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by on February 12, 2021

In the world of smartphones and tablets, lots of people talk about Samsung and Apple. With that said, there’s another large name in the tech world that’s releasing lots of great gadgets.


This company is a little business you might have heard about called Google. With its Pixel smartphones and tablets, Google is continuing to build lots of momentum as a tech brand.


But are Google’s smartphones and tablets popular among consumers? More importantly, are these electronics worth buying and selling?


Let’s take a closer look at popular smartphones and tablets from Google. We’ll also look at the resale value of Google Pixel smartphones and tablets.


The Basics of Google’s Phones and Tablets


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Google’s Pixel smartphones debuted at the end of 2016. Since this time, Google’s line of smartphones has become quite popular. This smartphone brand is currently in its fifth generation of production, known as the Google Pixel 5.


The Google Pixel 5 features a 4080 mAh battery, wireless charging, HDR support, and many more features. Made with Gorilla Glass and water-resistant, it’s easy to see why Google’s latest smartphone is such a hit.


Another reason many people like the Google Pixel 5 is due to its smaller size. While many smartphone manufacturers are making devices that look more tablets, Google is keeping things simple.


The Google Pixel 5 has a 6-inch display with a smaller border, saving you space. This phone is also incredibly easy to fit in most pockets.


For tablet fans, there’s Google’s Pixel Slate. This tablet features an Intel processor, a long-lasting battery, and the ability to make video calls. At only 1.6-pounds, it’s also incredibly lightweight for a tablet.


With that said, you might want to act fast to buy this tablet. Google recently announced that it’s no longer manufacturing tablets in the future.


Why Should I Find Google Smartphones and Tablets for Sale?


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Because you’re reading this, you might want to know if these phones are worth reselling. It’s understandable to feel a little on the fence about selling Google tech if you’re used to selling products from Apple and Samsung.


We’re glad to let you know there are many reasons to start selling Google Pixel phones and tablets.


A Brand That’s Gaining Momentum


As we’ve mentioned, the smartphone and tablet markets remain dominated by Apple and Samsung. But this doesn’t mean that Samsung, Apple, and LG are the only tech brands out there.


Since launching its first Pixel, Google has been working hard to gain a competitive share of the consumer electronics market. While this company is phasing out the Pixel Slate, it has no intention of slowing down on producing smartphones.


In fact, research shows that Google hit record sales numbers with its Pixel during 2019. With this kind of momentum, it’s entirely possible for Google to end up on top of sales charts in the future.


Smartphones and Tablets Are Hot Sellers


If you’re on the fence about buying and reselling Google smartphones, it’s important to remember what you’re selling. Whether it’s a smartphone or tablet, most of these items are always in high demand.


Yes, there might be customers who are only looking for the latest iPhone or Samsung Series S. But there are also many consumers and companies that aren’t concerned with the latest and greatest tech.


If someone can save a little money by using a Google Pixel over an iPhone 12, most people are going to choose the Pixel.


The Possibility of Finding Bargains


Another reason to start finding Google Pixels for sale is because of the potential to find bargains. Most electronics wholesalers understand that phones and tablets from Apple command high resale values.


With that said, you might encounter a liquidation auction or something similar where the person isn’t sure of the true value of Google tablets and smartphones. Considering that this brand is less popular than “the Big 3,” it’s likely that you can find bargains on these devices.


Resale Values of Google Pixel Phones and Tablets


Source: HardwareZone


Now that you know the basics of Google’s smartphone and tablets, it’s important to learn how much money these items resale for. 


The resale values of electronics made by Google will vary slightly. Here’s a look at the resale values of Google Pixel smartphones and tablets.


Google Pixel 4/4XL: 


While this phone isn’t officially the newest smartphone by Google, it still commands great resale values. Typical resale values for the Google Pixel 4 range from $200-350. The Google Pixel 4 XL can resell for anywhere from $250-$400.


Google Pixel 5/5XL:


At the moment, this phone is extremely new. With that said, we will update this with resale values as soon as they’re available.


Right now, the Google Pixel 5 retails for $699. However, availability issues mean that this one might not be widely available on the resale market for a little while.


Google Pixel Slate (tablet): 


As mentioned earlier, the Google Pixel Slate is no longer being made. But, they command excellent resale values, if you can find them. The average resale value for a Google Pixel Slate is currently $471, according to Swappa.


Where Can I Find Google Pixels for Sale Online?


Source: Forbes


We now know the profitability of Google Pixel smartphones and tablets. So, now it’s time to know where you can find them and start selling these devices. 


Fortunately, consumer electronics are quite popular. This means you shouldn’t have a lot of trouble finding Google Pixel phones (and possibly tablets) online. Here’s where to find these items.


1. Trade-In Tech


If you’re looking for the best place to find Google Pixel smartphones, check out Trade-In Tech. At Trade-In Tech, we’ve got sellers from around the world that carry all of the top brands.


In addition to having the latest iPhone and Samsung electronics, these individuals also have a wide range of Google Pixel devices.


We also allow you to make requests for what you’re looking for if you can’t find someone selling it. As you remain a member of Trade-In Tech, your business can continue making connections. Plus, our social platform makes it easy for you to increase your sales.


Trade-In Tech members also pay zero fees for what they buy and sell. You can speak directly with the buyer/seller and establish the best payment method.


2. Swappa


Another option for buying Google Pixel devices is by visiting Swappa. With Swappa, you can use this website’s awesome navigation system to find what you’re looking for.


While Swappa is great, it probably isn’t the best option for wholesalers. This website sells devices one at a time. But, if you’re just starting out or only want one device at a time, check out Swappa.


Swappa makes it easy to get started. This website has an awesome structure that makes finding the phone or tablet you’re after a breeze.


At first, you’ll need to answer a few questions about what you’re looking for. This has to do with the condition of an item, memory capacity, color, and other distinct features.


Once you select the item you want to buy, Swappa displays other sellers (if any are available) with these items. If you’re not finding anything based on your specifications, try to broaden your search. Broadening what you’re looking for might yield more results.


While it isn’t the best for wholesalers finding electronics in bulk, Swappa is a great potential way to find Google Pixels.


3. Google Store Trade-In System


You might be unaware that you can also sell back your Pixel devices to Google. With that said, the Google Store Trade-In System only rewards you back with credit towards another device.


If you’re trying to operate a business, it’s going to be difficult to pay for things with Google credit. Instead, most sellers understandably want cash or electronic payments for what they sell.


However, the option of trading or selling your phones back to Google might be viable in certain situations. For instance, this might be a decent decision if you prefer to buy Google Pixel smartphones without paying for them out of pocket.


Another issue you might encounter is that Google might accept the device you’re sending them. If this happens, you’ll get your device back. You also won’t get any credit, which puts you back at square one.


Most sellers avoid going through manufacturer trade-in programs for two reasons. The first reason is that electronics resellers want to make money. The second reason is that most of these programs are time-consuming.


If you’re trying to trade back or sell a phone to a manufacturer, you need to ship it to them. Because of the size of most of these corporations, it’s going to take them time to get to what you sent in.


Next, you’ll also need to wait for their response. Needless to say, there are many faster ways to sell your electronics for profit.


4. Classified Websites


You might also find the Google pixel devices you need by looking at classified websites. There are many popular classified websites throughout the internet, including Letgo and Craigslist. 


With these websites, you’re going to be meeting people in public. So, you’ll want to keep your safety in mind if you do go to meet anyone. 


Another hurdle that you can sometimes encounter is these platforms are popular among online scammers. If you’re getting pressured or otherwise intimidated into buying something, it’s best to stay away.


Unlike Trade-In Tech, websites like Letgo and Craigslist don’t really have ways to keep out scammers. So, you’ll definitely want to keep your guard up while you’re buying or selling items on these types of websites.


5. Local Retailers


Another option for finding Google Pixel devices is by working with local retailers. This can include local repair shops, pawn shops, authorized retailers, and other companies. 


If you choose this option, be prepared to do quite a bit of legwork. It’s going to take lots of time to gather a list of companies, contact them, and visit them. There are also the costs of fueling up your vehicle or paying for a ride-sharing service.


It’s understandable if you don’t have the time or budget to track down local buyers.


Fortunately, you can start networking with relevant buyers and sellers from the privacy of your home through Trade-In Tech.


6. eBay


We also wanted to make sure that we mention eBay as another possible way to find electronics from Google. eBay is an auction website that has lots of users. Unlike Craigslist or Letgo, eBay does use a review and rating system.


eBay’s systems for rating buyers and sellers is awesome because it helps you make informed decisions about who you’re working with. However, it’s sometimes easy to forget about ratings if you’re eager to get your hands on something.


This platform is another one that doesn’t just specialize in electronics. With that in mind, you might be spending a little more time on eBay than you meant to.


In conclusion, Google Pixels can definitely be profitable electronics to buy and resell. While they’re not quite as popular as similar devices from Apple and Samsung, Google Pixels leave plenty of room for profit. Part of making a profit from these devices has to do with where you find them. Find the Google Pixels you’re looking for by becoming a member of Trade-In Tech.

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