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by on June 22, 2020

As an electronics reseller, you have a lot of opportunities to make a decent profit. Today's market is flooded with high-end tech. Thanks to the ongoing release cycle of big-name brands, there's always an influx of stock that you can use to benefit your business.


All that said, not every piece of tech is going to be worth salvaging. Some items require more work than others. It's not just the condition of the item you have to worry about. The demand for items can also affect its value to you as a reseller.


Why spend the resources on electronics that are hard to sell or provide a less-than-stellar return on your investment? To be successful in the resale business, you must focus your attention on those in-demand items that will fly off the shelves.


Here's some insight on the easiest electronics to flip for profit.




Since its debut in 2007, the iPhone has been a hot-ticket item on the secondary market. While Apple wasn't the first company to release a smartphone, it was the brand that popularized the tech. Over a decade later, the iPhone continues to be one of the best-selling smartphone lines in the world. As of 2019, the iPhone hold's the world's third-largest market share.


The Apple iPhone has a lot to offer resellers. Apple has a yearly release cycle that introduces a brand new model to the market. Thanks to the smartphone's role as a status symbol these days, consumers are always looking to upgrade.


With every new release, the secondary market is filled with lightly used phones that you could easily flip. Just take a look at the Trade-In Tech marketplace and you're bound to find numerous resellers offering several models to resell.


iPhones are built quite well and can continue to accept software updates for several years after release. As a result, your customers can take advantage of Apple's ecosystem without paying full-price for a brand-new model.


Thanks to the high price tag that comes with Apple devices, you're looking at a healthy profit. The iPhone holds onto its resale value better than most devices on the market.


You can earn a nice return on your investment with a simple flip. After you take care of physical defects and wipe the phone's data clean, it'll be good to go for your customers.


MacBook Laptops


Another staple in Apple's lineup is the MacBook. These laptops have been around longer than the iPhone. You could even say that the modern MacBook we know today is simply a new iteration of the brand's iconic PowerBook series.


Either way, the MacBook is everything that tech-lovers dream of. It's a sleek and sophisticated laptop that's built to last. Ideal for students, creative professionals, and anyone who wants a reliable computer, MacBooks are a big-ticket item that has no problem selling in the secondary market.


There are several iterations of the MacBook. You have the standard MacBook, which Apple discontinued in 2019. Despite its discontinuation by Apple, the laptop is still highly sought-after by consumers. The tech giant still supports the device through software updates. But the fact that the brand no longer sells newer MacBooks may increase the value even more.


Then, there's the MacBook Air. Apple's lightest and most streamlined MacBook model, the Air is often considered the entry-level choice for those just getting into the Apple ecosystem. Even still, it comes with a higher price tag than most laptops. Pair that with its construction quality and you have one of the easiest electronics to flip for profit.


Finally, there's the MacBook Pro. Available in several sizes and configurations, the MacBook Pro is the top-of-the-line laptop offering from Apple. Geared towards working professionals, it's a well-built device that's known to last for years with proper care.


Many consumers these days see the MacBook Pro as the ultimate work laptop. With smooth performance and an intuitive operating system on deck, the MacBook Pro is relatively easy to flip. You can easily see an impressive return on your investment with proper diagnostics and a quality repair kit.


Phone Cases


Believe it or not, phone cases are very easy to flip for profit. While not an electronic in itself, cases are a must-have for consumers these days. You'd be hard-pressed to find anyone walking around with an unprotected smartphone.


As a result, the demand for cases is always high. In fact, the global market for phone cases was valued at more than 21.4 billion dollars in 2018 alone! Needless to say, there's a lot of money to be made on the secondary market.


Smartphone users are always looking for new cases. It's an essential aftermarket purchase that people are willing to spend good money on.


The beauty of selling phone cases is that it's a relatively small investment that can lead to a very healthy return. Lightly used cases are often sold in bulk, decreasing your upfront costs to stock your inventory.


Not only that, but restoring a phone case is a cinch. These accessories are built to withstand a lot. Thus, most cases arrive in pretty decent condition. As long as there are no major damage points that could affect the protection it offers, flipping is easy as giving it a good clean. There are no in-depth tests you have to go through or major repairs to perform. It's a cheap flipping process that could result in a nice stream of profit for your business.


Repair Parts


All resellers have come across unsalvageable electronics at some point. Despite your best efforts, there's not much that you can do to restore some devices. Rather than tossing a device out, why not sell the repair parts?


Parts are worth more than most people think. There are several ways that you can unload unused parts. Repair shops are always looking to invest in high-quality components that they can use.


You see, several components aren't readily available to repair shops and DIY tech enthusiasts. Some brands like to keep their parts under lock and key. With many big-name brands, the only way to get official parts is to pay hundreds of dollars for professional repair.


For this reason, parts are always in demand. You could easily scrap unsalvageable devices and resell usable parts.


Just a few parts that are in high demand include smartphone batteries, motherboards, batteries, cameras, etc.


All of these parts, plus more, can be used to restore an otherwise unusable device. It's a great way to still see some return on devices that you can't flip. Many resellers form a working relationship with repair shops for this sole purpose.


Samsung Galaxy


Samsung's flagship smartphone is one of the easiest electronics to flip for profit. Like the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy holds a decent chunk of the market share. It continues to be an in-demand device that consumers are more than willing to pick up in the secondary market.


The original Galaxy smartphone was released well over a decade ago. However, Samsung has expanded the line quite a bit since those days. The Galaxy brand now encompasses a wide range of devices. The "Galaxy" moniker is even used to describe larger tablets and "phablets."


Samsung's current lineup includes the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note, Galaxy Fold, etc.


All of the Samsung Galaxy devices utilize the Android operating system, which holds the largest operating system market share.


The Samsung Galaxy is one of the most popular smartphones on the market today. Like the iPhone, Samsung releases new models every year. This creates a continual source of used phones that up for the taking.


These phones do a great job of holding onto their resale value. Compared to other Android-powered devices, the Samsung Galaxy can usually be resold at a higher price in the secondary market. As a result, flipping these devices is well worth the investment.




The tech industry is continuing to grow and evolve. Our reliance on smartphones and computers is higher than ever. So, the secondary market will only improve with every passing year!


These electronics offer a great return on your investment. There's no doubt about the value of these devices. While you might be on the fence about flipping other gadgets, there should be no question with these goods.


Flipping is an essential part of the reselling industry. You have to put some money into your stock to ensure that you're maximizing your profits as much as possible. By focusing on these easy electronics, you can put those worries aside and rest easy knowing that the market demand will work in your favor.

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