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by on July 9, 2021

You don’t have to look far to understand how popular electronics are. Whether you’re at home or work, electronics likely play a major part in your life. With that in mind, one of the most popular types of electronics is the laptop.


A laptop is a smaller version of a desktop computer. With these electronics, you have a complete computer without worrying about lots of wires and other separate parts. Best of all, laptops are made to go just about anywhere.


If you’re interested in buying and/or selling laptops, it’s important to choose the right items. Considering that, MacBooks might be exactly what you need to start buying and selling. In this post, we’re going to take a closer look at:


  • What a MacBook is

  • The benefits of buying and reselling MacBooks

  • Where you can find MacBooks for sale online

  • What affects the resale value of MacBooks

  • Helpful ways to kickstart your MacBook sales

  • How to create listings for MacBooks that sell quickly


What is a MacBook?



MacBooks are a line of laptops manufactured by Apple. These laptops utilize the same sleek design and intuitive features that Apple is known for. They also utilize the macOS operating system, which is a popular alternative to Microsoft’s Windows operating system.


As far as popularity goes, MacBooks and macOS don't have quite the same popularity that Windows devices have. However, there are still many die-hard Apple fans throughout the world that wouldn’t use anything but a MacBook.


The MacBook would replace Apple’s iBook and PowerBook brands. Current generation MacBooks feature a sleek and sturdy aluminum construction. Something else that sets MacBooks apart from many of its competitors is an internal magnet that allows this laptop to open and close.


What Are the Benefits of Buying and Reselling MacBooks?



After learning about MacBooks, it’s understandable to want to learn why buying and reselling them might be a good idea. As it turns out, there are several important reasons why so many people resell MacBooks. Here’s more information about why reselling MacBooks can be a great decision.


Selling Products From a Popular Brand


If you want to own a successful business, you need to buy and sell items that people want. Fortunately, you can do this by buying and selling MacBooks. These laptops are from one of the most popular brands in the world, Apple.


In addition to Apple’s popularity, MacBooks themselves also remain one of the most popular laptops on the market. When you’re buying and selling MacBooks, you’ll always have electronics that people want.


When your company focuses on reselling MacBooks, you shouldn’t have to spend much time convincing people or other businesses to buy what you sell. Chances are, your customers will already have a basic or advanced understanding of what MacBooks are.


An Electronic Device That Holds Its Value


When you’re buying and selling electronics, it’s also important to carry goods that retain their value. You wouldn’t want to spend money buying things that won’t make your business much in the way of profits. 


With that in mind, you won’t have this problem with MacBooks. You can typically find MacBooks reselling for thousands of dollars. The exact amount of profit you can get from selling MacBooks will depend on the condition of these items.


MacBooks Are Available in Several Models


An important aspect of buying electronics online is selling what’s popular and not incredibly easy for anyone to find. However, it’s often easier said than done to find these types of products. When you can, they can help your company make lots of money.


With that in mind, MacBooks are available in several different models. Since MacBooks remain one of Apple’s most popular electronics, you can find models dating back for many years. And, since MacBooks are great at retaining their value, you can likely make quite a bit of profit from selling older models.


Where Can I Find MacBooks for Sale Online?



Now that you understand why selling MacBooks is a good idea - it’s time to learn where you can find them. Don’t worry; you won’t have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars paying retail prices to get MacBooks. Instead, check out the list below of some of the best places to find MacBooks for sale online.


Trade-In Tech


When you’re looking for MacBooks for sale, you’ll definitely want to check out Trade-In Tech. If you haven’t heard of it, Trade-In Tech is a wholesale platform for electronics distributors, retailers, repair professionals, and other people or companies in the electronics industry.


We have many ways for you to find the MacBooks you need. First, you can get started by making your own member’s page. By doing this, you’ll get added to our large membership directory. When someone is looking for a company like the one you own or work for, they’ll instantly be able to learn more about your business.


One of the best places to find MacBooks on Trade-In Tech is by checking out our marketplace. Trade-In Tech’s marketplace features all active listings from our network of members. In addition to finding MacBooks, you can also find lots of other popular electronics on our marketplace.


If you can’t find what you need from our many sellers - you can always use one of Trade-In Tech’s exclusive member features - the buyer’s request. A buyer’s request is fairly self-explanatory, it’s a way for our members to send out a request. In this request, you can customize it to help you find exactly what you need.


Another great reason to start buying MacBooks on Trade-In Tech is that we charge no fees to either buyers or sellers. No matter whether you buy one or 100 MacBooks on Trade-In Tech, you will never have to worry about fees on our platform.




You might also think about finding MacBooks for sale on eBay. This website can be a good place to find all sorts of things, including electronics. How much success you’ll have buying MacBooks on eBay has to do with a few factors.


One of these factors is whether you’ll check out auction listings for MacBooks or buy them for eBay’s buy-it-now price. If you choose auction listings, you’ll need to be the high bidder to win what you’re bidding on. It is sometimes possible to find great deals while checking out eBay’s auction listings. However, it’s also possible to wind up spending far too much money on these auctions.


Many buyers prefer purchasing MacBooks through buy-it-now listings. With these listings, it’s much harder to find the deals you could get by bidding on auction listings. However, you’re also not going through the stress and time it takes to find a good deal through eBay’s auctions. You can sometimes find listings that allow you to make an offer on what you’re buying. If the seller accepts your offer, you could walk away with a bargain.


A major drawback of finding MacBooks on eBay is having to pay fees. As many platforms do, eBay charges various fees that its users must pay. There are fees you need to pay after each purchase on this platform. Sellers must also pay listing fees. While separately these fees are usually small, they can add up fast. 




Another way to potentially find MacBooks online is by checking out Craigslist. While Craigslist is an online platform, people that use it need to meet each other to complete transactions. Understandably, this can scare off some people thinking about using this platform to buy MacBooks.


In most cases, the success you’ll have on Craigslist comes down to where you live. If you live in or near a big city, you can probably find some MacBooks on Craigslist. However, this might not be the case if you live in a remote or rural area of the world.


One of the biggest drawbacks of using Craigslist is that you can’t leave feedback for other members. Since Craigslist doesn’t utilize a review or rating system, you’re going to be taking your chances on this platform.


The other drawback of using Craigslist for bulk purchases is that wholesale quantities aren’t always easy to find on Craigslist. With that in mind, you could be spending more time than you want to look for that rare listing containing lots of MacBooks.


Facebook Marketplace


Considering the massive rise in popularity of social media, it makes sense to consider using a social media platform to find MacBooks. With that in mind, you might find MacBooks by looking for them on Facebook Marketplace.


Capitalizing on its massive popularity, Facebook recently launched a marketplace for its users to enjoy. Since Facebook Marketplace is like Craigslist, meaning you’ll have to meet and buy items in person, it’s not for everyone. Some people find that Facebook Marketplace tends to attract people that want to try and talk you down if you’re a seller or raise the price if you’re a buyer.


Another drawback of using Facebook Marketplace is that it doesn’t utilize a rating or review system. This can make you uncertain of whether you’re working with someone reliable or not. So, make sure you research anyone you’re thinking of buying MacBooks from on Facebook Marketplace.


For a safer marketplace experience, we recommend checking out Trade-In Tech. Since our platform only features listings containing electronics, you won’t worry about wasting hours trying to find what you need. Our marketplace is organized by categories, meaning you can instantly be only looking at listings for MacBooks.


What Affects the Value of a MacBook?



Something else that people want to know when selling MacBooks is what affects their value. Learning this information can make you a better buyer and seller. With that in mind, here’s a closer look at what can affect the value of a MacBook.




As is the case with many electronics, the condition of a MacBook is an extremely important factor. With that in mind, many sellers use a grading system to let others know about the condition of their items. To help you out, here’s more information about the conditions of MacBooks.




If you can find them, you’ll likely get the most resale value from selling brand-new MacBooks. With that said, the new condition of these items does mean that you’ll pay more for them. If you have a larger budget and can find brand new MacBooks at fair prices, these can bring in a lot of money for your company.


Like New


Used MacBooks that are in excellent condition, but not brand new are like-new devices. If you specialize in buying and selling used MacBooks, as most distributors will, finding like-new devices is as good as it gets. 


If you’re looking for like-new MacBooks at great prices, make sure to check out the Trade-In Tech marketplace. Our marketplace is always getting updated with new listings from our large network of sellers.


Good Condition


It’s also possible to find MacBooks that are used and in good condition. These devices should work properly. However, they’re also likely to have various cosmetic flaws. This can be anything from a slightly cracked screen, scuffed backing, or something similar.


Bad Condition


Depending on where you buy your MacBooks from, you might also run into MacBooks in bad condition. These devices may or may not work properly. If you’re working with people that don’t mind the condition of the MacBook they’re getting, it’s still possible to profit from selling devices in poor condition.


Broken or Non-Working


Lastly, some MacBooks get sold as broken or non-working devices. The market for MacBooks in this condition isn’t that big. With that said, repair professionals and distributors or electronics recyclers with refurbishing skills typically love buying non-working MacBooks. 


As you might expect, it’s not likely that you’ll make a major profit buying and selling a few non-working MacBooks at a time. Instead, it could be better to work with wholesale quantities of non-working or heavily damaged MacBooks.




Another important factor when buying MacBooks is what model they are. As you might know, the MacBook is available in several different models. Keeping an eye on which models you’re buying is a good idea because this affects how much your MacBooks are worth. 


MacBook Air


The latest MacBook Airs are incredibly popular laptops. These electronics feature the intuitiveness and processing power that Apple is known for. Apple has also made a lot of progress regarding the MacBook’s battery life. 


Combining all of the previously mentioned features with a sleek design and its ability to run extremely quietly, it's easy to see why the MacBook Air is so popular.


MacBook Pro


Consumers or companies that want the most that Apple has to offer would be interested in MacBook Pros. The MacBook Pro comes with all of the features of a MacBook Air. However, these laptops can also come with larger screens and even more processing power. 


Most of the products in the MacBook Pro line of laptops also have increased storage space and memory. With more memory and larger screens, MacBook Pro laptops command even higher resale values than MacBook Air laptops.




While you’re buying MacBooks, it’s also important to consider having accessories for the laptops you’re selling. When it comes to MacBook accessories, there is a wide range of products available. Here’s more information about some of the most popular MacBook accessories.




It’s true that MacBooks come with a trackpad. However, some people prefer using a separate mouse with their MacBooks. Considering that, it’s a good idea to consider carrying a wide range of mouses for your customers.




Sometimes, people prefer to use stand-alone keyboards for various Mac computers. If you’re looking for more products to carry, it’s likely that Apple-branded keyboards could become fast-moving products.




Considering the value of MacBooks, it should come as no surprise that people want to keep these devices protected. With that in mind, there are many types of cases for Macbooks. These cases fit right over a MacBook, meaning they’re easy for most people to apply. You can choose to carry officially branded cases from Apple or slightly less expensive cases from other companies.




While computers have come a long way from their beginnings, these devices still depend on a wide range of cables to remain functional. From charging cords to USB cables, having these items in your company’s store can be a great way to boost sales and profits.


Additional Storage Space


Other popular items that pair well with MacBooks are devices that provide more storage space. With these items, you can increase how much data you’re able to store. Plus, these items are available in many different storage capacities. 


Helpful Tips to Boost Your MacBooks Sales



As you start your business buying and selling MacBooks, it’s always good to learn a few tips. By learning the tips you’re about to read, you can help ensure your company is off to a good start. These tips can also help increase your company’s sales, making you more money.


Have a Website


One of the greatest tips we can give you to help increase how many electronics to sell is by having a website. With a website, your company has a way for potential or current customers to contact you. If you choose to do so, you can also set up an e-commerce store within your website.


While you’re creating and maintaining your company’s website, don’t forget to include a good amount of content. By posting articles regularly, your website might soon start showing up for various search terms. With this advantage, there’s no limit to how many people your website’s content can potentially reach.


Make Social Media Accounts


Besides having a website, there are no better places for your company to be than on social media websites. As you likely know, there is a massive amount of social media websites on the internet. Some of the most popular are:


  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Pinterest


So, what makes having social media accounts so important? For one, they allow you to start showing content to and connecting with other social media accounts. Since social media is so popular, you can start finding lots of potential buyers and sellers.


Another reason why it’s important to have your company on social media is to claim accounts on behalf of your company. After you create accounts in the name of your business, it’s not going to be possible for others to claim them.


Understandably, you might not want to manage more than a few social media accounts at once. If you’re pressed for time after jumping into social media, give it some time and look at where your business is doing the best. This includes factors like followers and the likes or shares your company’s posts receive. From there, you can keep posting more content on platforms where your engagement is the highest.


Start Networking With Other Companies


In the world of business, it’s never bad for a business to have lots of connections. If you’re wanting to sell lots of MacBooks, it’s important to start obtaining these connections through networking. Fortunately, there are many ways to network with other companies on the internet.


One of the most effective ways to network is by joining Trade-In Tech. Our electronics platform is full of people and companies looking to make new business connections. You can use our private messaging system, chat rooms, and profiles to start networking like a professional.


With lots of connections, you can have more sources to buy MacBooks from. These connections also come in handy when you’re ready to start distributing and selling your MacBooks. You can also find lots of professional refurbishers on Trade-In Tech, which is perfect if you’re getting into MacBook flipping.


Create an Email Newsletter


It might seem odd to think of an email newsletter having much to do with boosting how many MacBooks you sell. However, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways for companies to sell their products and services.


Through email marketing, your company sends out emails to its followers. You can use email marketing to let subscribers know what your company is up to, let them know about upcoming sales or any other relevant topic.


The key to success with email marketing is building up a list of subscribers. If you’d like more information about how to grow your company’s email subscriber list, make sure to check out our article on email marketing.


Ship Out Your MacBooks as Soon as Possible


One of the last stages to complete before a buyer can receive their items is for a seller to ship them out. If you want another tip to boost your sales, try and ship your MacBooks out as fast as possible. The less time a buyer has to wait to receive their item, the more likely they’ll leave a positive review after working with you.


Understandably, you won’t always be able to ship out items at lightning speed. However, do your best to get your items out, and the rest is mostly out of your hands. For additional peace of mind for a buyer, you can also send them a copy of your tracking number as soon as it becomes available.


How to Create MacBook Listings Like Pros



Something else that’s essential to focus on when selling a MacBook is the listing you’ll create for it. Having a good listing can be what either improves or lowers your company’s sales. Fortunately, creating great listings isn’t that difficult when you know how to do it. With that in mind, here’s more information about how to create listings that sell MacBooks.


Create an Enticing Title


The first tip for creating excellent listings is to have a great title. As you’re thinking of a title, make sure to focus on words that are relevant to any potential buyers. Obviously, one of the most important words to have in your title is MacBook because that’s what you’re selling.


Some experts might tell you to use every possible character in your title’s limit. While this is a good strategy, you can take this one step further by checking out your listing after you finish it. Certain platforms will limit the length of your titles until a user clicks on your listing to learn more. So, checking out if your titles get shortened will help you use the best words first.


Another way to make your title stand out is by mentioning any details about what you’re selling. If you’re selling MacBooks in like-new condition, you would want this information somewhere in your title.


Take Plenty of High-Quality Pictures of Your MacBooks


Another thing to keep in mind when you’re trying to sell MacBooks is to take pictures of what you’re selling. However, snapping a few quick pics right away isn’t the best thing to do. Instead, you’ll want to take pictures of your MacBooks in a setting with good lighting.


If you’re not sure what this looks like, take a look at some MacBook listings that recently sold. By taking a closer look at these listings, you’ll have a good idea of what kinds of pictures lead to sales.


As long as it’s easy for people to see the condition of your MacBooks, you should be on your way to selling these electronics.


While we’re on the subject of taking pictures, make sure you’re taking as many pictures of your MacBooks as possible. By doing this, you’re letting any potential buyer have a clear understanding of what they might purchase. This can also help you avoid potential issues involving customers arguing about what you sold them in the future.


Generally speaking, it’s good to have a picture of the front, back, and sides of your MacBook. As long as you’re selling working MacBooks, it’s also a good idea to have a clear picture of this device in operational condition.


Be as Descriptive as Possible


Besides your listing’s title and pictures, you’ll also need to create a description of what you’re selling. Unlike how it is when you're creating a title, you don’t need to worry too much about running out of space.


You’ll want to use your description to be as detailed as possible about the condition of your MacBooks. It’s also a good idea to include everything in your description that you’re offering. For instance, if your listing includes power cables and an additional mouse, you’d want to let people know about these inclusions in the listing’s description.


As counter-intuitive as it might seem, it’s also a good idea to list any potential issues with your MacBooks. Being honest about what you’re selling is something that any listing viewer will appreciate. If you leave out any flaws or issues your MacBooks have, this could result in you getting negative feedback from a buyer.


Respond to Questions Quickly


The last tip we want to mention is the importance of being responsive. In the age of the internet, things move quickly. Considering that, your company’s potential customers have lots of choices regarding where they buy MacBooks from. If you have an interested customer asking you questions, try to respond to them as soon as possible.


If you’re not being responsive, it can give off the impression that your company moves slowly. When people want to get their electronics right away, not being responsive can cost your business potential customers.


Fortunately, you don’t have to avoid sleeping or other aspects of your life while waiting for messages to arrive in your inboxes. Most platforms should allow you to set up alerts, notifying you whenever you receive a message about the MacBooks you’re selling. These alerts typically come in the form of emails or app-based notifications. With these notifications in place, you won’t have to worry about missing a sale due to not seeing a message from an interested person.


In closing, buying and selling MacBooks can be extremely profitable parts of your electronics business. This popular line of laptops comes from Apple, one of the world’s most popular electronics companies. If you need a proven platform to start finding MacBooks for sale, don’t miss everything that Trade-In Tech has to offer.

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