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by on August 23, 2020

Smartphones are incredible devices, capable of doing many things. With that said, it takes lots of small parts and computer systems to keep these devices working properly. Considering that, you can find out quite a bit about your smartphone’s condition by running a smartphone diagnostics test.


These types of tests are great for helping you avoid wasted time and effort trying to understand the condition of a smartphone. It’s understandable if you’re unsure of how to perform these types of tests. Fortunately, we’ve got plenty of tips to help you out. Here’s everything you need to start running diagnostics tests on smartphones.


Using Built-in Tools to Test Your Smartphone’s Performance


First, let’s take a look at ways you can run diagnostics tests on your smartphone by using its built-in tools. To begin collecting diagnostics information, we’re going to be looking at tools that already come pre-installed on the smartphone itself. Certain types of phones allow you to start looking at diagnostic information in a matter of moments. Considering that iPhone and Android devices lead the pack in terms of popularity, we’ll go through their respective built-in tools.


For Android Devices


There are two main ways to check out the diagnostics menu on Android devices. The method that works will depend on what type of Android phone you have. If the first method below isn't working, try the second one. It's also a good idea to double-check that you're entering the code correctly.

The first possible way to get into your Android's phone settings is by typing *#0*# into your keypad. After this, you don't need to push the "call" button or any other one. This should automatically bring up what’s otherwise known as Android’s diagnostics menu. In this menu, you should see sections that present diagnostic information for this device's screen touch recognition, camera performance, sensors, and even the condition of physical buttons on the outside of the phone.

You can also try entering *#*#4636#*#* into your Android phone’s keypad. As it is with the previously mentioned code, you won't need to push any additional buttons after entering this code. While this code typically works on more Android devices than the previous one, different phones can get different sets of information. You should expect to at least see information about your smartphone’s carrier, phone number, app usage, wifi, and cellular connection information.


For iPhone Devices


Unfortunately, you won’t find as many types of diagnostics options built into the iPhone. There is no code you can enter on the keypad to bring up a diagnostics menu. However, there’s still a way to learn more about these devices without having to download third-party apps. To do this, navigate to the settings menu of your iPhone and go to the battery options.

You won’t find out as much as you would with Android’s built-in system. But, this area of the settings menu does provide information about an iPhone’s battery performance data. While this can be disheartening for iPhone wholesalers, there's plenty of ways to solve this problematic situation.

To solve this problem, let's take a look at a few apps in the next section that will help you out.


Using Third-Party Smartphone Diagnostics Apps


If you’re unable to get the information you need from built-in diagnostic features, it’s time to consider third-party apps. This is a shortened term for applications or programs.

As you probably know, not every app out there is available for both Android and iPhone users. Fortunately, we’ve got information about several helpful apps to help you learn about the performance of both of these smartphone types. In this section, we’ll talk about several apps and an amazing company that can help you get smartphone diagnostics information fast and efficiently.


Use PhoneCheck to Run Diagnostics Tests On Your Smartphone


It’s almost impossible to talk about great ways to check the diagnostics of your smartphone without mentioning PhoneCheck. PhoneCheck is an app-based smartphone diagnostics platform.

By working with PhoneCheck, you will have a fast and intuitive way to check the conditions of your smartphones. You can even try out a demo of this service for yourself by visiting There are many reasons why we think PhoneCheck is the best diagnostics checking app for wholesalers. Here are four amazing reasons to check out PhoneCheck.


Feature 1: Test Multiple Devices At Once


Even if you’re using built-in diagnostics information or using third-party apps, it can still take lots of time and effort to manually test your smartphones. Fortunately, one of the main benefits of using PhoneCheck to perform diagnostics tests is that you can test multiple devices at once. If you have USB hubs, you can easily process a large number of smartphones at the same time. This makes checking diagnostic information much faster than manual testing, especially for wholesalers with lots of smartphones in their inventory.


Feature 2: Device Certification & Reporting


Another smart reason to work with PhoneCheck is that this company certifies the devices it checks. What makes this so beneficial? For one reason, it shows your clients that you provide honest data about what you’re selling. This likely means that, with PhoneCheck certification, your smartphones will sell faster and for higher amounts of money. An additional benefit is that this company provides reports for each device you scan. Not only are these reports great to have, but PhoneCheck also makes it incredibly easy to embed its reports on your website.


Feature 3: Improve Quality & Efficiency


By partnering with PhoneCheck, you can improve both the quality and efficiency of your wholesale business. With the help of PhoneCheck’s fast and intuitive software, it’s easy to find out important diagnostic information about both Android and iPhone devices. By using PhoneCheck's detailed and intuitive app, you won’t have to spend time and effort learning how to read these types of reports. Also, the rapid scanning capability of PhoneCheck should leave you with much more time to efficiently run other aspects of your wholesale business.


Feature 4: Trusted By 1000+ Wholesalers


It’s understandable to want to ensure you’re partnering with a company you can trust. Considering that, you’ll be happy to know that PhoneCheck is a platform that’s trusted by over 1,000 wholesalers throughout the world. By partnering with PhoneCheck, these wholesalers can process phones faster than ever before. This leaves these buy professionals with more time to focus on other aspects of their businesses.


In Closing


To wrap everything up, you can find many ways to perform smartphone diagnostics tests. By utilizing the previously mentioned solutions, you will have ways to test smartphones from all of the popular brands. If you would like further help growing your wholesale business, we highly recommend that you visit Trade-In Tech. Our platform will help ensure you have everything you need to continue growing your wholesale business.

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