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by on May 10, 2020

If you want to enjoy a profitable hobby or business, consider buying and selling smartphones, tablets, computers, and similar items. For instance, did you know that the used smartphone industry is worth an estimated $30 billion? 


To enter into this extremely profitable industry, it's wise to do this with the help of Trade-In Tech. Before you start buying and selling on the Trade-In Tech wholesale platform, we have several valuable tips you'll want to check out. Here are five great ways to begin growing your business on Trade-In Tech.


Direct Message Buyers & Sellers


One of the best ways to watch your business grow on Trade-In Tech is by messaging others. Fortunately, it's easy to direct message others with our easy to use messaging system. You can reach out to buyers that might be interested in what you're wanting to sell. It's also simple to message sellers to find out more about what they're offering.


Our social network makes it incredibly easy to begin growing your used technology business by forming friendships and speaking with others from around the world. Trade-In Tech partners with top distributors, retailers, and wholesalers of products by Apple, Samsung, Google, and many more.


We also verify each of our members by ensuring they've completed at least two separate sales that meet our criteria. Those who can't provide this information aren't eligible for membership. Trade-In Tech also has a rating system, allowing each member to rate another one after doing business with them. This system is another safeguard Trade-In Tech puts in place to ensure you're working with reliable buyers and sellers.


List Your Inventory on the Marketplace


To get your inventory noticed, it's best to place it on Trade-In Tech's marketplace. Our marketplace is always growing, with sellers from all over the globe posting their respective inventories. Unlike many other marketplaces, you pay NO FEES for anything you place for sale on Trade-In Tech.


This allows you to place your smartphones, computers, tablets, and more without worrying about burdensome listing fees eating into your profits. After placing your inventory on our marketplace, buyers throughout the world can begin looking at and purchasing your tech items.


If you're not finding what you want in our marketplace, we also have a wide range of live chat rooms. These chat rooms are categorized by topic, making it easy for you to find the right buyer or seller. It's also a good idea to consider checking out Trade-In Tech's Groups and Directories sections.


By browsing the Groups section, you can join special groups from all over the world. Our large selection of specific groups makes it a breeze to network with people who share similar interests. If you're interested in attending trade shows and similar functions, you'll love our events section. Here, you can learn about all sorts of upcoming events in the technology industry. We keep this list updated around the clock, so be sure to keep checking back to find out more about these awesome events.


Create Posts With Your Buying Requests


It's rare to find two buyer requests that are exactly the same. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech makes it incredibly easy to create posts with your specific buying requests. To do this, you'll just need to create a new post on your membership page. Here, you can begin your buying request.


Don't worry about having to deal with anything complicated, our social platform is easy to use. You'll have plenty of room to create a post that's filled with details about what you're looking to purchase. Sellers can also use this area to update others about what they have to offer. To have selling posts that stand out, use descriptive, high-quality photos and videos.


It's also a good idea to include lots of helpful information about what you're looking to purchase. This helps to make it easier for sellers to find you and potentially become a match with what you're looking for.


Download Monthly Dealers Lists


We can provide you with a list of lots of dealers that are wanting to buy and/or sell electronics. Also, we verify each dealer in our system to make sure that you're only working with high-quality leads. Certain leads might be looking to purchase larger quantities of electronics, making things great for those needing to sell lots of items at once. These aren't any run-of-the-mill, bare-bones lists.


Each monthly dealers list from Trade-In Tech is complete with lots of relevant information about each dealer including name, company, address, social media information, email address, and phone number.


This gives you everything you'll need to begin building your business at an extremely rapid rate.


Branded Company Interview Videos


There's nothing like the excitement of taking part in a content. At Trade-In Tech we love to give back to our awesome network of buyers and sellers with our company interview videos. These videos are a great way to promote your business on Trade-In Tech and other platforms.


Here's an interview we held with PhoneCheck:



To have your company featured, you must be an active member on Trade-In Tech. With that in mind, our signup process is fast and easy. All you have to do is provide a bit of information and choose the type of membership you want. After you become a member, you're eligible to be interviewed and promoted across our entire network. Best of all, the Trade-In Tech wholesale platform makes it very easy to begin watching those sales start amassing.


In conclusion, there are many great ways to grow your business on Trade-In Tech. If you need any additional help after signing up, we happily offer 24-hour support to all of our members. We wish you good luck growing a profitable business on Trade-In Tech.

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