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by on February 2, 2021

Released on October 23rd, the iPhone 12 is Apple’s latest smartphone. 


As you can already imagine, there’s a lot of excitement for the iPhone 12. This excitement isn’t only for consumers; electronics wholesalers are also eagerly looking for this smartphone.


But what makes the iPhone 12 such a hot seller? Also, where can you find the iPhone 12 for sale online?


We’re going to provide answers to these questions as we take a closer look at buying and reselling the iPhone 12.


An Introduction to Apple’s Latest iPhone


Source: Business Insider


Apple typically releases various iPhone models for each generation’s release. This year is no different; the iPhone 12 is available in four models: the iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max.


iPhone 12: While this is the base model iPhone 12, this year’s model has a lot of standard features to be excited about. The base model and iPhone 12 Mini don’t offer quite as much battery life as the Pro and Pro Max. But it still offers 15 hours of continuous video playback.


iPhone 12 Mini: New for this year is the highly anticipated iPhone 12 Mini. This phone offers a 5.4-inch screen size. It weighs in at a light 4.76 ounces. Like the base model, the iPhone 12 Mini also features a dual-camera. The iPhone 12 Mini is also available with 64, 128, and 256 GB of storage.


iPhone 12 Pro: The Pro and Pro Max iPhone 12 models both offer 128, 256, and 512 GB of storage. The iPhone 12 Pro (and Pro Max) also feature a three-camera system. You’ll also find that the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max feature a Lidar scanner.


iPhone 12 Pro Max: This is the largest of all iPhone 12 models, measuring 6.33 x 3.07 inches. It features three cameras. Both the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max also feature longer battery life than the base and Mini models. According to Apple, the Pro and Pro Max feature 17 continuous hours of video playback.


The Main Features of the iPhone 12


Source: Apple Insider


Whether you’re buying the iPhone 12 for your business or as a personal phone, it offers a lot of features. Aiming to make a major impact this year, Apple pulled out all of the stops with its latest generation of smartphones.


A14 Bionic Chip


We depend on smartphones to do almost everything. These phones allow us to text, make calls, send emails, visit social media, go to our favorite websites, play games, and more. To perform so many functions, smartphones depend on computer chips.


Considering that Apple’s a company known for its first, it should come as no surprise that the iPhone 12 contains the fastest smartphone chip. Known as A14 Bionic, this chip helps almost everything aspect of this phone perform faster.


In an age where everyone is looking for optimal performance from their smartphones, the A14 Bionic Chip is winning over a lot of iPhone 12 users.


5G Compatible


The iPhone 12 also features 5G compatibility. While this new standard for global wireless connections is new, there’s no denying its popularity. In the future, it’s likely that 5G smartphone capability will become the new normal. But, for now, Apple’s iPhone 12 is one of the first phones with 5G functionality.


A Durable Ceramic Shield


Almost all of us know that horrible feeling of picking up a dropped phone to see a damaged screen. If you’re lucky, your newly broken phone might still function. At worst, you’re the owner of a smartphone that doesn’t work anymore.


To help solve this all too familiar problem, Apple made the iPhone 12 with a Ceramic Shield. Apple made the iPhone 12’s ceramic shield with nano-ceramic crystals, a material that’s harder than many metals. 


With this combination of clarity and durability, the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield is a stand-out feature of this smartphone. According to Apple, the latest iPhone is also up to four times more resistant to damage from being dropped.


This new ceramic shield is one of many iPhone 12 features that people are raving about.


Super Retina XDR Display


Another feature of the new iPhone 12 that’s making waves is this device’s Super Retina XDR display. With this upgraded display, the iPhone 12 provides better contrast and color accuracy.


This display also provides higher resolution for apps, images, and videos. Besides providing brighter colors, the iPhone 12’s Super Retina XDR display also makes it easier than ever to read dark text.


According to many people who use the newest iPhone 12, the difference in colors between this phone and earlier generations is quite a dramatic difference. This feature also makes the iPhone 12 one of the most popular electronics to resell for profit.


Dual-Camera System


Something else receiving an upgrade this year is the iPhone’s camera unit. Many iPhone users prefer this smartphone because of its ability to take amazingly sharp pictures and videos.


With the iPhone 12’s new dual-camera system, this smartphone provides better pictures and videos than ever.


The iPhone 12 features both Wide and Ultra Wide cameras. These cameras provide incredibly realistic photos and videos. Apple also introduced a way for the iPhone’s cameras to bring in more light (27% more to be exact).


With this new dual-camera system, iPhone users will receive details and colors from their pictures and videos that weren’t possible in the past.


Smart HDR 3


Yet another powerful feature of this phone is Smart HDR 3. Short for High Dynamic Range, this HDR system received an upgrade for the iPhone 12.


Now able to utilize machine learning, Smart HDR 3 can automatically adjust color, sharpness, and other features to help create a perfect photo or video.


Smart HDR 3 is also great for taking better pictures in bright conditions or during the middle of a dark night. By balancing textures, tones, and color saturation, the iPhone 12 promises to take incredible photos and videos in any setting.


What’s the Resale Value of the iPhone 12?


Source: Daily Express


After learning about the many features of the iPhone 12, it’s understandable to want to learn about this item’s resale value. As it is with almost any Apple product, expect to find resale values that leave you with plenty of room for profits.


Being that the iPhone 12 just came out, there is limited information about the resale values of this smartphone. Make sure to keep checking back to Trade-In Tech for resale value updates.


Currently, the iPhone 12 has a resale value range of $800-$1,300.


With that said, certain factors will affect how much money you’ll get from selling the iPhone 12. 


One of the most important factors affecting the resale value of electronics is the condition of these items. Understandably, most people don’t want to spend new prices for a smartphone that isn’t in brand new condition.


Another factor to think about is memory capacity. Buyers expect to pay more for iPhones with maximum storage capacity versus a smartphone with less storage space.


The iPhone 12 models you’re buying also determine your potential profit. Since the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max offer more memory and features, these smartphones typically bring in higher resale values.


Where Can I Find the iPhone 12 for Sale Online?


Source: Forbes


The iPhone 12 can definitely increase profits for your electronics company. But first, you’ll need to learn where you can find the iPhone 12 for sale online.


Trade-In Tech


If you’re looking for the iPhone 12 sellers online, you’ll want to check out Trade-In Tech. Trade-In Tech is a fast-growing social platform for wholesale electronics dealers. Best of all, we have members throughout the world.


With such a large network of members, Trade-In Tech always sees new listings for electronics appearing on our platform. Trade-In Tech is hands down one of the best ways to find legit iPhone suppliers.


Since the iPhone 12 is so new, these devices can move quickly. Don’t worry; we also offer a buyer’s request feature. With a buyer’s request, you can instantly type out a message that lets each of our members know what you’re looking for.


In this case, you could create a buyer’s request for iPhone 12 devices that meet your criteria. If you’re only looking for iPhone 12 smartphones in one color, that’s perfectly fine. With Trade-In Tech’s buyer’s requests, you can be specific as you need to be.


Another awesome reason to find your iPhones on Trade-In Tech is that we don’t bombard our members with fees on every item they sell. If you find iPhone 12s for sale on our platform, you won’t have to pay extra fees. We offer no fees to our members.


We also feature groups dedicated to all types of electronics. With our groups, you can instantly see the latest iPhones available for sale on our platform. Also, we offer much more than just iPhones on our platform.


On Trade-In Tech, you’ll also find the most popular electronics from companies like Samsung, Google, LG, and many more. You can rest assured you’ll be purchasing these items from some of the world’s biggest electronics distributors.


For more help, you also won’t want to miss one of our recent posts about how to start phone flipping. Phone flipping is the process of buying smartphones and selling them for a profit.




Another potential way to find an iPhone 12 for sale is by checking out Swappa. Many electronics wholesalers are familiar with Swappa. If you’re not, that’s OK. We will provide you with a quick rundown about this company.


Swappa is a website where people can buy and sell directly with other members. However, Swappa primarily sells used smartphones. 


While Swappa is great for finding certain electronics, it could be a while before there are a lot of used iPhone 12 devices on this platform.


Another issue is that Swappa doesn’t let buyers make bulk purchases. So, this might not be the best way for electronics wholesalers to find iPhone 12 smartphones for sale in bulk.


With that said, we’re big fans of Swappa and how they take care of their users. If you’re looking to buy one iPhone 12 or a few at a time, consider checking out Swappa.




Similar to Swappa, ItsWorthMore is another great way to potentially find iPhone 12s for sale. ItsWorthMore is a company that buys and sells all types of electronics. You can find iPhones and iPads for sale on this website.


ItsWorthMore also carries electronics from other popular companies like Samsung, Google, and others.


With the iPhone 12 just coming out, we haven’t seen any of these smartphones for sale on ItsWorthMore yet. However, expect this to change in the near future as more of these smartphones enter the resale market.


Partnering With Local Vendors


Not all methods for finding the iPhone 12 have to be online-based. Depending on where you live, it’s possible to find local vendors selling this smartphone.


When we mention local vendors, we’re usually talking about independent electronics stores. It’s possible to find an iPhone 12 at a good price from larger electronics retailers. However, this isn’t likely.


If you’re able to find a local vendor that’s willing to partner with you, this is a great potential way to buy iPhone 12s for resale purposes. 


Before you start driving around town looking for vendors, we recommend searching for these companies from home. A quick Google search should provide you with a list of electronics retailers in your area.


After you come up with your list of companies, send them an email or call them up. By doing this, you’re not having to worry about wasting fuel.

In closing, the iPhone 12 is Apple’s newest smartphone. With this phone receiving rave reviews, all signs point to this smartphone becoming one of Apple’s best sellers. Therefore, many sellers are eagerly awaiting the moment this smartphone begins entering the resale market. If you want to find the iPhone 12 for sale, we recommend checking out Trade-In Tech.

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