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by on February 20, 2023

The phone flipping business is perfect for anyone looking to make money from the electronics industry without massive investment. All you need as a phone reseller is a reliable supplier of affordable smartphones and a way to market your smartphones. If you are already selling electronics such as iPhones, iPad, Laptops, Cameras, Watches, Samsung phones, or google devices or plan to, read this article carefully.

This article is a full review of Trade-in Tech, one of the best wholesale trading platforms in the world. We will review all the platform's features and explain how you can use them to create a successful phone-flipping business.

Introduction to Trade-in Tech

Trade-in Tech is a verified wholesale platform for smartphone & electronics resellers. Local and online retailers, distributors, and wholesalers can buy and sell Apple and Samsung devices, computers, and other consumer electronics in bulk. The platform affiliates with manufacturers, repair stores, wholesalers, etc, to trade products such as phones, computers, tablets, accessories, audio equipment, cameras, etc.

The platform promises a zero-fee trading platform with zero fraud rates. All members on the platform are verified, and the platform monitors all transactions daily.


Trade-in Tech launched a few years ago and had thousands of signups within its first few weeks. Retailers can sign up on the platform within minutes. However, the website requires sellers to pass a verification process before offering their electronic gadgets to buyers on the platform. This verification process is a deterrent against fraudsters looking for unsuspecting phone retailers and resellers to dupe.

If you are skeptical about doing business online, Trade-in Tech offers a platform that resolves your fear. They only allow verified suppliers and distributors to trade, so you don't have to worry about fraudsters.

The signup process for Trade-in Tech

The first step is to go to the signup page. From there, you fill in the necessary details and your payment information. The platform charges $1 for the first month and $59 for subsequent months. The $1 entry fee allows you to test the platform without losing anything. Most people make a lot of money in their first month to pay for the entire year's worth of your subscription.

The $59 monthly fee offers

  • Unlimited access

  • Business directory

  • 24/7 fraud monitoring

  • Zero fees marketplace

  • Custom profile and newsfeed

You can also get two months free yearly when you sign up for the annual plan at $599/year.


Trade-in Tech is a trading platform with social network features. Your newsfeed page will appear after logging in to your account. As with social media pages, your feed will be filled with posts from electronics wholesalers, buyers, and sellers.

You will find various listings ranging from iPhones and Samsung devices to computers. There are thousands of members on the Trade-in Tech platform, many of which constantly post updates on the latest additions to their inventory.

The newsfeed contains a number of updates that are relevant to you. Click on any update that interests you, and you can chat with the seller. You can also buy directly by clicking the "buy it now."

Profile page

You can also create a profile page as you would on any social media platform. You can customize it to make your page stand out from the competition. You can set up your header image, profile image, and other sections.

The profile page will also contain your listings, updates, and articles. When people click on your profile in the members' section, they will land on your profile page. From there, they can decide if you have what they want and then decide to contact you.

Verified leads

As a member of Trade-in Tech, you get 75 verified leads monthly. This list of verified leads contains the lead's name, phone number, email address, website, and social media account. You contact the leads to do business with them.

What makes these leads special is that you get them for free. If you search for "how much it takes to generate a lead" on Google, you will find costs ranging from $50 to $75. And that is just for one lead. With Trade-in Tech, you receive at least 75 verified leads each month for free. At the rate of $50 per lead, you will need to spend $3750 monthly to get 75 leads per month.

According to the company CEO, the platform offers these leads to help members grow their client base.

Free monthly promotion

As part of its desire to help businesses grow, the platform also runs a monthly contest. The monthly content rewards the most active member of each month with free promotion. The winner gets a promotional video that will be shared on the platform's youtube page and other social media channels.

Currently, the company's Facebook leading group has over 12,000 members, the page has 7000 followers, and their youtube page gets thousands of views on each video. While these numbers might look small, the following comprises only people interested in trading electronics. So with this contest, you get to put your business in front of people interested in doing business with you.

Membership section

Trade-in Tech allows individuals and companies to create mutually beneficial relationships by providing a conducive fraud-free environment. From your newsfeed page, you can go to the member section. There are thousands of profiles, and you can click on each profile to message them directly. If you are looking for someone, use the search bar to save time.

Blog articles

The blog section contains helpful articles to help electronic wholesale suppliers and retailers advance their businesses. These articles cater to a wide range of topics ranging from how to set up a phone flipping business to understanding the latest trends in the electronics industry. These blogs generally take less than 10 minutes to read and provide a lot of insights that you won't get on many other trading platforms.

You can also create your articles to share with everyone.


The Directory gives you instant access to all the players in the electronics industry. It is divided into categories: wholesalers, online retailers, local retailers, recyclers, corporate buyback businesses, authorized distributors, and service providers.

Each category features some of the prominent players in the electronics gadget sector. As the platform expands, you will find more companies within those categories.


The marketplace is the main feature of Trade-in Tech. You can buy and sell electronics on the marketplace without paying a fee. Just check on any listings, and you will be directed to the page. From the page, you can contact the seller for a wholesale deal by clicking the "contact seller" button or buy the gadget by clicking the "buy it now" button.

You don't have to worry about fraud because all the platform sellers undergo a robust verification process. You can also contact the customer support team to check if a seller is verified. Furthermore, the team monitors the platform around the clock to prevent fraudulent activities.

Affiliate marketing

Trade-in Tech also offers a way for members to earn side income. The platform pays members $75 for every person they successfully invite to sign up. They also provide an affiliate tracking page to help you track how many referrals you have made and your current earnings. If you want to withdraw your earnings, click on the "my request" button from the menu tap, and from there, you can request your payment. The company pays straight into your PayPal account.

This feature is only for members. So if you want to earn $75 per referral, create an account. With one referral per month, you will be making enough to cover your monthly subscription with change to spare

Final word

Trade-in Tech offers a comprehensive suite of trading features to help you grow your electronics reselling business. They offer a community of retailers, distributors, and wholesalers to ensure you can access anything you need with the click of a button. Thanks to their verification system, you can trade with any member on the platform without worrying about being scammed.

The platform also offers a risk-free way to test the platform. Sign up today and open pay $1 for the first month. You can cancel the subscription if the platform doesn't align with your needs. However, we are confident you will remain on the platform, especially since they offer 75n verified leads for free each month and monthly promotion contests for the most active users.

The opportunity you've been waiting for here. Just click the signup button.

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