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We spent a lot of time talking about popular types of electronics. With that in mind, we thought it would be helpful to let you know more about the companies behind the world’s most popular electronics.


The companies you’re going to read about are some of the most popular businesses in the electronics industry. We’ll take a look at the history of each of these companies as well as some of their most popular products.


Here are seven of the most popular electronics brands in the world.


1. Apple



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When it comes to the most popular electronics brands, it doesn’t get much bigger than Apple. This company launched as the Apple Computer Company in 1976. In this company’s early years, it primarily sold home computers.


Over time, Apple began to deal with lots of competition from Microsoft in the computer market. While this might have ended other companies, it was only the beginning for Apple.


Most people who are familiar with Apple also know about this company’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. With help from Steve Jobs, Apple began rebranding itself in the late 1990s and early 2000s. 


In 2007, Apple began making a shift towards consumer electronics.


During this time, Apple released its first iPhone. As you likely know, the iPhone quickly became a key factor in this company’s immense popularity that continues today. 


You might also remember Apple’s popular line of music players known as the iPod. While Apple discontinued this product, there’s still a large resale market for this popular electronic device from the past.


A few of this company’s most popular electronics include its iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Macbook.


It’s also recently expanded into the streaming media side of things with Apple TV.


Earlier this year, Apple also released its latest smartphone: the iPhone 12. Apple’s latest iPhone is available in four models: the iPhone 12, Mini, Pro, and Pro Max.


If you want to find out more about some of Apple’s popular products, check out our recent article about how to buy and sell iPhones.


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2. Samsung



Image Source: 1,000 Logos


While Apple might be the leader in most consumer electronics markets, Samsung continues gaining ground. 


Like Apple, many of Samsung’s most popular products are its smartphones and tablets. Another popular product for Samsung is its televisions.


Some people believe that Samsung is a newer company, at least when compared to many other businesses on this list. However, Samsung has been in existence for a lot longer than you might think. Incredibly, Samsung actually began in 1938 out of Seoul, North Korea!


As you might imagine, Samsung did not start out operating in the electronics industry. Instead, this business would begin its foray into the world of electronics during the late 1960s. Samsung’s electronics operations that most people know this company for began in the 1980s.


During the 1980s and 90s, Samsung began having success in the electronics industry by manufacturing televisions. 


As the 1990s continued, Samsung also began receiving worldwide recognition for its memory chips. In 1995, decades before these electronics gained widespread popularity, Samsung also produced the world’s first liquid-crystal display (LCD) televisions.


During the 2000s, Samsung began manufacturing a line of smartphones. With that said, it would take a few years before Samsung’s line of smartphones would become popular. Now, Samsung is an incredibly popular company for wholesale electronics suppliers.


While this company is well-known in the United States, it’s even more popular throughout South Korea. 


Did you know that one of Samsung’s many companies helps people obtain life insurance? You might be surprised to learn that Samsung Life Insurance is one of the largest insurance providers in South Korea.


Samsung’s most popular products include its series of Galaxy smartphones. Currently, the Galaxy S20 series is the latest release from Samsung. This company also manufactures a popular line of Galaxy Note tablets.


3. Microsoft



Image Source: Time


While talking about the most popular electronics companies, we have to mention Microsoft. Unlike many other companies in this list, Microsoft is a company based out of North America.


As Steve Jobs was one of Apple's main visionaries, Bill Gates became one of the minds behind Microsoft.


Headquartered in Redmond, a city in Washington, Microsoft is heavily involved in the computing industry. Microsoft manufactures its own computers, laptops, and the incredibly popular Windows operating systems.


Founded in 1975, Microsoft began by manufacturing home computers. As one of many companies that made early entries into the home computing industry, things weren’t always easy for Microsoft.


As things continued improving for Microsoft, it gained another victory when this business wanted to release an extension of the popular MS-DOS computing system. On November 20th, 1985, this company released Microsoft Windows.


On August 24th, 1995, Microsoft released Windows 95. It would quickly become one of the world’s most popular operating systems. Having released many versions of this operating platform throughout the decades, the latest version of this OS, Windows 10, came out in 2015.


Like Sony, another company you’ll read about in this article, Microsoft is another business having a lot of success in the gaming industry. In addition to its popular line of home computers, Microsoft is the company behind the Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One video game consoles.


This company dabbled into the smartphone market, but it continues to see most of its success from the computer, software, and video game industries. Microsoft remains a company that manufactures many of the most popular electronics to resell for profit.


4. Sony



Image Source: Wikimedia Commons


In 1958, a company named Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo would officially become Sony. Like many other businesses in this list, Sony’s initial product line looked a little different than what it offers now. Initially, Sony manufactured popular lines of transistor radios. 


However, this company would soon obtain more popularity after releasing the Sony Walkman. Today, listening to music from anywhere isn’t a revolutionary idea. However, in 1979, the idea of listening to your music on-the-go was a new concept. 


Another major year for Sony came in 1994 when it released the Sony PlayStation. Interestingly, the Sony PlayStation came to be as the result of a failed partnership between Sony and Nintendo.


Originally, Sony worked to help Nintendo develop a new video game console that worked with CD-ROMs. In 1991, Sony would reveal a prototype of its planned design with Nintendo at 1991’s Consumer Electronics Show.


Unfortunately, Nintendo announced that it would continue working on a new video game console with Phillips. This would be a huge mistake for Nintendo, leading Sony to use its technology to produce its own PlayStation console.


Becoming a massive success, Sony’s PlayStation continues to be one of Nintendo’s largest competitors. Sony’s Playstation is now in its fifth-generation, otherwise known as the PS5. Needless to say, many people who buy wholesale electronics


With that said, Sony isn’t only successful because of its signature line of video game consoles. Sony also manufactures televisions, cameras, home audio products, and much more.


5. LG



Image Source: Logos World


Formerly known as Lucky-Goldstar, this business became the LG Corporation in 1995. Another company based out of South Korea, it’s the fourth-largest corporation in this country.


While you most likely know of LG’s popular line of consumer electronics, this company is popular in several popular industries.


Many people also know LG as one of the electronic industry’s notable trendsetters. Research shows that LG was actually one of, if not the first company to make a smartphone that featured a touchscreen.


Known as the LG Prada, this smartphone was released in 2007. This smartphone was the result of a collaboration between LG and designer clothing company Prada. Unfortunately, for both of these global companies, this partnership wasn’t a huge hit.


Due to touchscreen technology being so new, many reported that this phone was notoriously difficult to use properly. Soon, another company in this list would debut a much more popular touchscreen smartphone.


LG also makes chemicals and telecommunication products. It’s also heavily involved in real estate and management consulting work throughout South Korea. This company might be most well-known for its wide range of televisions and smartphones.


You might also be surprised to learn that LG also sponsors several professional racing, cricket, soccer, and baseball teams.


A few of LG’s latest smartphones include the LG Wing, Velvet. and G8X. The LG Wing utilizes exclusive technology to be one of the world’s first swiveling smartphones. It also features triple rear cameras, a 6.8-inch display, and 4K video recording capabilities.


This company also has a line of tablets known as the LG G Pad. 


6. Huawei



Image Source: 1000 Logos


Huawei is a company based out of Shenzhen, Guangdong in China. Founded in 1987, Huawei first rose to fame by manufacturing popular lines of phone switches. Eventually, Huawei would expand into the consumer electronics and telecommunication industries.


It’s understandable if you live in the United States and aren’t familiar with this company. However, Huawei is massively popular in many other areas of the world. In fact, data from 2018 shows that Huawei was the second-largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide.


As of 2020, Huawei actually surpassed both Apple and Samsung to become the world’s top smartphone brand.


Several of this company’s most popular phones include the Huawei Mate, Y9a, Y6p, P30, and Nova. Huawei also manufactures the popular MediaPad tablet. Huawei also produces a popular line of smartwatches.


7. Google



Image Source: Google


Another company that’s important to mention in the world of electronics is Google. This business is known primarily for its incredibly popular search engine.


Research shows that Google processes 63,000 searches each second! Besides this company’s incredibly popular search engine, Google also manufactures electronics.


While Google hasn’t been in the consumer electronics industry quite as long as many businesses in this list, it’s still making quite an impact. There have been some flops from this company in the past, like Google Glass. 


But this company has had lots of success in the smartphone industry. Google recently entered the smartphone and tablet industry with its Pixel product line.


Google also manufactures a wide range of home security and automation systems under the Nest line of products. Google also has its own line of popular Pixelbook laptops.


Like Sony and Microsoft, Google recently entered into the gaming world with Stadia. Google Stadia is a streaming service and not a home console.


Forbes reports that Google recently reached a value of $1 trillion, making it one of the most valuable companies in the world.


8. Intel



Image Source: WCCFtech


Intel is another one of the largest electronics companies in the world. Founded in 1968, this company spent many decades manufacturing microprocessors for home computers.


Throughout the early 1980s, Intel manufactured lots of DRAM chips. However, the Intel chips inside of IBM’s computers meant the company was enjoying lots of success in closely related industries.


While it had difficult times dealing with stiff competition from other companies, Intel regained much of its momentum in the mid-2000s.


Intel continues growing by acquiring many smaller companies. Several notable companies acquired by Intel since 2010 include SySDSoft, Telmap, McAfee, Omek Interactive, Saffron Technology, Nervana Systems, Movidius, Mobileye, and many others.


This company doesn’t manufacture video game consoles, smartphones, tablets, or other popular types of electronics. However, it’s difficult to deny that this company is definitely a major name in the electronics industry.


In 2019, Intel reported $71.96 billion in annual revenue. Intel has had rough patches in the past, but the future looks bright for this business.

In closing, there are many popular electronics brands throughout the world. If you’re interested in buying and reselling consumer electronics, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Trade-In Tech. We’re home to a popular, members-only marketplace. You can also learn more about how to become a great wholesale electronics dealer by visiting our blog here:

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