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by on January 20, 2021

Each day, Trade-In Tech works hard to help our members have all the tools they need to remain successful. 


Maybe you’re someone who is interested in Trade-In Tech but wants to learn more. With that in mind, we wanted to shine a light on everything that Trade-In Tech has to offer to its members.


Here are 10 great ways that Trade-In Tech helps our member's companies grow.


1. Selling Items on Trade-In Tech’s Marketplace



At Trade-In Tech, we dread seeing unorganized and confusing marketplaces. These are types of marketplaces where you spend an hour just trying to find what you need. To make sure things are different at Trade-In Tech, we created and maintain a highly organized marketplace.


With our marketplace, you don’t have to waste time searching for what you need. We have an easy to navigate list of categories for you. 


We don’t just divide our categories by product, there are also special sections for parts and services. If you offer a service in the electronics industry and need more customers, our marketplace is a great way to achieve this goal.


There are sections dedicated to popular products like the iPhone or iPad. Best of all, you can click on one of these categories and it brings up a list of each generation.


Let’s say that you were looking only for an iPhone X for sale. You could click on the “iPhone” tab in our marketplace. After doing this, you’ll see a list of iPhone models. Just navigate to “iPhone X” and every listing with this item will appear!


You’re also going to love how simple it is to create a listing. With our one-page listing system, you’re not having to scroll through endless options and confusing menus.


When you’re ready to list your items, we put everything you need to describe them in a single page. We also give our sellers the option to accept payment right away or speak with a buyer first. With this system, you’re in total control of how the selling process happens.


2. Checking Out Our Newsfeed


We also want to mention the importance of our newsfeed. These areas are similar to our groups, except everyone can communicate in real-time.


As we’re sure you know, it can become quite complicated to manage lots of contacts in more types of messaging systems. Sure, things are easy in the beginning. The next thing you know, you’re scrolling at the speed of sound to find a single contact.


When it came time for Trade-In Tech to begin, we wanted to create something better. This led to us implementing a chat system. Best of all, we organize and categorize our chat rooms to be specific to your needs.


There are chat rooms specifically for salvage electronics, home tech, new items, and more. You can even visit chat rooms where discussions are about the buying and selling of products from a single brand.


To help everything run smoothly, we have a set of chat rules in place. This includes posting unrelated or illegal material in a chat room. We also don’t condone spamming of any kind.


Also, we have a strict policy to help keep our members safe. Members will receive a warning about rule violations. If these violations continue occurring after their warnings, we will ban chat privileges for repeat offenders.


3. Making Money Through Our Affiliate Program



Source: Photo by Alexander Mils from Pexels


As a business owner, you’re going to understandably hear a lot about what companies can do for you. But how many of them will pay you for your help?


When you join Trade-In Tech, you can start earning even more money through our affiliate program. To see all of the official rules and guidelines, you’ll need to first become a Trade-In Tech member.


But we’ll give you a quick rundown of how simple this program is.


Step 1: Become a member of Trade-In Tech


Step 2: Join our referral/affiliate program


Step 3: Spread the word about Trade-In Tech


Step 4: When someone signs up and becomes a member, you get paid.


Four simple steps are all it takes to earn $75. Best of all, there’s no limit to how much you can earn by becoming an affiliate. It’s just one of many ways that we give back to our community of members.


4. Sending Out a Request to Our Network


There is a mind-boggling number of unique electronics throughout the world. Considering that, it’s not always possible for a listing to match exactly what you’re looking for.


You might find listings with the quantities you need, but not the right products or vice-versa. We know it’s frustrating to not be able to find the electronics you’re looking for. To help you out, we create a buyer’s request feature.


A buyer’s request is your way of sending out a notification to our entire network about what you want to buy. After you send out your request, it will be seen by the thousands of verified Trade-In Tech members.


To have the best results with a buyer’s request, make sure you’re filling out as much information as possible. When you’re specific about what you want, it’s more likely that you’ll find the perfect match.


5. Joining a Few Groups



Throughout life, it’s often easier to achieve something with the help of others than it is doing things on your own. When you’re trying to succeed in the world of wholesale electronics, why not have a group that can help you out?


After joining Trade-In Tech, these groups are only a few clicks away. Our social platform makes both creating and joining groups easy!


You can start doing this by looking at the massive amount of groups we have right now. Much like our chat rooms, we organize our groups by topic. 


You can find groups specifically focused on one type of product or item from a single brand. There are also broader groups if you’re interested in multiple types or brands of electronics.


6. Watching Our Library of Members-Only Video Content


At Trade-In Tech, we’re all about going the extra mile for our members. With that in mind, Hayden Howard, Trade-In Tech’s CEO launched an exclusive video series. 


In this video library, you’ll find all sorts of video content to help your business continue growing. Some people charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to provide such information. When you join Trade-In Tech, we provide it to you for free.


What’s great about this video library is that it contains topics relevant to you, the wholesaler. There are also plenty of topics available for someone looking to start and scale a business.


7. Becoming a Featured Member



One of the most important things for any company to focus on is marketing. Without a marketing strategy, it becomes hard to grow your business. If your business isn’t growing over time, it might be falling behind its competition.


With that said, marketing isn’t something that comes naturally to a lot of people. Even if marketing is something you enjoy learning about, do you have the spare time to do it? If you’re trying to run a wholesale business, you probably don’t.


Trade-In Tech understands the importance of marketing your business. If you want to jumpstart your results on Trade-In Tech, you’ll want to become one of our featured members.


By becoming a Trade-In Tech featured member, you get everything that Trade-In Tech has to offer. The key difference with this package is that we take an active role in marketing your business.


Featured members receive special placement on our listings and front page. This ensures that your company stands out from others, as it’s the first one members will see on our website.


Another beneficial reason to become a featured member is the digital marketing strategy we utilize to bring more exposure to your business. 


We can create blog posts on our popular industry blog about your business. Having your company mentioned in these posts is a great way to gain more brand exposure.


These posts are also great for search engine optimization purposes. Having other, relevant websites mention and link to your business is a great way to start rising in the rankings.


If you want to feel like a star, consider taking part in one of our awesome video interviews. These interviews are for featured members and conducted by Hayden Howard, CEO of Trade-In Tech.


It’s certainly worth considering video marketing. Research shows that 81% of companies now use video marketing as part of their advertising strategies. If your business is ready to start video marketing, Trade-In Tech is a valuable partner to have.


Don’t worry if you’re a bit shy about being on camera. Our CEO has lots of experience behind the camera and can help guide you through this process. After all, we’ve completed many interview videos in the past with our members.


Here’s a recent interview that our CEO conducted with Jeremy from Cyberton Electronics. It’s also an extremely informative watch if you’re wanting to learn more about phone flipping.


If you don’t want to watch a video right now, you can also read an interview we conducted with Feldon from NYC Phone Buyer as he continues growing his company.


8. Seeing Everything on Your Newsfeed


You don’t have to spend lots of time in the wholesale industry to learn that this world moves fast. Considering that, it’s often difficult for wholesalers to digest so much fast-moving information.


This is why we came up with the Trade-In Tech newsfeed. Every Trade-In Tech member will have a personalized newsfeed of their own. Initially, your newsfeed will only feature content from us and anyone else in your network of friends.


If you feel like changing up your newsfeed, Trade-In Tech makes it easy for you to set your content preferences. You can hide content from certain members, ensuring you only see what’s relevant to your business.


9. Staying Informed About Industry Events



Working from home is great. However, you might want to learn more about what the wholesale electronics industry has to offer by attending events.


Attending these events is a great way to learn more about popular electronics or those that are about to come out. You can also learn more about other verified electronics companies in your industry. These events are also great ways to potentially network and grow your company.


Trade-In Tech is always tapped into events taking place in the electronics industry. To help our members out, we organize all of this information in our “Events” tab.


When you access this section of Trade-In Tech’s website, you’ll see events that are either happening now or will take place in the future. You could even use our wholesale platform to mention these events to other members, seeing if they want to attend as a group.


10. Testing Out a Trial Membership


We at Trade-In Tech know that new business owners aren’t always ready to join another group or partner with another business. Sometimes, you need to test something out before you know if it’s right for your business.


As a way to help you out, Trade-In Tech also offers a type of trial membership. With this membership, you only pay $1 to join Trade-In Tech for a month. After setting up your Trade-In Tech account and seeing everything we offer, we would love to see you remain a permanent member.


But, if not, this type of membership is a great way for you to personally experience all we have to offer. Considering how little it costs for a trial membership, it's likely to pay for itself after a single sale.


As you can see, Trade-In Tech offers many ways to help your wholesale electronics business grow. From the moment you join Trade-In Tech, you become part of a tight-knit community of professional electronics wholesalers. If you're tired of feeling like you're by yourself managing your business, we urge you to become a Trade-In Tech member.

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