly 100,000 products having being sold at this point in time. The reason that this platform is so popular is that it provides wholesalers and resellers with everything they might require from a global wholesale platform. Once you have created an account with this website, it's easy to connect with suppliers and start purchasing the products that your business requires. The platform also makes it easy to foster a business relationship with the supplier you're working with.


Find Top-Rated Buyers & Sellers


Because of the popularity that this platform has, it doesn't take long to find top-rated buyers and sellers. The buyers and sellers that use this platform can be rated, which will allow you to determine which ones you can be confident in partnering with. The social platform that's available to members will allow you to create posts that contain your buying requests. If you would rather have suppliers reach out to you before doing business, it's easy to go this route. Once you receive responses to your post, you can weigh all of your options by looking at the ratings of the suppliers in question.


This comparison tool should help you find the ideal option for your business. This platform also guarantees at least 75 monthly leads to members, which will make it easier for you to find the right buyers or sellers to partner with. If ever you have a question about any of these features, 24/7 support is available to all members. This support will answer any question you have and can even help you identify the best sellers.


Promote Your Brand & Gain Customers


Likely the best feature of this electronics platform is that it allows members to promote their brand and gain customers, which isn't readily available on most other wholesale platforms. For instance, you'll be able to create an extensive profile for your business that shows prospective clients what your business is all about. This profile can be tailored to match your brand and comes with a variety of customization options that should help you stand out from your competition. When you're looking to partner with the right supplier, creating a profile for your business may be what it takes to help your company gain visibility.


Along with the ability to create a profile, members can also list their inventory directly on the platform marketplace, which means that you won't need to go to another platform to sell your items once you've found a supplier or buyer that you're interested in. The entire sales process can be handled directly through this marketplace. Another notable aspect of using Trade-In Tech is that you can promote your brand to every active member, which will put your marketing skills to the test. With all of these features at your fingertips, it should be relatively easy for you to gain new customers.


Buy & Sell With No Selling Fees


Along with the low wholesale prices that are available for all types of electronic devices, this platform is great for buyers and sellers because it comes with no extra transaction fees. Whether you're buying or selling, the entire transaction can occur without you needing to pay additional fees for using the platform in the first place, which is simply not possible with most other wholesale platforms. The only money that you pay when buying a product is the cost that the product is marketed at. As for sellers, you get to keep all of the money that you make from a transaction.


A notable aspect of using this platform for buying and selling electronics is that there are multiple ways to accept payment. The primary way to obtain payment through this platform is via PayPal, which makes it easy to complete a sale or purchase without issue. However, it's also possible to message members in an attempt to negotiate, which allows for additional functionality that can't be found on other platforms. If the supplier is receptive to your suggestion, it's possible to provide payment through another option aside from PayPal.


There are a myriad of reasons why it would be beneficial for your business to join Trade-In Tech. Because this platform only partners with wholesalers that can be verified and have a strong reputation, you can be confident that the supplier you choose to partner with will provide you with a good experience. Since more than 1,000 new companies are joining the platform on a monthly basis, the platform is popular enough to provide buyers with a variety of options to select from when searching for the right supplier.


Keep in mind that this specific platform is dedicated solely to the electronics industry, which gives it an edge over other wholesale platforms that cater to all industries. When you want to search for the right supplier, it won't be as difficult to find one that matches with the needs that your business has. This platform is also great because it allows you to promote your brand, which gives you a unique opportunity to gain customers while using the website.


With no transaction fees, you'll only need to pay for what you purchase from your supplier, which removes the frustration that typically comes with using a third party to take care of the buying and selling process. Now that you understand more about all of the benefits that come with using this platform for your buying or selling needs, you should look into creating an account, which is a very straightforward process that will give you easy access to the entire platform. Once you are a member, you can readily use every feature available through the platform to strengthen your electronics business.


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