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by on February 1, 2022

It’s been a wild but great year for Trade-In Tech! We hope that you’ve enjoyed checking out our articles, marketplace, and the many other things we have to offer. With that in mind, we don’t want to make it all about us! 


One of the reasons we’ve been so fortunate is due to our many amazing members. We thought it would be fun to shed some light on some of these great companies! 


Join us as we take a closer look at some of the best-performing companies in the electronics industry. Trust us, we’re sure that you’ll walk away with some more knowledge of how to buy and sell electronics.


We’ll be taking a closer look at Phonecheck, Atlas Mobile, and many others. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with a quick look at Trade-In Tech (a platform where you can find all of these companies)!


Here is more information about eight successful electronics companies you should partner with.


1. Cybertron Electronics



Cybertron Electronics is a company that has spent almost 10 years achieving success in the electronics industry. This small company began working locally in Kansas. Soon, the efforts of CEO Jeremy Bass and his team of hard-workers would allow this company to scale up quickly.


One of the things that Cybertron Electronics prides itself on is running a business that offers reliable customer service. This company is also incredibly fast, which is something that every customer loves. Cybertron Electronics’ customer service team offers 24/7 support to take care of your questions and concerns as fast as possible.


Another thing this business offers is an extremely competitive pricing system. This company maintains this pricing due to its massive amount of connections within the electronics industry. As a customer, you’ll be in good hands with this business because Cybertron Electronics is ALL about building long-term relationships.


When it comes to its inventory, you can rest assured that you’ll know what you’re getting from Cybertron Electronics. That’s because this company uses an established grading system. And, considering how many devices this company sells each month, it’s safe to say they know how to accurately grade electronics.


At this point, you might be wanting to know more about the quality of electronics that this company offers. You can rest assured Cybertron Electronics only works with high-quality electronic devices. One way this company does this is by buying third-party checked and certified electronics.


Another reason why so many people and companies in the electronics industry love working with Cybertron Electronics is that it offers a wide range of unit quantities. This is beneficial for both electronics wholesalers and someone only looking for a few electronic devices at a time.


Plus, Cybertron Electronics frequently features all sorts of sales and deals for its customers. These frequent deals are great ways to save a small fortune on electronic devices! And, as a customer, it’s hard to find something better than getting a great deal on your purchases.


Take a closer look at all the electronics Cybertron Electronics offers by visiting You can also reach them by dialing 1-620-899-7415. If you have a question or prefer doing things through email, use this email address: [email protected].


2. Novetta Wireless



One of the fastest-growing electronic distribution businesses in the country is Novetta Wireless. This company sells over 30,000 smartphones each month. And selling smartphones isn’t the only service this company offers. Novetta Wireless also buys smartphones and even has its own refurbishing service.


If you’re even remotely interested in flipping cell phones, you’ll definitely want to consider partnering with Novetta Wireless. This company works with some of the world’s largest businesses, including Amazon, Walmart, Back Market, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T.


What’s also great about partnering with Novetta Wireless is that this business has connections around the world. We’re not just talking about a few connections, either. Novetta Wireless maintains partnerships with companies in many international markets.


Novetta Wireless also specializes in getting its electronics shipped out extremely fast. In most cases, this business will have its goods shipped out within 24-48 hours after receiving payment! With such short shipping times, you’ll be amazed at how fast your electronic devices get to you.


So far, we’ve spent a lot of time talking about how this company handles buying and selling electronics. It’s also important to mention Novetta Wireless’ amazing IT asset management program.


It’s understandable if you haven’t heard about IT asset management before. While the term sounds somewhat complicated, it’s easier to understand after a quick explanation. Chances are, you worked for (or work for) a company that’s had to deal with outdated tech. It’s a problem that every business owner faces as time goes on.


When the computers, tablets, smartphones, and other tech your business uses becomes outdated, you’re going to need newer equipment. If you partner with Novetta Wireless, your business will have an incredibly easy time upgrading its devices!


Another feature that Novetta Wireless offers is a transparent grading system. With this grading system, you can rest assured as a customer that you’re getting what you pay for. Plus, you also have an extremely easy way of knowing exactly what condition any of Novetta Wireless’ devices are in.


Novetta Wireless also offers special pricing for electronics wholesalers. All you need to do is visit and request a wholesale quote. You can also reach Novetta Wireless by dialing 1-214-843-1211 or send this company an email: [email protected]


3. KT Corp



Another amazing company in the electronics industry is KT Corp. One of the best ways to succeed in this industry is by offering a wide range of services to your customers. And that’s exactly what KT Corp does. This company not only buys and sells electronics but also offers electronics recycling services.


Being able to partner with a company that offers as many services as KT Corp is great! Why? Because you avoid having to work with several companies. Without having to do that, you save time and energy!


Let’s take a moment to talk about how KT Corp buys electronics. Here’s a quick breakdown of this company’s buying process:


  • Verifies serial information to avoid stolen or blacklisted devices

  • Utilizes special R2 certified equipment and tools to securely remove data from its electronics

  • A 60-point inspection process to thoroughly test its electronic devices

  • Has a massive global network to ship its electronics throughout the world

  • Uses an expert grading system to ensure clarity for its customers


KT Corp also has a massive ecommerce presence, which is a must for any company working with electronics. One of the best platforms to find and work with this company on is Trade-In Tech! We’re so happy to have KT Corp as one of our top members.


This company partners with all sorts of businesses, not just those in the electronics industry. You can find KT Corp partnering with data centers, healthcare companies, financial corporations, education facilities, and other businesses.


You’ll find that KT Corp buys and sells electronics from many of the industry’s most popular brands, including Apple, Samsung, Google, and many others. It’s also worth mentioning that KT Corp works out of the United States, but has connections in over 20 countries! 


With this company’s international connections, partnering with this business might allow you to find electronics from the United States, Dubai, Hong Kong, and many other popular countries.


When this company isn’t spending time buying, selling, or recycling electronics, you can find its employees at many local and international events in the electronics industry. If you want to make a big impact in the electronics industry, it’s a good idea to think about attending these events!


It’s also extremely important to mention this company’s transparent culture. In the world of business, it’s always good to have such a strong culture within your company. KT Corp maintains a high-level focus on both sustainability and transparency. It also places a lot of emphasis on protecting the data and privacy of both its B2B and B2C customers.


If you’d like to learn more about KT Corp, make sure to check out this company’s website by visiting You can also reach out to this company through WhatsApp by using this link:


4. Atlas Mobile



One way to begin and continue having a successful business is by working in an industry with a lot of demand. That’s exactly what Atlas Mobile did when this company entered the used phone market.


The market for used smartphones became popular as soon as the first lines of popular phones became dated by newer models. One reason this happened is that many people don’t mind saving money on a phone that’s a little older.


Soon after this company began buying and selling smartphones, it was able to grow even larger by starting a website. This website would soon become an incredibly popular platform for anyone who needed used smartphones. With that said, Atlas Mobile doesn’t only buy and sell smartphones. This business also repairs them!


Atlas Mobile’s smartphone repair service is a great way for your business to have a partner that can take care of your mobile devices. This service can also broaden what kinds of smartphones you’re able to buy. If you have a company that can handle repairs, you won’t have to pass on deeply discounted phones that are in less-than-perfect condition.


If you partner with Atlas Mobile, you’ll also benefit from working with a business that maintains connections to massive networks. You can find out about all of the many electronics this company offers by taking a look at its buyback list. By using this list, you can always stay aware of what Atlas Mobile is buying.


Atlas Mobile buys and sells smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, laptops, and sometimes other types of electronics. If you’re looking for Apple and Samsung electronics, you’ll definitely want to consider partnering with Atlas Mobile.


There are several ways to reach Atlas Mobile. First, you can contact them by visiting this company’s website at If you want to take a closer look at this company’s buyback list, you can check it out by clicking here.


5. Phonecheck



One of the most important things you can have as a business owner is trust. Without it, you’ll have a tough time gaining and keeping customers. One way that you can build trust in the electronics industry is by having reliable partners. That’s where Phonecheck enters the picture.


Phonecheck is a company that offers a platform for people that want to quickly and reliably check smartphones. Now, what kinds of tests are we talking about? Actually, many of them!


If you’re going to work with electronics, specifically smartphones, you’ll need to test them. Of course, you can manually perform these tests. This situation might work when you have a few devices to test at a time. As your company continues growing, you’ll be working with much more than a few smartphones at once.


As you work with more smartphones that need testing, doing this manually can take up a lot of your time and energy. Plus, it can be easy to miss things and make mistakes. This could mean sending out devices that your customers are unhappy with.


Phonecheck frees up your time and workload by automating how you test smartphones. Since you don’t have to deal with manual errors that all of us make from time to time, your devices are always accurately checked.


Another important component of what Phonecheck does has to do with safety. We’re sure you know that data is part of everything these days. Because of that, you never want your data getting into the wrong hands. Fortunately, Phonecheck makes sure your devices are clean by removing all personal data from them.


Phonecheck can also process multiple devices at a time, which is great for people like phone flippers who need to check a lot of smartphones at once. Another cool feature of Phonecheck is that it can check for OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) replacement parts. Having this information is beneficial to make sure your electronics contain only parts from the original equipment manufacturer.


Working with Phonecheck gets even cooler. That’s because any devices checked with this tool can receive a certification that they’re Phonecheck certified. With this certification, you can sell your devices to customers with the peace of mind that they’re ready to be resold.


Phonecheck works on both Mac and PC devices. Plus, this company has an awesome support team that’s always available to give you the help you need. If you want to save time while running your business, consider partnering up with Phonecheck. 


Learn more about this company by going to If you want your business to join the thousands of companies already using Phonecheck, request a demo of it here.


6. H&Z Wholesale Inc



H&Z Wholesale, Inc first got its start in Winter Haven, Florida. As this company began, it soon became one of the most popular electronics companies in its region. This business would continue expanding and serving customers throughout Florida. Now, H&Z Wholesale, Inc works with customers throughout the United States!


This fast-growing company takes part in both direct-to-consumer and wholesale sales. By offering these two types of services, H&Z Wholesale is able to cater to as many customers as possible. Because of this, it’s able to operate in both B2B and B2C spaces. If you want a large target audience, it’s a good idea for your company to handle both small and large transactions.


H&Z Wholesale, Inc specializes in carrying a wide range of electronics. You’ll find brand-new laptops, video game consoles, tablets, and smartwatches for sale from this business. This business regularly has products available from all the major brands, including Apple, Samsung, and many others.


Another great quality of this company is that it’s always looking to create new partnerships. If you’re the owner of a business that needs great connections, definitely think about joining up with H&Z Wholesale, Inc.


We love having H&Z Wholesale, Inc on our platform as one of our featured members. Ready to reach out to H&Z Wholesale, Inc? All you need to do is contact this company on WhatsApp at 863.640.9920. 





If you’re reading this article, you could be just getting started in the buyback part of the electronics industry. Considering that, starting a new buyback company typically requires a lot of time and effort. If you want to speed up this process, you’ll want to learn more about a company called


Whether you want to open a retail business, an e-commerce website, or a combination of the two, has a lot of beneficial features to offer. Let’s take a closer look at why so many people and companies in the electronics industry are working with


One of the main features of this toolkit is that it integrates with a wide range of popular products and services. For example, integrates seamlessly with three of the most popular shipping platforms: USPS, FedEx, and UPS. By integrating with the platforms that these companies offer, you’ll have a way to automate creating return labels and ship packages. can also integrate with another popular program, RepairDesk. If you don’t know about RepairDesk, it’s a type of POS (point of sale) software that’s popular within the electronics repair industry.


If you use with RepairDesk, you’ll have a way to automate the electronic repair process. Plus, also keeps your customers aware of how things are going while their electronics get repaired.


Another popular service that integrates with is Shopify. As you likely know, Shopify is one of the world’s most popular e-commerce platforms. Many companies are able to sell products, track orders, and stay in business with the help that Shopify offers.


If your company uses Shopify in any way, you’ll want to know how integrates with this service. One of the most beneficial things that does on Shopify is to automatically sync your company’s inventory. With synced-up inventory, it’s much easier to run your business without dealing with any inventory-related errors.


You’ll also find that integrates with Phonecheck (another company on this list). Using and Phonecheck together allows you to automate filling in IMEI numbers and other important information about your electronic devices. This is also beneficial for helping you get electronics in and out of your store as quickly as possible. can also be a major help when it comes to marketing your business and tracking how your company performs online. If you use Google Search Console or Google Analytics, you’ll love how these programs integrate with Use these programs and tools together to always stay aware of how your website is performing in Google.


It’s also possible for to integrate with ResellerRatings, Trustpilot, and SiteJabber. By integrating with these programs, you can receive alerts when you have new reviews and ratings on the previously mentioned websites.


What’s also great about using is that you can take this information and place it on your company’s website. This allows your potential customers to learn the nice things that others have to say about your business!


So far, we spent a lot of time discussing the many products and services that integrates with. It’s now time to learn about the many other features of The next feature you’ll want to learn about is how easy makes it to create a device catalog. As you probably know, having a device catalog is essential in the electronics industry.


When you have automating how you create and maintain device catalogs, you save a ton of time that would otherwise be spent doing this manually. This leaves you with more time to spend on other aspects of your business, especially if you’re an electronics wholesaler.


Something else that many companies love is being able to use to create buyback websites and widgets. Manually trying to create a website, even with many modern conveniences available, can still be a time-consuming and stressful process. Using to automate website creation lets you have a fully functional and great-looking website.


A buyback widget is sort of like a smaller version of the websites that creates. Having these widgets are great for business owners who don’t need a new website, but still want to make things easy for their customers.


If you want to learn more about all of the amazing features of, you can call this company by dialing 1-844-464-0425. You can also visit this company’s website by going to Prefer to learn more through email? Send this company an email to: [email protected].


8. We Sell Cellular



If you want to work with a well-known company in the electronics industry, look no further than We Sell Cellular. This company supplies many companies with all sorts of electronics. You won’t have to worry about waiting to find the electronics you need with this company. That’s because We Sell Cellular maintains a consistent inventory.


The minds behind this company have decades of experience in the world of wholesale electronics. It also maintains a 24-hour ordering portal, which is incredibly convenient for people and companies that can’t order electronics during a company’s typical business hours.


You can also rest assured that you’re getting high-quality electronics from We Sell Cellular. That’s because this company prides itself on an extremely thorough and accurate grading process. With this type of system, you can rely on We Sell Cellular providing you with consistent quality.


Whether you work as a wholesaler, distributor, or refurbisher, you’ll find that partnering with We Sell Cellular is a wise business decision. By partnering with this company, your business can have the steady supply of used smartphones that it needs.


We Sell Cellular also has lots of flexible payment options available for qualifying customers. Plus, this company’s 30-day warranty gives you peace of mind that you can feel confident buying smartphones from We Sell Cellular.


You can get in touch with We Sell Cellular by visiting Give them a call by dialing 1-516-334-6400. Lastly, you can also email this business by sending it to [email protected].


Find All of These Companies on Trade-In Tech!



By this point, you might think that you’ll need to spend lots of energy and time trying to track these companies down. Fortunately, that’s not the case! We have a much easier solution. Instead, you can find and potentially work with all of these companies by joining Trade-In Tech.


What’s Trade-In Tech?


Trade-In Tech is a platform for pretty much any person or company in the electronics industry. Our social platform is an amazing way for wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and many others to connect with each other.


Our website has everything you need to start networking and making sales in the electronics industry. Trade-In Tech features a marketplace, a massive directory of members, and much more!


Why Should I Join Trade-In Tech?


If you want to take your business to the next level, Trade-In Tech can give you many important advantages. Instead of listing everything out in one huge paragraph, we’ll break down the main benefits of joining Trade-In Tech below.


Finding Popular Electronics at Great Prices


Whether you’re just starting out or already own a popular electronics business, it’s always good to have a way to find electronics at low prices. Fortunately, it’s easy to do this on Trade-In Tech. That’s because you’re not buying electronics directly from us or a retailer that’s charging you high prices. Instead, our members are the sellers.


Because our members set the prices for what they’re selling, you can rest assured that you’re always getting competitive prices on electronic devices, including smartphones, tablets, computers, video game consoles, and MUCH more.


Having A Safe and Secure Platform


Another important concern of any business owner is finding a safe platform. That’s exactly what Trade-In Tech is able to offer our members. We take the safety and security of our members extremely seriously. That’s why we make sure that every new Trade-In Tech member completes our verification process before they’re able to join our platform.


Through our verification process, we’re able to keep out scammers. This also allows our members to feel safe doing business on Trade-In Tech. Plus, we also have a support team available around the clock if you need to report anything suspicious. We maintain a no-tolerance policy for anyone trying to scam or otherwise take advantage of our members.


Never Paying Transaction Fees


The last benefit of Trade-In Tech is one we definitely want to make sure we mention. Take a moment to think about the last products or services you purchased. Chances are before you could have these items or services, you had to pay fees.


These days, paying fees has become an annoying part of buying just about anything. If you’re sick of dealing with fees, we hear you! That’s why Trade-In Tech offers no transaction fees to all of our members.


You read that last sentence correctly, Trade-In Tech members don’t have to pay transaction fees. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying or selling electronics. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re buying one or 100 electronic devices, you won’t worry about transaction fees on Trade-In Tech.


Without dealing with these fees, you can keep more of your company’s revenue. This is just one of many ways that Trade-In Tech helps your business grow!


We hope that you enjoyed this look at eight successful companies in the electronics industry. If you want to learn more about Trade-In Tech, visit our website by going to Not ready to join yet? That’s ok! In the meantime, why not check out our library of articles available on Trade-In Tech’s blog?

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