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Many people interested in joining a fast-growing industry will want to consider starting a wholesale electronics business. Understandably, entering into a new industry can initially seem quite confusing. If you want to learn how to run a successful electronics business, it’s time to learn more about KT Corp. Here’s a closer look at how KT Corp built its own wholesale electronics empire.


Offering a Wide Range of Services (Buying/Selling/Recycling)



A key to managing a successful business in the electronics industry is being able to offer many services to your clients. It’s even better if your company can offer a suite of services. By doing this, you limit a customer or business partner needing to go elsewhere for products or services.


If you want to do well in the electronics industry, there are three main services to offer: buying, selling, and recycling electronics. Here’s more information about how KT Corp has grown into an extremely successful business by perfecting these three important services.


Buying Electronics


KT Corp is a wholesale distributor that partners with retailers, resellers, and other distributors. This company maintains such a wide range of partnerships by purchasing and selling electronics. You’ll find that KT Corp can offer extremely competitive prices for electronics in all sorts of conditions.


After KT Corp receives its inventory, this company goes through a process to ensure anything sold is of the highest quality. Here’s a closer look at KT Corp’s process, which consists of:


  • Counting and verifying serial numbers for accuracy purposes

  • Using its R2 Certification skills and equipment to safely wipe data from its devices

  • Putting each item through a strict, comprehensive, 60 point inspection process

  • Grading each item using KT Corp's exclusive system to ensure consistency for its customers

  • Shipping products throughout the world, providing competitive shipping rates and terms.


Selling Electronics


Because KT Corp has a vast network spanning 20 countries, this business is also able to sell a wide range of electronics. These partnerships with operators, retailers, and distributors allow KT Corp to provide many high-quality electronics at extremely competitive rates.


To achieve this goal, KT Corp specializes in utilizing strict quality and grading standards. This allows any person or company partnering with KT Corp to have the assurance they’re receiving exactly what they pay for. Many companies buy electronics from KT Corp to fulfill their supply chain.


This company specifically caters to international markets, which is great for any buyer wanting affordable devices at attractive prices. It’s also possible to get high-quality domestic electronics at prices that are perfect for reselling internationally.


Some of KT Corp’s most popular products for sale are:


  • Computers

  • Monitors

  • Laptops

  • Smartphones

  • Tablets

  • Servers

  • Server racks

  • Printers

  • And a wide range of laboratory grade electronics


Recycling and Disposing of Electronics


In the electronics industry, there are often rules and regulations companies must follow to dispose of their inventory. Fortunately, KT Corp offers both electronics recycling and IT asset disposal services. These services help KT Corp’s customers streamline their equipment and hardware disposal needs.


By working with KT Corp, your company doesn’t risk having an unreliable or unethical company dispose of its electronics. If you weren’t aware, improper disposal of electronics can incur lots of unwanted penalties and fines for your business. With KT Corp’s focus on protecting its customers' data privacy, you won’t have to worry when working with them.


KT Corp is also able to instantly recognize any electronic components that might be ecologically sensitive. Fortunately, this company understands how to use its sustainable practices to safely dispose of all components.


It’s important to note that any business can claim to properly recycle electronics. However, all of these companies have the certifications to back it up. With that in mind, KT Corp is proud to let customers and business partners know about its R2 Certification. This certification shows that a company holding it responsibly recycles its electronics.


KT Corp also adheres to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. If you were unaware, this framework helps a company improve its environmental management performance. By adhering to this framework, KT Corp places a focus on sustainability that many other companies simply can’t match. This business also abides by OHSAS 18001:2007, which has to do with properly recycling and reselling used consumer electronics.


Buying and Selling Electronics Through Ecommerce Platforms



After ordering the products that your company needs, it’s also important to know where to sell them. If you want to succeed in the way that KT Corp has, you’ll want to explore buying and selling electronics through eCommerce platforms. Short for electronic commerce, eCommerce is the process of buying and selling products over the internet.


If you want your business to grow quickly, it’s a good idea to start buying wholesale electronics on eCommerce platforms. Since so many people buy and sell on the internet, you’ll likely have many more partners to work with than if you only worked locally. One recent study found that almost 27.2% of the Earth’s population shops online, that’s about 2.14 billion people! If you’re interested in learning more, here are a few great tips for growing your wholesale business online.


One platform that KT Corp continues to gain more popularity and sales through is Trade-In Tech. If you didn’t know about this company, Trade-In Tech is an online marketplace and social network for buyers and sellers in the wholesale electronics industry.


Trade-In Tech makes sure you’re working with only people and companies you can trust. We do this by requiring that each of our members provides references and a history of prior transactions. By doing this, you won’t have to worry about wasting your time on our platform. 


After you become a member, you’re instantly able to access Trade-In Tech’s social pages and marketplace to help your wholesale business expand. Plus, you’ll also be partnering up with our network of thousands of buyers and sellers.


We’re also proud to offer ZERO fees to our buyers and sellers, meaning more money goes back into our members’ pockets. Since they’ve joined, we’re incredibly happy to have KT Corp on our platform. In fact, KT Corp is now Trade-In Tech’s #1 private buyer!


Helping Out Companies in Multiple Industries


It’s understandable to think that working in the electronics industry only means partnering with businesses similar to yours. However, with a little creativity, your business can work with companies in all sorts of industries.


For example, KT Corp works with electronics resellers, utility providers, data centers, healthcare & medical providers, educational facilities, financial corporations, and many retail companies.


As your business gets started, you might not be able to accommodate companies from such a wide range of industries. Considering that, it’s wise to start working in industries and with companies you clearly understand. By doing this, your company can start gaining those first critical customers and business partners. Over time, it becomes much easier for your company to start expanding into many new markets.


Creating a Product Grading System for Total Transparency


One of the most important things to do as a business owner is to create trust with those you work with. As the famous quote says: “Trust takes years to build and seconds to break.” This means that you’ll need to spend quite some time proving to others that your business is reliable. Once you do something shady, customers and business partners can start disappearing instantly.


This lesson is something that KT Corp knew well and took to heart. One way KT Corp focuses on transparency is through its product grading system. If you didn’t know, a product grading system is a way for one business to let others know about the condition of its items. You can think of this system as one that’s similar to how you received grades in school. Grade A items would be those in the best condition, while Grade B or C items would have more signs of wear or damage.


If you’re buying items from KT Corp, its grading system makes it easy to understand exactly what you’re getting. This system is also beneficial for buyers who can’t see what they’re buying in person. With an accurate and strict grading system, you can also offer your customers the peace of mind they deserve. It’s also great for companies that utilize phone flipping.


Carrying Multiple Types of Electronics From the Most Popular Brands



Regardless of what industry you work in, most companies must focus on having inventory that customers want. Without the right products, it’s difficult to start gaining traction among competitors. While there are many popular companies in the electronics industry, two continue reigning supreme: Apple and Samsung.


Considering that, it should come as no surprise that KT Corp carries many popular smartphones and tablets from both Samsung and Apple. These products might cost a little more than electronics from lesser-known companies. However, these electronics are also hot sellers throughout the world.


As your business grows, it’s worth looking into expanding your company’s product lines. For instance, while much of KT Corp’s sales come from Apple and Samsung products, it also buys and sells laptops, home computers, monitors, and other types of IT-related equipment.


Working in International Markets


No company can succeed without having customers. If you want to maximize your customer base, it might be wise to start expanding into international markets. This is something that KT Corp realized and began building upon. Now, this business buys and sells electronics in 20 countries, especially throughout the United States, Hong Kong, and Dubai.


By working in international markets, KT Corp benefits from having a massive network of buyers and sellers to work with. This type of network is beneficial for anyone that needs a supplier or seller with lots of popular inventory.


Attending Local and International Industry Events


We’ve mentioned the importance of getting your company’s name out to the world, especially in its early stages. While being available on eCommerce platforms is great, you can also reach a potentially large audience by attending various events in the electronic industry. 


By attending events and conferences, your business can network with others, make more sales, and increase awareness for your brand. Your business might attend one of these events and end up networking with KT Corp!


Developing a Sustainable and Transparent Company Culture



In most business playbooks, you’ll hear about the importance of having a company culture. Company culture is the shared attitude, behaviors, and values of a business. With that in mind, KT Corp’s culture focuses on the importance of transparency and sustainability. This business also places its focus on protecting the data of its consumers and corporate customers.


KT Corp reduces waste by providing their customers with surplus domestic products. This company is also able to use valuable, rare materials that other companies might dispose of. With its R2 certification, KT Corp focuses only on liquidating assets in an environmentally conscious manner.


With a focus on sustainability and transparency, working with KT Corp means having peace of mind that you’ve found a great partner in the electronics industry.


Having an Excellent Customer Service Team


It’s understandably important for a business in the electronics industry to have high-quality products. However, it’s also imperative for a company that wants to succeed to focus on excellent customer service. Having a high-quality team of customer support specialists is key to building long-term business relationships.


When you work with KT Corp, you’ll quickly realize how important high-quality customer service is to this business. This company’s team consists only of people who have extensive experience in the electronics industry and are passionate to succeed. Partnering with this company means benefitting from the knowledge and creativity of KT Corp’s team.


As you can see, KT Corp is one of the leading companies in the wholesale electronics industry. If you’d like to model your company after this incredibly successful business, one way to do this is by joining Trade-In Tech. After becoming a Trade-In Tech member, you can start working with suppliers, distributors, resellers, and other types of professionals in the world of wholesale electronics.


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