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by on October 6, 2021

While many companies sell smartphones, only a few of them remain leaders in this industry. One of these leading companies is Samsung. As many people who resell electronics know, there are plenty of ways to profit by finding and reselling Samsung’s many smartphones.


However, reselling electronics probably isn’t something you want to jump right into. Before doing that, it’s good to know certain things like where to find these smartphones and which ones will sell the fastest. Don’t worry - we have got everything you need to start buying and reselling smartphones like a professional.


In this article, we’ll cover:


  • Why it’s worthwhile to resell Samsung smartphones

  • The differences between reselling new vs used Samsung phones

  • Where you can find Samsung smartphones online

  • An in-depth look at Samsung’s most popular smartphones

  • Popular Samsung accessories to pair with your phones for more sales


After reading this article, you’ll be ready to start actively finding, buying, and reselling Samsung smartphones. Let’s begin.


Why Should I Resell Samsung Smartphones?



Before we dive too in-depth into Samsung smartphones, you might be wondering if reselling these devices is the right decision to make. As it turns out, there are several reasons why reselling Samsung smartphones is a great idea. Here are a few reasons why electronics dealers enjoy buying and reselling smartphones by Samsung.


Not Everyone Wants Apple Smartphones


It’s true that some people must have the latest iPhone. However, that’s not everybody. Many people prefer Samsung smartphones over anything that Apple has to offer. Some people like Samsung’s smartphones due to their use of the Android operating system. More often than not, Samsung cell phones are also less expensive than most iPhones.


Regardless of why your customers don’t want iPhones, it’s important to make sure that you can offer Samsung smartphones to your customers.


A Profitable Side-Hustle or Full-Time Job


Reselling electronics provides you with a lot of freedom to choose how you want to work. If you want to resell a few Samsung smartphones at a time, you can do that. However, the amount of money you can make from reselling phones can also provide you with a full-time income. Many electronics resellers love the freedom this type of work provides.


Some people prefer to start out by buying and reselling a few Samsung smartphones at a time. Other people prefer to dive in headfirst and purchase an entire lot of smartphones made by Samsung. Whatever option you choose, you’ll have a lot of freedom while you’re reselling smartphones.


Being Able to Offer a Wide Range of Products


Another important advantage of reselling Samsung smartphones is having a wide range of products to offer your customers. For most people, being able to choose from more than a single item matters. When you’re buying and reselling Samsung smartphones, you have a lot to offer your customers.


Some of Samsung’s most popular smartphones fall under the Galaxy line of smartphones. The number of phones under this product line could keep any electronics reseller busy for a long time. If you want to expand your company’s selection of electronics, Samsung also manufactures a wide range of accessories for its smartphones.


Living the Dream of Being a Small Business Owner


Many people don’t enjoy having to work for their bosses. They also don’t like spending their mornings and late afternoons or evenings driving to work or home in traffic. If you’re thinking about reselling smartphones, it could let you avoid dealing with these previously mentioned problems.


Should I Buy New or Used Samsung Smartphones?



Another smart thing to think about is whether you should be purchasing new or used Samsung smartphones. Each of these decisions has advantages and disadvantages. Here’s more information about whether buying new or used Samsung smartphones is the best decision.




Understandably, one of the most important factors to look at as an electronics dealer is the price of what you want to sell. Some resellers have enough room in their company’s budgets to purchase brand-new Samsung smartphones. With that said, the high price of most new or like-new smartphones can make it hard to make a sizable profit per sale.


When you’re buying older smartphones, the costs you pay will be much lower than buying new smartphones. One of the main reasons why resellers buy used phones is because they typically can net them more profit than if they were selling brand-new phones.




Another difference that sometimes happens with new and used smartphones involves repairs. Understandably, most new Samsung smartphones shouldn’t need any repairs (unless something happened during the shipping process). While you avoid spending money on repairs with new smartphones, the higher initial cost of such new phones isn't for everybody.


On the other hand, reselling used smartphones might mean having phones that need to get repaired. There are two ways to solve this problem, which involve either hiring a professional electronics refurbisher or repairing smartphones on your own.


If you have the skills and knowledge, repairing electronics can be a great money-saving solution for your business. However, not everyone knows how to properly repair electronics. If this is the case, you’ll want to find a professional electronics refurbisher. Fortunately, you can find the help you’re looking for by joining Trade-In Tech.


Trade-In Tech is home to a wide range of skilled professionals that can perform all sorts of repairs to Samsung smartphones. If you’d like to learn how to join our exclusive electronics platform, make sure to visit You can also learn more about everything Trade-In Tech has to offer in our section below that covers where to find Samsung smartphones online.




When comparing new and used Samsung smartphones, another factor to consider is selection. If you’re only buying new smartphones, you might not have a lot of options to choose from. When you can find the new smartphones you want, a lack of selection might not be a problem. 


However, it could be better to stick with used Samsung smartphones if you want a lot of items to choose from. Certain resellers prefer to get the best of both worlds by purchasing both new and used Samsung cell phones. By doing this, these people or companies can offer the best possible selection of smartphones to their respective customers.


Where Do I Find Samsung Smartphones for Sale?



You can’t get far reselling smartphones if you don’t know where to find them. Fortunately, we’re here to save you a ton of time and energy. Here’s more information about some of the best ways to find Samsung smartphones for sale.


Trade-In Tech


If you need a great place to find, buy, and resell Samsung smartphones, you’ll want to learn more about Trade-In Tech. Launched in 2012, Trade-In Tech remains one of the most popular platforms for electronic wholesalers to buy and sell all sorts of electronics.


What’s also great about being a member of Trade-In Tech is not worrying about bothersome fees. We don’t charge our members transaction fees - no matter if you’re buying one or 1,000 Samsung smartphones. When you’re ready to buy from or sell to one of our members, you can complete this transaction through PayPal or another payment method both of you agree on.


Once you’re a member of Trade-In Tech, you’re instantly placed in touch with all sorts of people and companies throughout the electronics industry. Plus, joining our exclusive wholesale platform for electronics is incredibly simple. You just need to provide your basic information. We also ask for references, this is for verification purposes. This verification system helps to ensure that no scammers or con artists enter our platform.


One of the places that our members spend a lot of time in is the Trade-In Tech electronics marketplace. You can find all of the hottest electronics on our marketplace, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, computers, and much more! When you’re visiting our marketplace, it’s common to find electronics from some of the most popular companies like Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, and many others.


Since Trade-In Tech is such a popular electronics platform, you can find people and companies throughout the world on our website. We’re currently offering trial memberships because we’re extremely proud of our platform, and we feel confident that you’ll enjoy being a Trade-In Tech member. To learn more, make sure to visit




You might also want to try and find Samsung smartphones by checking out eBay. When you use eBay, you can choose to either buy items at a seller’s specified price, bid on an auction, or make an offer to a seller. Many people who use eBay enjoy the freedom this platform can sometimes provide.


Unfortunately, eBay isn’t perfect. One major problem this platform continues to deal with is the presence of scammers. With eBay being such a massive platform that accepts most applicants, it’s easy to see how situations involving fake merchandise can happen. 


We’re not saying that eBay is a bad platform. However, it’s advised to research any seller you’re thinking about working with on eBay. While it might sound complicated, researching a seller on eBay is easier than it sounds. All you need to do is take a look at their ratings and reviews from previous buyers.


It’s unfortunate for brand-new sellers, but we recommend doing any transactions on eBay with someone who has a history of past reviews and positive buyer ratings. By doing this, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re buying smartphones from a reliable seller. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech also uses a similar type of review and rating system to keep our users safe and secure.


Social Media Marketplaces


There are also many social media marketplaces that might have the phones you’re looking for. These marketplaces operate in a similar manner to Craigslist or Letgo. Through these social media websites, you can find out about other people near your location selling items. 


Unlike Trade-In Tech, these websites don’t only dedicate themselves to the electronics industry. So, be prepared to do a lot of sorting through listings to find what you need. Another drawback with these marketplaces is that you’re going to be meeting people in person. Even if someone takes a digital payment, you’ll still have to meet up to get what you paid for.


Since these websites are on social media platforms, you can often communicate with sellers through these platforms. However, most of these platforms don’t have review or ratings systems in place. Without knowing who you’re working with, it’s possible to waste time dealing with scammers on these social media websites.


One of the most popular social media marketplaces is Facebook Marketplace. However, Facebook isn’t the only platform you can use to sell smartphones on social media. You can find other types of social media marketplaces on Instagram and Pinterest. 


Some electronics resellers enjoy having accounts on all of the previously mentioned platforms. While there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll find the smartphones you need on social media, these types of websites are always good to keep checking in on.


Local Partnerships (Retailers/Repair Shops/etc)


It’s also possible to make potential connections with local retailers, distributors, and similar types of businesses. With that said, the success that you get with this method depends on your location. If you live in popular cities like Los Angeles or Dallas, it’s extremely easy to find people and businesses selling smartphones. This might not be as easy to do in a small town.


These profitable partnerships can involve electronics retailers, repair shops, local distributors, and similar companies. You might need to do some driving and researching to find these businesses. However, finding the right partnerships locally can pay off in a big way for you.


Electronics Distributors


You might also find the Samsung smartphones your business needs by establishing local partnerships. If you can find them, partnering with an electronics distributor can be a great way to find the Samsung smartphones and accessories you need. With that said, this is sometimes easier said than done.


One reason it can be hard to find these people when you’re starting out involves not knowing where they are. Because of that, it could take weeks or months to find an electronics distributor that’s ready to work with you.


If you want to skip the time, energy, and uncertainty associated with tracking down local electronics distributors, we recommend checking out Trade-In Tech. After joining our online platform, you can instantly start connecting with electronics distributors throughout the United States and the rest of the world.


Sales at Repair Stores


If you need another way to find smartphones, it might be worthwhile to check out any repair stores near you. This doesn’t mean paying retail prices for any Samsung smartphones you’re interested in. Instead, you want to check out the websites or clearance sections of retail stores these companies own to find any potential deals.


Sometimes, you can find new or like-new smartphones from retailers that are in great shape. Many stores have no choice but to immediately discount any returned items (even when there’s nothing wrong with these smartphones).


With that said, this method can require a fair amount of time and effort. And, there’s no guarantee that any of these stores will have smartphones on sale at an attractive enough price. However, this method can sometimes help you find deals that your competitors might not know about!


Samsung’s Most Popular Smartphones



At this point, it’s now time to learn more about what smartphones Samsung has to offer. If you’re thinking about adding Samsung’s smartphones into your company’s inventory, you’ll have a lot of options to choose from. Here’s a closer look at some of Samsung’s most popular smartphones.


Galaxy A


Not everyone wants a smartphone with every feature in the world. As you likely know, some people prefer to find smartphones that can do all the basic things, such as making calls and sending or receiving texts. For the budget-minded crowd, it could be a wise move to start offering smartphones in Samsung’s A series.


There is a wide range of smartphones in this series, including the Galaxy A12, A32, A42, and A52. Besides the Galaxy A12, the other remaining phones in this line all have 5G connectivity. While this phone might sound like an entry-level model, it’s anything but basic when it comes to storage. The smartphones in Samsung’s A line of products have storage capabilities ranging from 128GB to 1TB.


Galaxy S


If you asked most people, they would say that Samsung’s most popular smartphones come from the S series. This line of smartphones is typically thought of as one of the iPhone’s strongest competitors.


Some of the features of Samsung’s latest S series smartphones include extremely fast processing power (with Samsung’s fastest available processor), a long-lasting battery, compatibility with the S Pen, and a sleeker overall design. One of the phones in this line, the Samsung Galaxy S21, is capable of taking videos in 8K resolution.


When you want to offer sleek smartphones that have a ton of features, it’s wise to consider buying Samsung Galaxy S series smartphones.


Galaxy Note


Some of your customers might want a smartphone with an extremely large screen. If this is the case, you’ll want to think about offering them the Samsung Galaxy Note. Some of the most popular smartphone models in the Galaxy Note line include the Note 10, 10+, 20, and Ultra 20.


This latest edition of this smartphone features a screen that is either 6.7 or 6.9-inches, depending on which model you purchase. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 also features a Dynamic AMOLED 2x display. With this display, your customers see a vivid range of true-to-life colors.


The newest Samsung Galaxy S smartphone can also integrate with the S Pen and computers running Microsoft Windows 10. If you have customers who want a top-of-the-line smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S line can certainly give them what they need.


Galaxy Z Flip3


Chances are, you remember the older wave of cell phones that folded. When you weren’t using this type of phone, you could fold it and put it in your pocket, purse, or wherever else you stored this device. As is the case with many things, companies sometimes like to go back to the past and recreate an old invention with a new twist.


With that in mind, Samsung recently released the Galaxy Z Flip3. This smartphone is a new take on the flip phones you likely remember. What’s crazy about this smartphone is that its screen actually folds. It also features Flex Mode, which allows the phone to be used in an L-shape.


When this smartphone is folded, it utilizes a 1.9-inch cover screen that displays notifications. After unfolding the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, it features a large 6.7-inch screen. Like the Z Fold3, the Z Flip3 also features an adaptive 120Hz display.


While this type of phone isn’t for everyone, the Galaxy Z Flip3 is generating a lot of interest among both electronics companies and consumers. Available in cream, Phantom black, green, and lavender, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 could be the smartphone that your company’s customers want.


Galaxy Z Fold3


One of the most popular trends in the smartphone world is a device with a folding screen. Considering how popular it is to have a folding phone, it makes sense that a giant company like Samsung wanted to get in on the action. With that in mind, Samsung recently debuted the Galaxy Z Fold3.


The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 allows users to perform all of the functions they’re used to on their normal smartphones. However, this phone’s main selling point is that it has a folding screen. This smartphone can unfold to provide users with a screen that’s 7.6 inches, much larger than many other popular smartphones


However, there’s a lot more that the Galaxy Z Fold3 offers than just a foldable phone. This smartphone is also capable of allowing its users to multi-task like a professional with this device’s ability to display multiple windows at once.


Whether your customers need to use the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 for work or gaming, this smartphone has more than enough power for almost any task. Part of this power comes from the 120Hz power of this device’s main screen that refreshes twice as quickly as many other smartphones.


This smartphone also features three 12MP cameras, including those with a telephoto, wide-angle, and ultra-wide lens. The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 also features a 4MP under display camera and a 10 MP cover camera. This phone is also made with ultra-durable Gorilla Glass that is used with Samsung’s Galaxy S21 smartphones.


What’s great about reselling the Galaxy Z Fold3 is that it’s an incredibly popular smartphone at the moment. Plus, it includes a wide range of features that Samsung’s fans love about this electronic device. This smartphone is currently available in three colors: Phantom Black, Phantom Silver, and Phantom Green.


Popular Samsung Accessories to Pair With Your Phones



One of the most important things for almost any company is pairing or bundling items together. By doing this, your company might be able to make more sales. The key to doing this well is by reselling items that pair well with Samsung’s smartphones. To make sure this happens, consider adding these popular electronics accessories to your company’s inventory.


S Pen


Have you ever seen people use pen-like devices on their smartphones? If you own one of these items, you probably know they’re called styluses. These handy items are great for people that hate dealing with trying to do anything that requires a lot of precision on a smartphone’s screen. A stylus is also great to have if you don’t want fingerprints smudging up your new phone.


If you’re reselling Samsung smartphones, a great item to pair with these devices is an S Pen. The S Pen is much more than a simple stylus. This item can connect to a customer’s matching Samsung smartphone through Bluetooth. Instead of traditional batteries, the S Pen utilizes a super-capacitor battery that is capable of fully charging in under a minute.


Galaxy Buds2


You’ve also probably heard about Apple’s incredibly popular AirPods. Considering the popularity of these items, many companies created their own versions of these popular earbuds. This happened when Samsung decided to launch its Galaxy Buds. Now in the second generation of production, Galaxy Buds2 is a set of wireless earbuds that are popular with Samsung’s many fans.


Considering how often people enjoy listening to podcasts, music, and news updates on their phones, it makes sense that some of your customers might want Samsung earbuds to go along with their new smartphones.


Many people love the crystal clear sound quality that the Galaxy Buds2 provide. These earbuds provide dynamic range and feature a sleek design that most people will find hard to resist.


Galaxy SmartTag


We’ve all experienced the horrible feeling of losing something important. If you’re like most people, you can remember feeling panicked after losing an item. Fortunately, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag can help make sure your customers never have to deal with this problem again.


The Galaxy SmartTag is a small device that can fit on just about anything. After pairing a SmartTag with a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, a person can use the phone to detect the location of a nearby SmartTag.


If you’re looking for something that’s a little out of the box to offer your customers, purchasing Samsung Galaxy SmartTags can be good to have in your company’s inventory.


Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard


Sometimes, people prefer the feeling of a keyboard instead of trying to type something on a smartphone or tablet’s touchscreens. With that in mind, Samsung offers its own keyboard that can wirelessly connect to many of this company’s electronics.


The Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard is stylish and can work with a wide range of Samsung devices. This keyboard isn’t only for smartphones and tablets, but it can also wirelessly connect with a wide range of Samsung smart televisions.


This keyboard offers much more than what you would find with a standard keyboard. The Samsung Smart Wireless Keyboard also features a built-in touchpad that makes using this device even easier. This keyboard also features Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity.


Wireless Charging Pad


Chances are, you and your customers have lots of charging cords lying around. Considering that, Samsung recently launched wireless chargers for its customers. These chargers use a docking system to keep devices charged, which means users don’t need to have an annoying cord always connected to their phones.


The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad is a great addition to your company’s inventory, especially for the many potential customers that hate having a bunch of charging cords cluttering up their homes and workplaces. 


Another great feature of this charging pad is that it’s compatible with a wide range of Samsung devices, such as many of the products in the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. These wireless charging pads are available in either black or white.


Super Fast Charging Adapter


If your customers don’t want a charging pad, they will likely want a way to charge their smartphones as fast as possible. Fortunately, you can offer exactly what these people are looking for with a Samsung Super Fast Charging Adapter. Samsung’s Fast Charging Adapter can fully charge compatible smartphones about three to four times faster than normal.


Another cool feature of this product is that its included USB-C cable can also provide lightning-fast charging power when this cable is connected to a computer or portable battery. When a standard charging cable won’t do, think about offering the Samsung Super Fast Charging Adapter to your company’s inventory.


As you can see, buying and reselling Samsung smartphones is a great way to earn more money. You can even start a new business based on the idea of reselling smartphones. If you need any help along the way, we recommend becoming a member of Trade-In Tech. We also recommend visiting the Trade-In Tech Blog, which features a ton of tips and guides about all things having to do with electronics.

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