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by on April 8, 2021

For traditional businesses that sell directly to consumers, generating growth is a relatively straightforward process. Those companies have to generate interest for their product or service, reach their target demographic, meet their customers' needs and deliver on them.


Most companies operate by working with customers, other businesses, or both companies and individuals. If you’ve been working in the B2C (business to consumer) world, it might be time to start working with companies.


The B2B environment is about making connections with decision-makers, demonstrating the value of a business relationship, and catering to the ever-changing needs of a multi-faceted organization.


Attempting to grow a B2B business is no easy task, but it pays off in dividends when successful. 


First, we’ll take a quick look at why it’s beneficial to operate as a B2B company. We also have a list of proven tips to help increase B2B sales for your company, let’s get started!


Why Should I Start Working With B2B Clients?



Before we get into how to increase your business-to-business sales, let’s take a quick look at why so many love working in the B2B industry. With that in mind, here are a few major advantages of working with B2B clients.


Clients That Love Buying in Bulk


An essential element of wholesaling is buying in bulk or purchasing many items at once. If you sell electronics to consumers, most aren't looking to buy more than one or two devices at a time. This is where switching to or entering the B2B sales world becomes so beneficial.


Most business clients rarely want one or two of an item, especially when it comes to electronics. These companies usually want everyone to be using the same devices. If not, it could end up creating a lot of unnecessary confusion. 


So, B2B clients often prefer to buy in bulk. Certain companies can have hundreds or thousands of employees that need electronics. As a wholesaler, this helps you move lots of devices and bring in major profits fast.


Larger Budgets


Another reason to start selling electronics to businesses is because of their sizable budgets. Because of their larger budgets, you’ll often spend less time negotiating prices with B2B clients. Of course, most business clients have spending limits. It’s just that their limits are often much higher than the average consumer’s.


The Best Platforms for B2B Growth in 2021



If you need fast B2B growth, check out Trade-In Tech. Trade-In Tech is a wholesale platform specifically for people and companies in the electronics industry. On Trade-In Tech, you can buy mobile phones, computers, watches, and other electronics in bulk through our large network of international wholesalers and retailers.


You’ll also meet buyers who are willing to pay top dollar for your merchandise. Trade-In Tech also makes it easy to build your brand by creating customized listings for your inventory. Our electronics wholesale platform also allows you to promote your products to a worldwide audience.


To keep things safe for our members, all sellers must go through a vetting process for verification and quality assurance purposes. If your B2B company needs more exposure, join Trade-In Tech to receive 75 monthly guaranteed leads, zero buying/selling fees, and 24/7 customer support.




eBay is one of the most popular, yet competitive platforms for resellers. On this platform, you can set up a store to brand your business and distinguish yourself from the competition. eBay allows you to sell and buy items on a fixed price basis or through a 3-day or 7-day auction. Once you become an established seller on eBay, you will receive instant payment for purchases through your PayPal account.




Amazon is one of the world’s most popular online shopping destinations. With that in mind, it’s also a popular place for B2B companies to sell their items. By using Amazon Marketplace, you can establish a seller’s account and create listings for your products. 


With a paid professional seller’s account, you will have access to business analytics, and the opportunity to advertise your products. Also, consider Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)  as a shipping alternative for your products. With FBA, your products are already stored at the warehouse. The customer gets expedited shipping options, and you get paid on Amazon’s payment schedule.




LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms for marketing to B2B companies. You can get started on LinkedIn by creating a business profile and reaching out to companies in your industry. A basic LinkedIn membership is free. 


However, you might consider a premium LinkedIn business plan that costs $59.99 per month. With a premium membership, you can get:


  • Leads through organic profile searches.

  • Access to exclusive online video courses.

  • Insights into a company’s growth trends.


LinkedIn also offers a Sales Navigator Professional package for $79.99 per month or full professional services with the Recruiter Lite package at $119.90 per month. 


All paid LinkedIn memberships come with a free 30-day trial.


With the advanced business professional packages, you will get unlimited saved searches and lead recommendations. You can also view your saved recommendations for several months with real-time email notifications.


35 Proven B2B Growth Strategies for More Business-to-Business Sales



1. Place Ads on Social Media


Social media can also be extremely beneficial when you are trying to run a successful B2B company. Most social media venues charge fees for running business advertisements on their websites, but the profit you generate from these ads in sales can be very beneficial to your business.


2. Retarget Your Website Visitors with Paid Ads


Unfortunately, research shows that over 95% of website visitors will leave without taking any action, even if they are interested in what you have to offer. One effective method that you can use to achieve this goal is to retarget your website visitors with paid ads.


You can pay for targeted ads on a wide range of platforms, including Google, which remains extremely popular for paid advertising. Combine paid advertisements with good search engine optimization, and you could increase brand awareness across the board.


Of course, you're not just limited to Google advertisements. One good way to reach your target audience is to advertise on the platforms they use. For example, why not pay for some ads on LinkedIn? The professional social media platform offers direct access to millions of companies!


Among the more effective methods for obtaining more B2B sales is by retargeting your website visitors, which will allow you to market your company to other businesses that have recently viewed your website but haven’t followed through with a purchase.


This is the ideal marketing method when you want to appeal to businesses that you can be confident are already interested in the products you offer.


When you decide to implement retargeting ads, you can do so via list-based retargeting or pixel-based retargeting. When you choose to integrate pixel-based retargeting into your marketing campaign, you will be able to display your paid ads to any visitor who entered your website.


This is easily the more common form of retargeting that uses a small piece of JavaScript to make sure that the browser the user is accessing your site from is flagged. The "cookie" that's placed in the browser will notify other platforms to serve your ads when they enter other websites and search engines. These paid ads must be tied to certain pages of your website.


When looking specifically at list-based retargeting, you will need to have the visitor's contact information stored on your website if you want to employ this type of retargeting. If you're performing a retargeting campaign on Twitter or Facebook, you can simply upload a list of email addresses of users who have visited your website but haven't purchased anything. 


3. Pay for Advertising Space on Wholesale Directories


Many retailers shopping for products will use wholesale product directories to find the top wholesalers in the product categories they're interested in. Considering that, a great way for your company to be visible to prospective B2B customers is to pay for advertising space on the more popular wholesale directories. 


With the right ads, you should be able to bring in new visitors to your website. As long as your website is modern and easy-to-use, an increase in site traffic should also lead to a boost in B2B sales.


4. Target People Who Engaged With Your Social Media



If you want to bolster your B2B sales, a great way to do so is by targeting people who engage with your social media accounts. Facebook alone has more than 2.5 billion users, which means that these social media platforms can help you market your business to other companies from all over the world. 


LinkedIn is likely the ideal social media platform to use when you're trying to bring in new customers. If you have a business account on LinkedIn, your paid ads should be used on this site to target the individuals who engage with your account.


When you're trying to reach businesses and individuals who have interacted with your social media accounts, you can choose to target by industry, company, job title, or seniority. With these filters, you should be able to create customized paid ad campaigns that will be appealing to your main audience. 


Make sure that your ads are varied and include everything from carousel ads to video ads. The analytics for your ad campaigns should allow you to determine if your efforts at increasing B2B sales are successful.


5. Include Paid Ads in Your Email Blasts


When you're conducting an email campaign that sends various emails to current and prospective clients, you should include paid ads in them. While your emails act as advertisements, adding paid ads to them means customizing your advertisements to specific customers.


The paid ads that you include inside of the emails can be more customized to the specific interests of the customer. Uploading emails is similar to the list-based retargeting mentioned previously. It's possible to upload the email lists that you've gathered from your database via two separate methods, which include retargeting and prospecting.


While retargeting allows you to match your paid ads with individuals who have visited your website and social media pages, prospecting marketing gives you the opportunity to identify potential customers. When you utilize both of these options, you should be able to market your business to a much wider audience.


6. Create a Sales Funnel


Another great way to gain more B2B clients is by creating a sales funnel for them. By building sales funnels, you’re understanding your customer’s pain points and solving a particular problem with the right product. 


One way to do this is by capturing customer information with ClickFunnels. This program automatically handles following up with your visitors. It also leads visitors through the entire buying process so they won’t give up and leave your webpage.


ClickFunnels currently offers a 14-day trial. If you need help creating and managing sales funnels, ClickFunnels can give you the tools you need to market and sell your products online.


7. Become an R2 Certified Recycler


The average company will upgrade its electronics many times. When this happens, most older electronics like smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers end up in a garbage heap at the local neighborhood dumpster. This is problematic as discarded electronic devices are becoming a growing problem around the world.


As a business, you can help alleviate such waste by becoming an R2 Certified recycler. With such credentials, you will gain access to the exclusive inventory available for auction from major retailers like AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon through Mobile Carrier Liquidations.


In addition to accessing the auction inventory from the major wireless carriers, you’ll get access to other R2 markets like Costco Liquidation Auctions, Walmart Liquidation Auctions, and ALLTECH Wholesale. With an R2 certification, you will be able to resell these electronic gadgets.


You can choose between two programs for certification: The Responsible Recycling Standard for Electronics Recyclers or the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment. These programs offer the following benefits:


  • Procedures for proper management practices.

  • Environmental standards to optimize reuse and prevention of environmental destruction from improper waste disposal.

  • Safe handling and destruction of private electronic data.


After certification, there will be oversight and accountability by an independent accredited body. By becoming R2 certified, you’ll have the internal satisfaction that you contributed to waste re-utilization while bringing recycled and affordable electronics and mobile phones to the market.


8. Take Time for Personal Conversations


If you want to effectively increase your B2B sales, it's highly recommended that you take the time for personal conversations. By speaking directly with retailers that are interested in your products, it should be much easier for you to get them to follow through on purchasing the products while also increasing customer loyalty.


Whenever you speak with prospective buyers, you must treat them with courtesy and have a personal conversation with them. While there are times when you will need to refuse a request, treating your customers with consistent professionalism lessens the chance that these retailers will choose to take their business elsewhere.


9. Send "Value-Added" Emails to Your Subscribers



Subscribers to your business or website aren't always going to be purchasing products regularly, which is why you should send emails to these subscribers to let them know what you have to offer. 


However, it's not enough to send simple marketing emails. These emails should have a substantial amount of value in them that makes it difficult for subscribers to avoid purchasing additional products from you. An easy way to add value to a marketing email is to advertise an exclusive sale on your products that's only available to subscribers. 


There are also plenty of additional ways that you can add value to emails. A powerful motivator for subscriber emails is the addition of testimonials from other customers. Testimonials from satisfied customers provide your subscribers with even more reasons to shop with you. 


You could also think about giving stuff away in these emails. For instance, you could provide subscribers with a product guide in PDF form that's easy to download.


10. Create Videos to Increase Trust


Another notable way to bolster B2B sales is by building brand trust. Retailers that trust in your brand are more likely to make a purchase. You can effectively build brand trust by engaging in some video marketing. Videos help add personality to a brand, which automatically builds trust.


While video marketing can be difficult to implement, there are some basic guidelines that you should adhere to for more successful campaigns.


For one, it's recommended that you focus on the story of your brand and why your company is different from other businesses. You should also include customer testimonials in your videos, when appropriate. 


You're also going to want to engage with your customers directly, which can involve everything from doing live videos to answering their most common questions in the videos you create.


11. Set Up an Affiliate Program


Affiliate programs can be highly beneficial at increasing website traffic and B2B sales. When set up correctly, an affiliate program involves your website paying affiliate sites a commission for them to send traffic your way. 


The affiliate sites that you choose to partner with will link to your website in their site content, which means that anyone who clicks on the link will be taken directly to your website.


These arrangements are typically made under the terms that you pay based on the number of people who visit your website from the affiliate’s pages. If you're able to partner with the right affiliates, the increase in site traffic could be substantial enough to positively affect your B2B sales.


12. Ask for Reviews From Customers



After a company starts buying your products, it's essential to follow up with them. When you contact these customers, make sure that you ask them to provide reviews for the products they use. It's very common for customers to forget to post reviews even if they originally intended to, which is why it's important that you ask for reviews after each purchase.


Customer reviews can sway other prospective customers to make purchases. After your reviews start coming in, post them to your website to ensure other people know how well your company is doing.


13. Get Your Inventory Under Control


One of the most challenging things about starting or managing a B2B company is the challenge of managing your inventory. You don’t want too many products in your inventory that aren't going to sell. Likewise, you don’t want to run out of products that your customers want. 


Fortunately, you can keep a spreadsheet of some sort to keep track of the number of items being sold and the number of items you still have in stock. You can keep everything updated with pen and paper, but it’s better to use a spreadsheet computer program to manage your inventory. 


Spreadsheet computer programs are typically very easy to work with, saving you time and maximizing your profits in the long run.


14. Invest in B2B E-Commerce Immediately


One of the major expenses in your business should be investing in a high-quality, web-based storefront. Make sure your e-commerce website is very clear to use and that you offer many payment options on your site. 


If you don’t know how to make your own e-commerce website, it’s possible to hire someone who can take care of this for you. You’ll also want to make sure that customers can access your website from their smartphones. Not all websites are smartphone-friendly, but you’ll want to make sure that potential customers can make purchases from their phones.


15. Set Up Territory Sales Positions


If your business expands beyond e-commerce sales into more on-location sales, you may want to hire individuals in certain parts of a region to sell your products. Good salespeople can be worth their salary many times over. Just make sure you do adequate background checks on any individuals you are looking to hire.


16. Take Pre-Orders as Much as You Can


One way to make sure you run a successful business is to make sure customers want the products that you are going to have in stock. You can do this by offering pre-orders of products on your website. Offering pre-orders can stoke interest in your products, and it also helps ensure that you’ll have enough products in stock to adequately meet customer demand.


17. Offer Sales and Advertise Them


Don’t be afraid to offer sales on certain products. If you are having trouble selling certain items, you may want to offer slight discounts on them to clear out your stock of such items quicker. It’s important to note that people can’t take advantage of sales if they don’t even know that they exist. So, don’t forget to advertise your sales on your website.


18. Start Using Promotional Codes for New Customers


Many successful companies understand the benefits of creating promotional codes. For instance, certain companies offer promotional codes to people who have registered on your website but haven’t made a purchase yet. Giving out promo codes may entice your prospects to become actual customers.


19. Follow Up


With any business, the most important people you need to focus on are your customers. Without happy customers, you have no functional business. Fortunately, you can do this by following up with your customers.


One way to do this is by sending your customer's emails asking them if they’re happy with their purchase. You can also provide a link for a customer satisfaction survey after sending order-related emails. It’s up to you whether you make this survey anonymous, or have customers include contact information if there are any complaints. 


After customer surveys come in, take the time to read over the feedback that you receive. Yes, you might come across negative feedback while seeing what others have to say about your company. However, making changes based on negative feedback might start taking your business to the next level.


20. Create and Share Compelling Content



On the Internet, content is king. Online content can position your company as an authority, increase website visitors, and much more.


With that said, you shouldn't just pump out content for the sake of increasing page views. Internet users, especially business owners, are smarter than that and can see right through bland content. 


Instead, you have to create interesting media that potential customers will actually enjoy.


To start doing this, find out about topics that interest your readers. You can also get creative and find new ways to get your message across without seeming too salesy. The main goal behind effective content marketing is to create shareable content that gets viewed by as many people as possible.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to what type of content you can create. If you’re unsure of where to start, give these forms of digital media a shot:


  • Informational articles

  • How-to guides

  • SEO-friendly blog posts

  • Effective sales copy

  • Podcasts

  • Videos

  • Webinars


The sky's the limit. Content marketing is huge these days, so don't be afraid to dip your hands into the content pool and come up with great things.


21. Start the Relationship by Calling Your Customers First


One of the best ways to generate growth is to reach out and put your best foot forward. Don't wait for companies to see your content and come to you. Call them first, introduce yourself, and let them know that you are there if they are looking for companies to work with.


It's as simple as that!


This doesn't mean that you have to start cold-calling every business in the phone book. Instead, take on a more personal approach and use the Internet to your advantage. Once again, LinkedIn is a great place to start. You can create a LinkedIn profile for your company and start reaching out to other business owners.


First, do your homework and see what the customer is all about. Then, shoot them a message. You can also participate in groups and discussions. This establishes your brand while improving your visibility to potential customers.


22. Group Potential Customers Based On Their Interests


Once you start reaching out to customers and generating leads, it's good to segment businesses based on their interests. To do this, separate your leads based on their specific interests. 


For example, you could create separate marketing groups for cold leads and warm leads. Cold leads may need to learn more about how your business can help them. Meanwhile, warm leads might know what you can do but want to know how you differ from the competitors.


Segmenting leads allows you to take a more personalized approach when you're marketing. That way, your marketing outreach is more effective. You can even take things a step further and do some research about all of your leads. Doing so provides you with valuable information that you can use to make your connections more impactful.


23. Host Live Events



Who doesn't love to be wined and dined? Businesses are particularly receptive to live events. It's a great way to set yourself apart from the competition while also creating a lasting memory.


Live events can be anything from basic seminars to fun parties. Whatever you decide to do, take the opportunity to network and get your company's name out there. The more face-to-face action you have with other business owners and potential clients, the greater your chances of landing that elusive sale or contract.


24. Stay On Top of Current Industry Trends


It’s also important to stay on top of relevant trends if you want to grow your B2B business. No matter what sector your company operates in, the landscape can shift at any moment. As new technologies get introduced and the market changes, businesses must adapt if they want to continue catering to new clients.


Just think of all the companies that failed after the Dot-Com" boom, the rise of social media, or the "retail apocalypse." Those companies weren't able to keep up with the changing business environment. The same thing can happen in the B2B world. Staying on top of industry trends helps you stay prepared and informed about what your customers are looking for.


25. Use Influencer Marketing to Find New Customers


Sometimes, word of mouth is the best form of advertising. To truly succeed in this arena, you need to start building your B2B relationships.


Once you have an "in," word about your company can travel fast. That's where influencer marketing comes into play.


Influencer marketing is a unique form of advertisement that has really taken off in the last decade. The goal of influencer marketing is to use leaders within the B2B environment to showcase your brand to a much larger market. Working with a key influencer can give you the quick exposure you're after.


Essentially, you're working with an influencer rather than trying to sell to a larger group.


There are a few different ways to go about influencer marketing. The most common is to hire market influencers to promote your brand directly. The influencer will recommend your company to their audience, which can lead to direct referrals and increased business.


26. Create Contracts to Solidify Customer Relationships


Success in the B2B realm isn't achieved through one-off sales. They're achieved through repeat business!


To truly increase your B2B sales, you need to continually foster those working relationships. This means continuing to fulfill your customers' needs. Eventually, the goal should be to create contracts that solidify your relationship with customers.


This isn't always possible with the first sale. Many organizations are going to want to test the waters to see how your company performs and learn more about what you have to offer. Think of it as a trial phase. If you continue to meet their needs, that B2B relationship will get stronger and you can eventually offer an established contract.


This is the ultimate goal for both parties involved. No company wants to continually search for electronics suppliers. It wastes time and resources to find the right business to work with. Having an established seller the company goes to every time is beneficial for all parties involved.


Take some time to create a solid contract. Work with a legal team and collaborate with your customers. The contract should lay out the terms of your relationship fully. This includes what both parties expect from one another.


As long as you hold up your end of the contract and continue to provide reliable service, that business relationship will be a reliable source of income for your company.


27. Master Social Media Selling



Social media is king these days. But don't make the mistake of thinking that you can't conduct business on social media. Social media is a great way to make sales and build those all-important B2B relationships!


With that said, B2B selling on social media can be tricky. But once you master it, that source of revenue will prove to be an important one.


Take some time to create a strategy. Where are you going to sell? How will you approach social media sales? Who will handle them? These are all important questions to answer.


As you make sales, take advantage of what those social media networks have to offer. They let you communicate instantly with companies around the globe. Use this to your advantage and respond to leads quickly and efficiently. Also, don't ignore soft leads and make sure that you focus on the interactive element of social media sales.


Gather reviews, ask for feedback, and develop a strong network of leads. Over time, your presence on social media will strengthen, leading to more sales.


28. Retrain and Enhance All Sales People Every Quarter


Last, but certainly not least, it's always recommended that you retrain your sales team regularly. The B2B environment is constantly changing. The best way to increase your B2B sales is to make sure that everyone on your sales team is updated on what's going on in the industry.


For example, maybe a lucrative client you've been eyeing for months has left their normal electronics distributor. You could focus your quarter on getting that contract. Or, maybe you've generated new leads. All of that information should be discussed with your team.


Understanding your team's shortcomings and investing in improvements can make all the difference. Take some time every quarter to analyze your team's performance and see where they can improve. Put the resources into training your team. Not only does this build confidence, but it can provide your team with the tools they need to earn more revenue.


Taking time to enhance your team could make all the difference. It's a win-win all-around and could improve your company's bottom line.


29. Promote Your Brand on Wholesale Directories


One method of increasing B2B sales to heavily consider is promoting your brand on wholesale directories like Trade-In Tech. When businesses want to purchase in bulk for their stores, they can do so by visiting wholesale directories. 


These directories provide resellers with easy access to thousands of wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers, which means that each directory acts as an ecosystem where buyers are connected directly to wholesale suppliers.


Creating the perfect ad to place on wholesale directories can be difficult if you've never done it before. Your main goal when attempting to create a compelling paid ad is to make sure that the ad is appealing to your target audience. Once you've conducted research on your target audience, the entire ad should speak to their interests.


Comprehensive customer research should be paired with premium ad copy, which refers to the words that are written on your paid ads. This is the most significant difference between B2B and B2C marketing.


With B2C ads, you might include phrases like "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" as calls to action. However, B2B ads come with different ad copy requirements if you want the advertisement to bring in new customers.


For B2B ads, consider using calls-to-action like "Get More Information Here" or "Call Us Today." Once you have created the ad and have placed it online, make sure that you measure its performance so that you can make adjustments as needed.


30. Join Trade-In Tech to Increase B2B Wholesale Sales


One of the best B2B growth strategies is to join a wholesale directory like Trade-In Tech. Directories are places where both buyers and sellers connect to either buy or sell items. For those working in the wholesale electronics industry, Trade-In Tech is the place to be. 


We provide each of our members with easy access to thousands of electronics wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers. This means that you’re not wasting days trying to find buyers, sellers, and other types of electronics professionals.


You can’t start increasing sales and making more money while dealing with scammers. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech uses a verification system to keep the threat of scammers away from each of our valued members in our electronics marketplace.


After becoming a member of our wholesale platform, you can set up your page and start connecting with electronics wholesalers throughout the world. We also offer groups and chat rooms, if you don’t want to message anyone directly.


31. Launch Your Own Website


Another one of the most popular B2B sales strategies is to create a website. By doing this, your business has an online presence. Having a website also lets any interested parties know about your business whenever they want. With that in mind, it’s important that your company’s website makes a great first impression on visitors.


In the past, most people would hire a web designer to take care of this problem. Now, many website creation services make this process much easier and streamlined than it used to be.


When preparing to launch a website, you’ll need to factor in a few costs. One of the first costs you’ll pay for is registering a domain name. A domain name is how people get to your website. For instance, our domain name is


You’ll have two options when it comes to buying a domain: creating a new one or purchasing a registered domain.


Registered domain names will be pricier than brand new ones. This is because certain registered domains might have an existing stream of traffic or rank well for popular online search terms.


If you buy a new domain, you’ll need to pay a small registration fee. In most cases, this shouldn’t be more than $10-$20. The drawback of new domains is that it will take time and effort to build this new website up.


32. Start Asking Your Customers for Reviews


Take a moment to think about the last time you searched for a business online. This might have been a new restaurant you wanted to check out or a movie you wanted to see. If you’re like 93% of consumers, online reviews play a role in deciding what business you’re going to choose. 


If you’re not happy with the number of reviews you have, it’s time to start reaching out to customers and business partners and asking for them. Asking for reviews is a simple yet effective strategy because most people lead busy lives. Therefore, it’s likely that many people loved working with you but need a reminder that an honest review would be much appreciated.


With that said, you don’t need to track down every customer to ask for reviews. Make sure you’re not asking for a review from someone who recently had a bad experience with your business.


Look for your brand advocates, those who are the biggest supporters of your company. If they haven’t already, chances are they’d love to tell others how much they love working with your business.


We advise staying away from buying reviews from a random company. At best, you risk receiving generic reviews that might look fake. The worst-case scenario is that websites detect these fake reviews and ban your account. Neither option is a good one.


33. Think About Redoing Your Pricing Structure


You can do everything right but, without a great pricing structure, it might be hard to increase B2B wholesale sales. How do you spruce up your pricing structure? Fortunately, there are many ways to make your pricing more enticing.


Electronics wholesalers often buy electronics in large quantities. To make your business more appealing, why not offer bulk discounts? If you can find a bit of wiggle room in your budget, offering discounts is a great way to stir up more business.


Another one of the most effective B2B sales strategies involves upselling your clients. As you know, electronics often come with lots of accessories. Instead of waiting on a client to ask, show them you have every electronic accessory they need. This is also great for the client since they don’t have to shop around.


34. Make Things Personal



To start increasing B2B sales, you need to focus on excellent customer service. How do you do this, especially if you’re speaking with retailers, pawnshops, wholesalers, and many other types of businesses? By using one of the most under-utilized B2B sales strategies, making things personal.


You might be surprised at how fast a partnership grows from listening closely and speaking about non-work topics. This is because many people focus only on making sales and not building relationships. Even a simple “how’s your day?” can be the one question that grows a relationship between your company and its clients.


Also, having these relationships comes in handy when things aren’t able to work out. Whether it’s a late delivery or being out of stock, having great relationships with vendors also helps when you have to deliver bad news. In most cases, these people will let bad news slide from a vendor they know and trust versus one they don’t.


Of course, you never want to get too personal with someone. Never mention any topics having to do with politics, religion, or similar subjects.


35. Begin a Referral Program to Increase B2B Sales


As your business continues gaining momentum, you’ll start gaining satisfied customers. Certain businesses celebrate getting these new clients and stop there. If you want to increase B2B sales, start a referral program.


Have you ever had a great experience with a business? When this happens, you probably tell at least one person about how well this company treated you. By having a referral program, you’ll have others telling people they know how much they love your company. You’re also using one of the most effective B2B sales strategies out there.


Referral programs are successful because they use a trusted type of advertising, word-of-mouth. One study found that 74% of survey participants felt word-of-mouth referrals were key factors in their buying decisions.


A referral program is also beneficial for those referring out your business because they’re rewarded for their work. A few popular referral program companies include Ambassador and Referral Candy.




While it's never easy to increase B2B sales, you should begin to see improvements in your numbers after implementing some or all of the aforementioned techniques. These strategies can do a lot to grow your B2B business. While there's no exact science on how to generate growth, these tactics have proven time and time again to be successful. With a little dedication and time, following these steps will help take your B2B company to the next level. For more B2B tips, make sure to visit the Trade-In Tech blog.

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