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If you’re interested in building a successful business, it’s helpful to learn about this from those who have done it.


The first step to doing this is entering a popular industry. If you’re interested in building a company in the smartphone industry, you’ve found a popular industry to enter into. 


A recent study from the Pew Research Center in 2019 found that 81% of Americans own some type of cell phone. This is a figure that will only continue to grow as time goes on.


Since LSCR began, it remains a successful company and an excellent partner in the wholesale smartphone industry. Soon, LSCR would quickly become well-known in the wireless industry for being an extremely trustworthy electronics wholesaler. 


One reason for this company’s success comes from a time-tested motto: “Honesty is the best policy.” With that said, there are several other reasons why LSCR has become and continues to be such a success.


By taking a closer look at this business and its qualities, you can gain a deeper understanding of how to build a successful business in the electronics industry.


Here is how LSCR built a wholesale smartphone company...


Based In Houston, TX


Source: Image by David Mark from Pixabay


Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets remain popular throughout the world. Considering that, there’s a huge market for these devices in the United States. Research from Statista found that smartphone sales in the United States reached a total of $77.5 billion in sales during 2019.


This is also where you’ll find LSCR; this company is based out of Houston, Texas.


This location is incredibly convenient if you’re located anywhere near Texas or need to work with a US-based supplier.


Understandably, most vendors in the United States also have customers from this country. So, it’s best for these companies to find their electronics from sellers in the United States.


It’s also convenient for companies in the United States to find a supplier in this country for shipping purposes. Sometimes, the time and shipping costs associated with receiving electronics from other countries aren’t feasible for vendors.


If you’re in the United States and need a local supplier to work with, consider partnering with LSCR.


You’ll also find that LSCR allows customers to pick up their shipments in-person. With that said, you’ll need to contact them first to schedule an appointment. You can reach this business by calling +1 (346) 226-5126.


Competitive Warranty Policy


In any industry, warranties help provide peace of mind to both buyers and sellers. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible to find suppliers that offer warranties.


Without warranties, you’re placing a lot of trust in who you work with. Sometimes, taking the risk of working with someone who doesn’t offer warranties can backfire. If this situation happens, it might end up being very costly.


LSCR understands that the electronics industry can be extremely competitive. This reason is why LSCR created a competitive warranty policy.


Warranties are great because they provide customers with security. LSCR offers these warranties to go above and beyond for its customers.


What sets LSCR apart from other companies is that its warranties are competitive. LSCR works with you to establish a warranty that all parties find fair. Trust us, this competitive warranty definitely makes partnering with LSCR a wise thing to do.


In the rare event that you encounter any problems with your electronics, LSCR will work with you to come up with a solution.


Focusing on Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG devices in mint condition


Source: TechRadar


It’s also important to note that LSCR both buys and sells mobile devices. This company also specializes in buying used, new, and refurbished devices.


Many companies within the wireless industry rely on LSCR to receive their inventory.


LSCR is always looking to acquire Apple, Samsung, Google, and LG devices that are in mint condition. Popular electronics from these previously mentioned companies include iPhones, iPads, Google Pixels, and Samsung Galaxy devices.


If you have devices from Apple, Google, LG, or Samsung in mint condition, you’ll definitely want to contact LSCR. You can also get in contact with LSCR by joining Trade-In Tech!


You can learn more about all of the products this company offers by going to LSCR’s product pages. Here, you’ll find popular electronics like Samsung Galaxy Notes, Samsung S Series smartphones, many popular iPhone models, and much more.


We love the layout and design of LSCR’s website. This website’s products menu is incredibly easy to navigate.


You’ll also find clear images of each device this company has in stock on its website. Each listing also features detailed information about each device LSCR offers. This includes manufacturer information, device dimensions, memory capacity, and other important specs.


You can also find related products at the bottom of each item’s listing. This related products section is great for finding similar devices you might be interested in. While browsing LSCR’s extensive product selection, you’ll likely find lots of electronics that interest you.


Excellent Customer Service


In any industry, it’s beneficial to partner with a business that knows how to treat its customers. Whether you’re in the B2C or B2B world, no customer wants to be treated badly. When you partner with LSCR, you’ll learn about excellent customer service.


When LSCR became a business, its founders understood the importance of being honest and respectful.


The minds behind this business know that customers have a choice in who they buy electronics from. With that in mind, LSCR’s amazing customer service is one reason why this company is so successful.


Because this business places such value on delivering great customer service, LSCR has built an excellent reputation in the wholesale electronics industry


With lots of scammers targeting the popular world of consumer electronics, it’s always nice to find a reliable supplier like LSCR.


Also, LSCR’s employees are friendly and knowledgeable. By working with this company, you’ll be working with industry professionals. LSCR’s expert team of employees can help ensure you’re buying the right electronics for your resale business.


If you have questions about buying or selling LSCR’s products, simply reach out to this company’s support team.


Phonecheck Certified Testing & Grading Standards

Source: Phonecheck


If you’re thinking of buying your mint condition mobile devices from LSCR, you can rest assured you’re getting what you pay for. This is because LSCR exclusively uses Phonecheck to test, clean, and wipe their devices.


Phonecheck is a business that helps vendors test and wipe data from mobile devices. 


Considering the popularity and quality of Phonecheck, this company remains a leader in the mobile device industry. With one of Phonecheck’s USB hubs, LSCR is able to process mobile devices as accurately as possible.


With Phonecheck, LSCR is able to check all of its devices for carrier, manufacturer, and software locks. Phonecheck also checks the health of mobile device batteries and the health of their internal and external components.


These components include smartphone cameras, buttons, batteries, speakers, digitizers, screens, and much more.


Phonecheck also handles both the data wiping and resetting of mobile devices. By receiving wiped and reset mobile devices, it makes your workload lighter and your life much easier. 


No more wasting time processing and wiping devices manually, which can take hours at a time. In fact, Phonecheck is capable of processing devices 10 times faster than manual testing and data wiping.


What’s also great about LSCR’s partnership with Phonecheck is that it provides reliability and trustworthiness for customers. When you’re buying smartphones and tablets from LSCR, you’ll know that each of these items received testing and are ready for resale.


Highly Responsive


Another quality that sets LSCR apart from other companies is its responsiveness. As you know, electronics wholesalers often live fast-paced lives. The electronics market seemingly never sleeps and there’s always people or companies looking to buy or sell devices.


It’s beneficial to find a business partner that understands the importance of being responsive, especially when considering how fast the electronics industry moves.


No one wants to wait for days or weeks to receive a response from a business partner. If you decide to work with LSCR, you’ll partner with a responsive business.


If you have a question or concern, you can rest assured that someone from LSCR will respond to you quickly. This business knows that being responsive is a key factor in a company’s success.


You’ll also notice LSCR’s responsiveness when it prepares its shipments. While exact shipping times vary based on your location, order size, and a few other factors, LSCR will always process orders as fast as possible.


By having a responsive business partner, you won’t have to deal with the stress of waiting for a response. Instead, LSCR will work to ensure that you receive your electronics right away.


International Distribution Channels


Source: Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


When working with a business partner, it’s always good to find a company with a large selection of items. If not, it’s often going to be difficult to find what you need. This is also true when speaking about the electronics industry.


It seems like there are new mobile electronics coming out every month. Working in such a popular industry with lots of products, having a good selection of items to choose from is essential.


If you can’t provide a range of quality electronics to your customers, they might end up buying from another supplier.


Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about choosing from a limited selection while working with LSCR. This company has its own network of international buyers and sellers. LSCR has lots of experience working with suppliers in the wholesale electronics industry.


With LSCR’s vast international network, you can gain access to all sorts of new electronics. 


Having a partner with international distribution channels is also beneficial if you’re trying to expand your company into new markets. With such a large range of inventory, LSCR can become your new international supplier.


Trade-In Tech Featured Member



In the business world, it’s always helpful to connect with other companies. Recently, LSCR decided to do this by joining Trade-In Tech. 


After becoming a featured member of Trade-In Tech, LSCR was able to open up its network of buyers and sellers even more than before.


We’ve been incredibly happy and honored to welcome LSCR to our wholesale platform. Since this business joined us, it quickly became one of our best performing members.


You might see LSCR appear in one of Trade-In Tech’s chat rooms, creating a buyer’s request, starting a group, or leaving an update on their member profile page.


If you become a Trade-In Tech member, we highly encourage you to go and check out LSCR. This company is actively involved in the Trade-In Tech community.


We also encourage you to think about becoming a Trade-In Tech featured member. As a featured member, we help take care of marketing your company.


The marketing we do can include blog posts (like the one you’re reading now) and featured videos that go up live on our YouTube channel. These videos are easy to embed into your company’s website.


We can even take a combined approach and use both blog posts, videos, and other types of marketing together.


By becoming a featured member of Trade-In Tech, you’ll also gain special placement within our website. You’ll be placed on a special list of featured members that are visible to our entire network.


This type of exposure instantly opens up your company to our network of over 10,000 members-and growing fast!


To summarize, LSCR continues its success as a reliable wholesale smartphone company. Starting out in Texas, LSCR understood the value of being honest and treating customers with the utmost respect. LSCR also knew the importance of business partnerships, partnering with other companies like Trade-In Tech and Phonecheck.


For more tips about business success, we hope you’ll consider visiting Trade-In Tech’s wholesale electronics blog. This blog features long-form content about all sorts of topics that help your business continue to succeed. We’re always new content each week, so make sure you keep visiting for lots of new tips.

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