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by on May 4, 2020

When Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone in 2007, it ushered in a brand-new era for consumer electronics. While it's certainly not the only smartphone on the market, the Apple iPhone was one of the first to be widely adopted by the masses.


Since its launch, Apple has continued to release new models annually. Each iteration adds new features and capabilities, making the iPhone an incredibly hot commodity all year round.


With Apple's yearly release cycle, the secondary market is ripe for opportunity. Resellers can purchase used models, recondition them, and cater to an ever-growing market of customers looking to get their hands on an iPhone.


But where can you buy iPhones in bulk?


Having a reliable wholesale iPhone supplier is essential. Buying in bulk lets you keep your inventory padded and prepare yourself for those times of the year when smartphone sales go through the roof. Here are some great sources to stock up iPhones so that you can always meet the demand of your customers.


Become an R2 Recycler


Instead of seeking out iPhones and other electronics for your business, what if suppliers could seek you out? It's possible if you become an R2 Recycler.


R2 Recyclers are companies that are certified to handle used electronics. In 2008, the Environmental Protection Agency developed Responsible Recycling Practices for Use in Accredited Certifications Programs, also referred to as R2.


Basically, this program is a way to address the growing issue of electronic waste. Since the rise of consumer electronics, landfills have been overflowing with gear that could easily be reused or broken down for parts. The R2 program aims to make electronics recycling much more accessible.


The cool thing about being an R2 Recycler is that you have constant access to iPhones and a range of other devices. Many companies partner with R2 Recyclers. It's not just those in the tech and retail industries. Any large organization that utilizes electronics can get rid of their used devices with an R2 Recycler.


Not only does it allow companies to reduce their carbon footprints, but it also provides some peace of mind when it comes to security and compliance issues. The recycling process ensures that sensitive data doesn't get in the wrong hands.


Becoming an R2 Recycler can be a bit of an undertaking. However, it's worth considering if you already have the means to handle the workload. If you're already dealing with large inventories of electronics, why not go the extra mile and take on the recycling duties yourself? It's a win-win situation for everyone.


To become an R2 Recycler, you must:


Submit an application

Pay an annual R2 fee

Request an audit with an accredited certification body

Address issues that come up during the audit

Pass a final audit

Implement R2 Recycling standards


Contact Authorized Retailers


There's a good chance that several authorized iPhone retailers are within your area. Authorized retailers are stores that are allowed to sell official Apple products. Typically, they have a contract with Apple to receive brand-new iPhone models that they can then sell directly to consumers. Think of them as the middle-man.


Authorized retailers can include big-box stores, cell phone carriers, specialty electronics stores, and more. You can contact these stores to get some more information about their used stock.


Your best bet would be to go with cell carriers. Oftentimes, cell phone companies will offer trade-in deals for consumers looking to upgrade their phones and plans. For example, AT&T will charge customers a monthly fee just so that they can upgrade their phones every time a new model is released.


Those older used phones have to go somewhere. Sometimes, authorized retailers are willing to sell those phones in bulk to make a quick buck and offload their used inventory.


The same goes for traditional retailers. iPhones are returned all the time. Those old phones can't be marketed as new and put back on the shelf, so retailers will sell them at deeply discounted prices.


Visit your local authorized retailers and see what their policies about bulk selling are. It never hurts to ask. You may be surprised by how much stock you can get from stores in your area.


Meet Verified Suppliers on


One of the best ways to buy iPhones in bulk is to go to wholesale suppliers directly. Suppliers are constantly looking for buyers like you. They're more than willing to sell in bulk. It's a mutually beneficial transaction, so you're guaranteed to see success.


That said, you have to be careful where you buy your stock from. The supplier market has its fair share of unscrupulous sellers out there who are looking to take advantage of naive buyers. Electronics fraud is a very real thing and you don't want to catch yourself on the bad end of a deal.


Luckily, platforms like Trade-In Tech are there to take the hassle out of finding legitimate suppliers. is a platform that's designed to connect buyers and sellers in the secondary market. The thing that sets Trade-In Tech apart from other platforms is that every seller is heavily vetted.


Sellers must provide multiple references, which are then verified before a posting can ever go live. This helps to eliminate the risks. Trade-In Tech also monitors the platform around the clock to stop fraudulent activity in its tracks. It's a great platform that provides peace of mind to resellers.


Not only that, but Trade-In Tech is incredibly easy to use. It's like a social media network for those in the secondary market. You can create a profile, negotiate with suppliers directly, and more. With thousands of members, you won't have any trouble finding iPhones or any other consumer electronics you need.


Find Resellers in Facebook Groups


Last, but not least, you can turn to Facebook to find some stock. There are tons of Facebook groups dedicated to the buying and selling of consumer electronics. Since the social media juggernaut launched Facebook Marketplace in 2016, selling items on the platform has never been easier.


You can find listings on local groups and make offers directly on the platform. It's even possible to make payments through the site if you don't want to deal with the details of a transaction.


It goes without saying but it's important to be careful using Facebook or any third-party consumer selling platform. As we mentioned earlier, fraud in the secondary electronics market is more common than you think. While Facebook does do its part to keep things legitimate, the platform is open to everyone.


Facebook doesn't vet posts in any way. Whether or not a listing is deemed as fraud is typically up to the community at large. Facebook even states in the marketplace Help Center that the company is not responsible for things sold on the platform!


You must be wary of posts that seem too good to be true. There are always risks involved with marketplace platforms and Facebook groups. If you don't want to deal with all of that, you may be better off going with a platform like Trade-In Tech.




There you have it: the best places to buy iPhones in bulk. It's good to shop around and do your homework! Make sure that you're researching suppliers before you ever provide payment information. You need to protect yourself and your company. Give these sources a shot and see which one works best for you. Once you find a reliable source for bulk iPhones, you'll always know where to go whenever you need to replenish your stock.

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