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by on April 13, 2020

When you are looking for USA wholesale suppliers of electronic goods, you want to make sure you choose honest and reputable companies that offer quality electronics at fair prices. There are at least five companies that meet that criteria.


Early Upgrade

Early Upgrade is one of the USA wholesale suppliers that has been in business since 2009. Their company is in Jacksonville, Florida. They are R2 certified and sell batteries, cellphones, Chromebooks, laptops, LCDs, motherboards, MP3s, networking equipment, PDAs and tablets. Early Upgrade works with corporations, municipalities and school districts that are looking to recycle their electronics. They participate in various trade shows and run electronics auctions on their website.

Ara Global Group

Ara Global Group is headquartered in Miami, Florida. They are R2 certified and specialize in sales of recycled Apple, Samsung, LG and HTC products. The minimum quantity of products you are required to order from them in order to get discounts is quite small.

BuyBack Solutions

BuyBack Solutions is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. They are R2 certified. They purchase used electronics from corporations that are looking to sell their items in order to upgrade their technology. BuyBack Solutions has been working with Trade-In Tech for over five years now and is a verified wholesaler across multiple industries.

Give Back Wireless

Give Back Wireless is in San Diego, California. They have many used electronic brands available for sale as well as large quantities of merchandise on hand. They offer discounts that are up to 60 percent off the retail price. Their company also offers 32-point inspections on their devices and 30-day warranties on such devices as well.

Angel Cellular

Angel Cellular is in Plano, Texas. They specialize in selling Apple and Samsung phone models as well as Alcatel, BlackBerry, Kyocera and LG brands. They keep many phones in stock and restock their shelves regularly. They are R2 certified and accept wholesale orders with a minimum purchase quantity of 10 items. A 55-point inspection is done on the devices they sell, and some returns are accepted.

Whenever you’re looking for quality USA wholesalers, you’ll want to seek out companies that meet a few qualifications. These qualifications are basic, but they are necessary when you are trying to run a successful reselling business.

Quantity and Variety

You need to find a wholesaler that offers many brands and many items. It is best to work with a wholesaler that offers more than just a couple of brands because ideally, you’ll want to be selling multiple brands of products. It is also important that you can get the number of products that you so desire for your store. You don’t want to be constantly selling out of the products you need with no ability to restock quickly.

Inspection and/or Return Policies

Wholesalers must be willing to stand behind their products, either with quality inspections, allowed returns of products or both. The data that was originally on the electronics must be successfully deleted so as to not transfer prior customer data to new customers. The wholesaler should accurately describe the condition of the electronics they are selling. You don’t want to buy from a company that describes a phone to be in mint condition when there are scratches in the screen or parts missing.

Adequate Discounts to Make Profit

You need to work with wholesalers that can provide you with enough of a discount on their products for your company to be profitable. Is 10 percent profit enough for your business, or do you require 20 percent or more? Decide the profit margins you need in your business to successfully keep the business afloat and thriving. You don’t want to be paying retail prices for used electronics.

Packaging and Shipping

You’ll want to deal with wholesalers who offer adequate packaging for their electronics. There is no sense in dealing with a wholesale company that constantly does a poor job of packaging their items. This poor packaging on their end can leave you with broken electronics. Then you must take time from your busy schedule to try to ship the broken electronics back in order to get a refund of your money. Good companies should wrap their electronics in Bubble Wrap or some other material in order to ensure that their products don’t break in transit.

Also, the speed at which wholesale companies can ship out their products is of utmost importance. When you have customers eagerly awaiting products, you need to have those products back in stock as soon as possible. Having huge shipping delays from your wholesaler does nothing positive to retain customers on your end. Wholesalers should offer a variety of shipping options, and two to three-day shipping should be an option. Also, be aware that some companies may have longer processing times before they even ship their items out. Try to steer clear of such companies as you don’t need to deal with such delays.

Watch for Complaints

There are different organizations out there that monitor the quality of businesses. Bad wholesalers typically receive bad ratings, so do some research as to the ratings of certain wholesalers. If a wholesaling company has a poor online rating, you most likely don’t want to do business with that wholesaler. Also watch for customer complaints and returns of the merchandise that you’re selling. For instance, if you purchase a batch of iPhones from a particular wholesaler, and your customers end up complaining about the poor battery charging on those particular phones, you can likely surmise the poor quality is on the wholesaler’s end. Make sure your customers are happy with their electronics purchases by dealing only with great wholesalers.

Look Out for Imposters

Wholesalers that aren’t reputable will sometimes try to sell products that are cheap imitations of the real thing. Try purchasing a small batch of products from wholesalers at first to make sure they’re selling genuine products. It will be of no use to you to receive products that are cheap knock offs of the original products. No customer will want to purchase these products, and your company will get a bad reputation if you try to sell such products. If you do happen to get a bad batch of electronics, try to get a refund from the seller immediately. If they refuse to refund your money, contact either the Better Business Bureau or Attorney General in your state or theirs to see what can be done to remedy the issue.

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