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by on July 21, 2021

In the world of electronics, flipping has become a popular way for companies to grow. If you haven’t heard of flipping electronics, this is the process of buying electronics and reselling them. You might also need to repair the electronics you purchase before they can get sold.


While the process of flipping electronics might sound a little complicated, it can be a fun and enjoyable way to earn serious money. If you want to learn more about flipping electronics, it’s important to learn about the most valuable electronics to flip for profit.


By reading this post, you’ll learn:


  • What affects the value of electronics?

  • The most valuable electronics to flip for profit

  • Where you can start buying electronics to flip


What Affects the Value of Electronics?



Before you start learning about the most valuable electronics, it’s helpful to learn what factors affect how much money these items are worth. Learning about and understanding the following factors will help ensure you become even better at buying and selling electronics.




One of the most important factors affecting the value of electronics is the condition these items are in. If you have items that are in near-perfect condition, you can charge higher prices for what you sell. On the other hand, you might be buying used items that need repairs.


Don’t think that you should avoid buying extensively used or damaged electronics. If you do this, you can still obtain the profits you’re looking for by partnering up with a professional electronics repair person.




Most of the time, the electronics industry moves at a very fast pace. Because of this, the items that were brand new and used the latest technology once will soon become older models. So, it’s a good idea to keep a close eye on how old your electronics are.


If you don’t keep up with the newest electronics and industry price standards, you could find yourself either undercharging or overcharging your customers.

Special Edition Items

Another thing to watch out for is a special edition item. While they’re not easy to find, buying special edition electronics could mean being able to resell them for a lot of money. In the electronics industry, there are many ways that special editions can happen.


Sometimes, electronics companies can partner with each other to release special electronics, such as smartphones, tablets, or computers. It’s also possible to find special edition electronics made to celebrate another product’s release date.





No matter where you go or who you’re around, most people carry at least one cell phone with them at all times. As the cell phone began to gradually become more popular, companies around the world began manufacturing innovative smartphones.


Here’s more information about the most valuable types of smartphones to start finding and flipping.


Apple iPhone


If you know anything about smartphones, it shouldn’t be surprising to see Apple’s iPhone appear on this list. Since 2007, Apple’s iPhone remains one of the best-selling phones in the world. If you want to start flipping phones, it’s worthwhile to try and find iPhones for sale online.


One reason that iPhones remain valuable is due to their connection with Apple. For the past several years, Apple remains one of the world’s most valuable and beloved companies. People also like the iPhone because it comes with a wide range of features that are exclusive to Apple’s smartphones.


Some people prefer to only purchase iPhones due to their security. In recent years, Apple continues making strides to create and manufacture extremely secure smartphones.


Samsung Galaxy


A company that remains in close competition with Apple is Samsung. While this large corporation manufactures lots of smartphones, its Samsung Galaxy remains the most popular. Year after year, you’ll find Samsung’s Galaxy line of smartphones closely competing with Apple’s line of iPhones.


What is also great about Samsung Galaxy smartphones is that they’re quite valuable. Aiming to compete with the iPhone, Samsung includes lots of great features on their smartphones.


One reason people like Samsung’s smartphones is that they get access to Google’s Play Store. Instead of Apple’s App Store, many people like the Play Store because it contains many more apps.


Another cool feature of Samsung’s smartphones has to do with DeX. DeX is a program made by Samsung that it has used for several years. It allows you to connect your smartphone to your desktop computer.


If you can find them, buying Samsung Galaxy smartphones can be a great way for your business to get its hand on some of the world’s most popular devices.


Google Pixel


While you might know about the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phones, you might not be aware that the Google Pixel is another popular phone to consider flipping. One of Google Pixel’s selling points is that it can seamlessly connect with Google Photos. Because of that, these phones have nearly unlimited storage space.


It took some time for Google’s smartphones to gain traction in the market. However, time has been good to this company and its smartphones. You’ll regularly find Google Pixels alongside iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones when checking out lists of the most popular phones to resell.


OnePlus Pro


Depending on your knowledge of popular smartphones, you might not have heard of the OnePlus Pro. The OnePlus Pro is an extremely popular smartphone that runs on the Android operating system. OnePlus’ top-tier line of Pro smartphones has many cool features.


The OnePlus Pro features a camera that’s capable of delivering extremely high-quality photos and videos. This smartphone also has long-lasting battery power and a large amount of RAM. With all of these features to enjoy, your company can quickly start selling lots of smartphones made by OnePlus.





Another type of electronic device with a lot of resale potential is the tablet. These devices are essentially larger versions of smartphones that (in most cases) can’t send texts or make calls. As technology continues advancing, modern tablets are becoming more like small computers instead of larger smartphones.


Considering the popularity of tablets, these devices can be big-time money makers for your business. When you’re getting ready to buy tablets to start carrying, try to find some of the ones you’ll see below.


Apple iPad


Driven by the success that came from releasing the iPhone, it didn’t take Apple long before this company showed off its innovation skills by releasing the iPad. As it did with the iPhone, the iPad remains extremely popular throughout its many generations.


Since these devices come from Apple, you can rest assured that they’ll always bring in quite a bit of profit for your business. These are also tablets that most people want, meaning they should almost always be in demand.


Samsung Galaxy Tab


After the popularity of Samsung’s Galaxy smartphones, it makes sense that this company would soon release this same product in tablet form. If you want to find popular (and valuable) tablets, look no further than the Samsung Galaxy tablet.


These tablets are perfect for anyone who wants to use the Android operating system on the large screen these devices have. And, like the iPad, the Samsung Galaxy Tab has many features that people want, such as lots of storage space and processing power.


In most cases, tabs from Samsung won’t carry quite the same resale value that iPads will. However, these devices can still bring in a decent profit that makes them worth reselling.


BOOX Tablets


It’s also worth mentioning another tablet that, while not as popular as an iPad or Galaxy Tab, is still incredibly valuable. These tablets are from a company called BOOX. What makes BOOX’s products stand out is that they’re what’s known as E Ink or ePaper electronics. 


Don’t worry if you haven’t heard about E Ink tablets yet - they’re still relatively new. However, they’re also quickly gaining a loyal following of fans. Instead of relying on LCD screens, E Ink tablets are more like a combination of e-readers and tablets.


Best of all, E Ink tablets aren’t only for taking notes or reading. These devices are also capable of accessing the internet, checking your emails, and most other features that other tablets can provide.


If you’re wanting to hop on a trend before it gets popular, now might be the time to start carrying E Ink tablets in your company’s inventory.





Other types of popular electronics are PCs or laptops. You might even be reading this article on a computing device. When it comes to selling popular computers, you’ll either be working with laptops or desktop computers. Some electronics distributors will carry both of the previously mentioned electronics.


If you want to start making fast profits from reselling computers, look for the items you’re going to read about below.


Desktop Computers


From customers who need maximum gaming power to someone only needing a computer for work purposes, desktop computers are some of the most popular electronics in the world. For most people, these types of computers are also big purchases. If you want to make the most profit from flipping computers, look for these popular desktop brands.




One of the fastest-rising companies in the world of desktop computers is Lenovo. This company sells many popular desktop computers that look great and come with all sorts of features. Best of all, Lenovo makes a wide range of computers for people with all types of needs.


If your customers don’t want to build a suped-up gaming PC, Lenovo sells desktops that are great for playing the latest games. There is also a huge line of desktop computers made by Lenovo that are great for business use. If you have any B2B clients, these computers can become major sellers for your company.




Another extremely popular PC company is HP. This company has a wide range of computing towers that can suit almost anyone’s needs. This company also makes a sleek line of all-in-one desktop computers under its OMEN Gaming line. 


This line of computers basically contains everything you need in the monitor, which means not having to store bulky towers anywhere. If your customers are more budget-conscious, HP also manufactures an extensive line of value-based desktop computers.




You’ll also find Dell’s desktop computers on top of many company’s best-seller lists. Since the 1980s, Dell has remained a company that sells many popular types of desktop computers. Whether your customers are people, companies, or both, there is a Dell desktop computer for any of them to enjoy.




Not everyone wants to stay in one place while they use their computers. To solve this problem, companies came up with the laptop. A laptop computer typically features everything that a desktop computer has, except it’s much smaller and easy to take on the go.


Another popular trend in the world of laptops is companies releasing 2-in-1 devices. These laptops also act as tablets with touchscreen capabilities and their ability to sometimes swivel or fold in another direction.


Apple’s MacBooks


At this point, you’re probably not surprised to see another product from Apple appear on this list. This company continues to manufacture some of the most popular electronics in the world. Until this changes, Apple’s products will remain in demand by people and businesses everywhere.


If you’re looking for one of Apple’s most popular laptops, it remains the MacBook. Using the macOS operating system, this type of laptop is quite different from Windows-based laptops you might be used to. However, for Apple fans and people familiar with MacBooks, most of them remain die-hard fans of this laptop.


While Apple doesn’t currently produce the base version of the MacBook, this laptop’s Pro and Air version are still in production. As long as you’re working with MacBooks that are relatively new and in good condition, you can resell these laptops for thousands of dollars.


Lenovo Laptops


In addition to making popular desktop PCs, Lenovo is also a company behind some of the world’s most valuable and popular laptops. Lenovo’s laptops typically cost a little more than most of this company’s competitors. However, this company’s laptops are also extremely sturdy and in use by many companies.


By focusing on providing excellent customer support and service, it’s easy to see why Lenovo laptops remain so popular.




Another company that sells lots of laptops each year is HP. You might remember that we mentioned this company in our list of most valuable PCs. As this company did with the home computer, it also continues releasing lines of popular laptops.


In addition to being popular, HP’s laptops are also quite valuable. If you or someone else can refurbish HP laptops, these items can bring in lots of profits for your company.





Computers and smartphones are great electronics devices. However, it’s impossible to have a true list of valuable electronics without including the television. While they might be larger and heavier than most types of smaller electronics, your business can still make a lot of money by reselling televisions.


When you’re ready to start buying TVs, look for items from these popular brands.




Samsung remains one of the world’s leading television brands. One reason why so many people love Samsung televisions is that they’re available in a wide range of styles and sizes. Another reason why this company has so many supporters is because of its will to innovate.


Samsung currently manufactures many LED, LCD, and QLED televisions. However, it also plans to offer QD-QLED hybrid televisions. Another thing that Samsung is focusing on is creating 8K televisions.




You can also find lots of televisions from LG selling for high prices. This company might be most known for its revolutionary line of OLED televisions. Many electronics distributors love reselling LG televisions because they have products available for almost anyone. 


Providing televisions that feature bright colors and excellent sound, LG’s televisions are extremely valuable electronics to buy.




Considering Sony’s history in the audio industry, it should come as no surprise that this company’s televisions produce excellent sound. Many of this company’s most popular televisions feature Sony’s Acoustic Surface Audio+. Amazingly, this sound technology transmits sound through the television’s panel and not through nearby speakers.


Throughout its history, Sony remains a company that is well-known for manufacturing high-quality televisions that last a long time.


Video Game Consoles



If you want to start carrying other popular types of electronics, look no further than video game consoles. Whether people are eight or 80, many of them love the feeling of playing video games. If you want these people to start buying items from your business, carry the following video game consoles.


Sony Playstation 5


When Sony isn’t manufacturing popular televisions, they’re also spending their time and resources creating some of the best-selling video game consoles. In the 1990s, many people remember the original Sony Playstation. Since this time, Sony continues to create video game consoles under the Sony Playstation line of products.


If you can find them, Sony’s latest console is the Playstation 5. This video game console is capable of loading games quickly and can provide haptic feedback and 3D audio. If you’re looking for a console that gamers will love, it’s worth finding the Sony Playstation 5.


Microsoft Xbox One


Another popular console that is closely competing with the Sony Playstation 5 is Microsoft’s Xbox One. Like the Playstation 5, Microsoft’s Xbox One is capable of providing top-of-the-line graphics and superior sound.


One of the Xbox One’s most popular features is that it’s capable of streaming games from this console to any PC that runs the Windows 10 operating system. This video game console also offers backward compatibility, meaning that people who have the Xbox One can play games from Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console.


Nintendo Switch


It’s also worth mentioning that Nintendo Switch video game consoles are incredibly popular. An important aspect of what makes this console such a big deal is its ability to function as both a home and on-the-go gaming console.


There are also plenty of exclusive games available for the Nintendo Switch, making this console one of the world’s most popular electronics. A Nintendo Switch console is also very valuable in most markets.


Accessories for Electronics



We’ve spent a lot of time learning about the most valuable electronics. However, it’s also worth including a special section about certain types of accessories for electronics that are both valuable and popular. If you’re wanting to sell valuable items, check out these top-selling electronics accessories.




Whether you use a tablet, smartphone, computer, or a combination of all of these electronics, you likely also have a pair of headphones to use with these electronics. A pair of headphones are great for listening to music or videos when you’re at home or out in public.


When we’re talking about headphones to start reselling, we’re not thinking about a $5 pair of cheap headphones. Instead, you’ll want to consider buying and reselling premium headphones. Some of these headphones can fetch a lot of profit for your business.


A few of the most popular and profitable headphone brands are:


  • Sennheiser

  • Bang & Olufsen

  • Bose

  • Audio-Technica

  • Shure

  • Beats by Dre


If you can find popular, high-quality headphones, it’s possible to make hundreds or even thousands of dollars of profit per sale.


Apple Airpods


While on the subject of headphones, it’s also worth mentioning a more updated version of this item that’s quickly surpassing traditional headphones regarding popularity. As is often the case, Apple continued its ability to innovate in the year 2016 when it first released AirPods. 


While they weren’t initially popular, this situation changed when Apple released a second generation of Airpods in 2019. They’re now Apple’s best-selling accessory.


Apple AirPods are wireless earbuds that utilize a Bluetooth connection. If you’re unfamiliar with these accessories, they offer many great features that lots of people rave about. Most people enjoy that they perform well at drowning outside noise out. They’re also able to pause with intuitive tap controls.


You can make great profits from buying and reselling Apple Airpods. With that said, you’ll need to find legitimate Airpods from Apple and not an imposter brand to get the highest resale values for your electronics.


Phone and Tablet Cases


Other items you might be surprised to learn that can be profitable are phone and tablet cases. You can even include premium laptop cases and bags into this discussion. Certain big names in the world of cases for electronics can charge quite a bit of money for their cases. If you can find them for sale online, you can also make a lot of profit by selling them.


One of the most popular phone case brands remains Otterbox. This company makes smartphone cases that offer immense durability and protection. Considering those factors, it’s easy to see why so many people are fans of Otterbox smartphone cases. What’s also great about Otterbox cases is that they typically cost anywhere from $35-80.


However, Otterbox is far from the only popular brand selling smartphone and tablet cases. You can also find profitable cases from Spigen, Speck, LifeProof, Incipio, and Case-Mate.


Where Can I Buy Electronics to Start Flipping?



By this point, you’ve heard about the most valuable types of electronics to start reselling. With that in mind, you’re going to need to find places that have these electronics for sale. Sure, you could go to your nearest store and pay retail costs for these items. However, that won’t leave you with any room to make profits. 


Instead of paying retail prices, check out these sources when you’re ready to buy electronics online.


Trade-In Tech


An important part of having a successful and profitable business is knowing who to partner with. If you want to realize success in the electronics industry, it’s time to learn about Trade-In Tech. Starting in 2012, Trade-In Tech began as a way for people and companies in the electronics industry to connect and network with each other.


With that said, you might be here to learn more about how Trade-In Tech can help you flip electronics. Fortunately, there are many ways that we help our members achieve this very goal. When you’re actively trying to flip electronics, one of the most important factors is having a good selection of items to flip. And there are plenty of electronics waiting to get flipped on Trade-In Tech.


We’re able to offer such a wide range of electronics for sale thanks to our amazing network of members. Trade-In Tech has members all over the world. In our membership network, there are electronics retailers, wholesalers, distributors, refurbishers, and many others in the electronics industry.


Another great thing about buying and reselling electronics on Trade-In Tech is not paying any fees. You read that last sentence correctly - Trade-In Tech doesn’t charge its members fees for transactions. Whether you’re selling electronics or buying them from one of our members, you will not have to worry about transaction fees.


Local Services


It’s also possible to find electronics that you can start flipping locally. There are several popular ways to start buying and selling locally, such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Letgo. These services allow their users to buy and sell all sorts of items. How much success you’ll have on these platforms depends on if you live in a densely populated area.


Even if you don’t live in a popular city, you can still find electronics on these platforms. However, be prepared to either drive or find another source of transportation to get to buyers or sellers. Another potential issue is meeting people in person. Most of the time, meeting someone through these platforms goes smoothly. However, it’s understandable to not feel comfortable with meeting someone you don’t know.


Before you start using local services to buy electronics to flip, weigh out the pros and cons of this decision. If it sounds like a good potential avenue to source electronics, it’s worth trying. On the other hand, there are several other methods for you to buy electronics online without ever having to leave your home.


Liquidation Auctions


Another potentially profitable way to start finding electronics to flip is by checking out liquidation auctions. You might also hear these listings referred to as return auctions. At first, liquidated items might not sound like a good thing. However, this is just a term that means a seller (for various reasons) needs to sell items as fast as possible.


Some of the world’s largest companies, such as Amazon and Walmart have massive liquidation departments. Items can get liquidated because they were returned, a store needs to make more room, or various other reasons.


The key benefit of checking out liquidation auctions is being able to buy high-quality electronics at extremely low prices. Since sellers want these items sold as fast as possible, liquidated electronic listings typically feature great bargains.


With all of that said, it’s important to note that most liquidated items will get sold in an auction format. This format means that you and any other interested buyers will need to place a bid on what is getting sold. With auctions, there’s always a risk of getting outbid. However, auctions can also provide lots of opportunities to get great electronics for a low price.


Searching for Electronics Distributors Online


Lastly, you can also use search engines to find electronics distributors online. Out of all of the previously mentioned ways to find electronics, this one might be the most time-consuming. However, with enough time and effort, it’s also a great way to find electronics that you can start flipping.


If you want to save yourself the time it takes to find and contact electronics vendors, we recommend becoming a Trade-In Tech member. By doing this, you’re not spending hours or days on search engines. Instead, by joining Trade-In Tech, you’ll have everything you need in one convenient place.


As you can see, there is a wide range of valuable electronics for sale online. By finding and buying these items, you can be on your way to owning an extremely profitable business flipping electronics. If you’d like more tips related to electronics flipping, don’t forget to visit the Trade-In Tech blog.


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