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If you are looking for electronics, there are many ways to buy these items. However, one of the best ways to get electronics involves people you might not have heard of before. We're talking about buying electronics from wholesalers. Whether you want to work with a wholesale distributor or become one, we have the information you need.


We'll get started by giving you a quick run-down of what wholesalers do. Next, we'll take a look at popular types of wholesale electronics. After that, you'll learn where to find wholesale distributors online. You’ll also learn the steps needed to start your own wholesale business. Ready to get started?


What Is An Electronics Wholesaler?


An electronics wholesaler plays an incredibly important role. These people or companies buy large quantities of electronic devices. Then, they sell these same items back to other parties. Typically, wholesalers often work with retailers. However, it's also possible for wholesalers to work with other wholesale distributors, retailers, and manufacturers.


You can also learn what a wholesaler does through the following example. Let's say that Apple manufactured 10,000 iPhones. Apple doesn't want to individually contact retailers to negotiate small iPhone orders. So, Apple reaches out to a wholesale distributor. Then, this distributor buys 1,000 iPhones and sells them to other parties in small amounts.


What Are the Most Popular Types of Wholesale Electronics?



Before you start working with a wholesale supplier, it's a good idea to know about the most popular types of consumer electronics. If you can find and buy these devices, you could end up adding extremely profitable inventory to your store. Here's a closer look at the bulk electronics you'll want to get your hands on.


Cell Phones


It's hard to find branded consumer electronics more popular than smartphones. Whether you prefer iPhones, Samsung Galaxy smartphones, or another brand, the smartphone is here to stay. That's why you'll often find smartphones available for sale at wholesale prices.


It's easy to see why smartphones are so popular. For one, these devices enable people to remain connected with each other. Mobile phones are also great devices for playing games, watching videos, or listening to music.


There's also a huge market for wholesale mobile phone accessories. If you can find the right cell phone accessories, you can offer your customers tempting bundles. Some of the most popular cell phone accessories are:

  • Stands

  • Cases

  • Cables

  • Automobile accessories for cell phones

  • Bluetooth speakers

  • Headphones


Regardless of whether you resell smartphones, cell phone accessories, or all of the above, there's a lot of money to be made in this massive market.




Another major hit in the world of consumer electronics remains the tablet. Most people remember originally hearing about the tablet when Apple debuted its incredibly popular iPad. Apple remains one of the most trusted brands in the tablet world. With that said, other companies stepped up to the plate in recent years to manufacture and distribute their own popular tablets.


Tablets look similar to smartphones, but they're much larger and aren't often able to place or receive calls. With that said, tablets are great consumer electronics for people who want to take their entertainment or games on the go. Most parents also find that tablets are big hits with their children.


As is the case with mobile phones, there are also a ton of popular tablet accessories that should be big hits with your customers. Items like tablet cases, power adapters, screen protectors, and speakers are all popular accessories for tablet owners.


Video Game Consoles



Other popular types of consumer electronics are video game consoles. If you can get your hands on Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch gaming consoles, you could quickly build up a growing wholesale electronics business!


Other popular types of general merchandise in the world of video games include accessories. Every gamer needs items like controllers, cables, and (of course) video games! If you can become a one-stop shop for gamers, you could soon find yourself working with a ton of top national retailers.


Computers (Laptops)


These days, it seems like everyone uses computers. You might even be reading this content on a computer right now! Of course, most desktop computers and monitors are too bulky to consistently store and ship. However, we're talking about the types of computers that the best electronics wholesalers love and those are laptops.


The laptop computer isn't only for people working in offices. These electronics are popular with people from all walks of life. Plus, as you can imagine, there is also a large resale market centered around computer accessories. You can offer computer accessories like keyboards, mouses, and other items every computer user needs.


So, what makes laptops so great as wholesale electronics? For one, these types of electronics are incredibly easy to ship and store. Many trusted brands manufacture laptops, including HP, Dell, Microsoft, and many others. Offering laptops from some of these leading brands is a great way to operate a successful company. If you can find laptops for sale at wholesale prices, you could easily find interested distributors or retailers willing to buy what you're offering.





It's also quite popular to carry cameras and similar types of video equipment in your company's store. Yes, it's true that cameras and tablets can take great photos. However, some people either need to prefer to have high-quality products made specifically for taking pictures. Some of the most trusted brands in the camera world are Canon, Sony, Nikon, Olympus, and Fujifilm.


Most digital cameras can fetch retail prices that would make almost anyone raise their eyebrows in excitement. If you can find name-brand merchandise like the companies we mentioned earlier, you could have wholesale products that everyone wants to get their hands on.


The world of digital cameras is also one with many tech accessories. Many camera owners love customizing and improving their base cameras. As you shop for accessories, be on the lookout for memory cards, lens filters, and extra camera batteries.


How to Find Electronics Wholesalers



We've let you in on what wholesalers do and the types of electronics they buy and resell. Now, we're going to let you know where you can find and start partnering with these types of distributors. Avoid paying retail costs for your electronics by using these methods.


Becoming a Member of Trade-In Tech


Instead of spending tons of valuable time and energy tracking down a few wholesalers, what if you could join a large network of them. By joining Trade-In Tech, you have this amazing opportunity. Here are some of the main reasons to become a Trade-In Tech member.


Finding Wholesalers in Many Ways


Chances are, you're here because you want to either work with wholesalers or become one yourself. If either option is true, you'll definitely want to be on Trade-In Tech. Why? Because our social wholesale platform is full of wholesale professionals.


It gets better! You can find and contact the wholesale companies on our platform in several different ways. One of the best ways to connect with brands on Trade-In Tech is by following their member pages. This is a social page that each Trade-In Tech member gets after signing up.


If you prefer, you can also check out Trade-In Tech's chat rooms to start connecting with wholesalers to build up your inventory. Trade-In Tech's chat rooms are separated into categories, making it easy to find the right group to start chatting with.


You also connect with a wholesale company by joining one of Trade-In Tech's many groups. Since many of our members work in the electronics industry, Trade-In Tech has all sorts of groups about these types of devices. Can't find what you're looking for? Don't worry, Trade-In Tech also lets our members create private groups.


No Insanely High Minimum Order Quantities


If you're new to the world of wholesaling, you might also be unfamiliar with minimum order quantities (sometimes referred to as a MOQ). To avoid being overwhelmed by too many small transactions, minimum order quantities make things easier for sellers.


Things can get a little overwhelming for new buyers when they see insanely high minimum order quantities. After all, most people or companies new to wholesaling aren't going to have the budget to buy 500 smartphones or tablets at a time.


On Trade-In Tech, you don't have to go broke while you shop for electronics. Since our members are in charge of pricing what they sell, you can rest assured that you're always getting attractive prices without crazy minimum order quantities.


Secure Payment Methods


Before you can officially stock your store with electronics, you'll need to purchase these items. At this point in the buying journey, it's imperative to make sure you can complete your transactions safely. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech has you covered.


Trade-In Tech integrates with PayPal, one of the most trusted payment platforms in the world. If you and the seller or buyer prefer, you can also choose to complete your transaction using another reliable and trusted payment platform. Plus, Trade-In Tech also allows you and the other party to choose another payment platform if you both prefer.


Wholesalers From Across The World


If you're thinking about joining a new platform for your business, it makes sense to hope that it would be home to many wholesale suppliers. When you join Trade-In Tech, that's exactly what you can expect.


Trade-In Tech's platform is home to many wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and many other companies. Best of all, these members are located throughout the world. Whether you want to work with wholesalers from the United States, India, China, or another location, it's likely that you can find them on Trade-In Tech.


Staying Informed About Trade Shows and Similar Events


Since the electronics industry is so popular, there are typically lots of electronics trade shows and similar events that happen throughout the year. If you want to connect with wholesalers and other brands in this industry, it's a good idea to attend these events. But where do you find the time to track down all of the electronic industry's most popular trade shows?


If you're a member of Trade-In Tech, we do all of the hard work for you! Just check out our page dedicated to all of the events and trade shows. Trade-In Tech lists the dates and locations of these events, allowing you to plan out any potential trips in advance. You might even find some people to go with by asking around on our platform.


Local Sources


You don't have to do everything on the computer. Sometimes, depending on the size of your city, it's possible to get factory direct prices by partnering with local wholesalers. Before you start working with any local company, make sure to shop around. We recommend checking out the websites of these companies, especially for testimonials or reviews.


Of course, working with local sources means you're going to spend some time and energy accomplishing this task. With the current gas prices, driving around could cost more than you bargained for. Another potential hurdle is that some companies in this industry might not be accepting local partners.


You don't have to exclusively partner with wholesalers to find and buy electronics in bulk. Instead, use local services like Craigslist and Letgo to see if anyone is listing wholesale electronic devices. These websites sometimes have everything from home appliances to smartphones.


Check Out Online Directories


It might also be a good idea to search online directories for suppliers in need of new partnerships. To do this, we recommend starting your search by using a search engine like Google. Once you're there, begin your search for wholesale electronics suppliers.


Keep in mind that you might be spending quite a bit of time searching through categories and directories to track down a leading distributor. Sometimes, websites feature dated contact information. This can make it hard to track down companies.


Using this method might mean spending lots of time browsing through national directories. However, your efforts could be worth it if you find a reliable wholesaler to work with.


How Can I Become a Wholesaler?



Instead of working with electronics wholesalers, you might decide to become one yourself. By doing this, you can put yourself or your business on the front lines of the electronics industry. But you'll need to do a few things first. Here are the basic steps you can take to start your own wholesale business.


1. Decide on a Business Entity


One of the first things to think about is choosing the best entity for your company. If you already established your business before reading this article, you can probably skip this step. To help you out, here's a quick rundown of business entities and how they differ.


Sole Proprietorship


Do you like doing things by yourself? If that's the case, you might want to operate under a sole proprietorship. Some people like to operate under this entity because there aren't a lot of complicated steps to take to begin working.


With that said, a major drawback of a sole proprietorship is that your business and personal income (or losses) are treated as the same thing. If you don't want to mix personal and business income, it could be wise to operate under another type of entity.


Limited Liability Company


Chances are, you've seen at least a few companies with the letters LLC after their business name. That's because these businesses are limited liability companies (LLCs). As the name implies, the owner or owners of limited liability companies have some protections in the event of a lawsuit.


What's also great about an LLC is that a business owner can choose how the IRS taxes their income. You can choose to either have business income treated as a corporation's income or as a pass-through entity.




Sometimes, one person doesn't want to start a company by themselves. In this case, it could be wise for more than one person to run a business together under a partnership. You and your business partners can choose to form either a general or limited partnership.


C or S-Corporation


While these aren't the most popular options for most entrepreneurs, you might also think about starting either a C or S-corporation. While forming a corporation does have its strengths, it's also possible for you to end up getting taxed at a rate you're uncomfortable with.


2. Create a Business Plan



It's always important to prepare yourself properly before doing something big like starting a business. If you haven't yet, now's the perfect time to create a business plan. While they can seem a little intimidating, business plans are great things to create. If you're trying to obtain a business loan, some lenders might require you to have a business plan.


As you create your business plan, it's important to think about what you'll resell and who your competitors are. You can also use this time to come up with a creative name for your new business. It might seem like creating a business plan is "too much." However, completing this critical step often ends up putting you miles ahead of most of your competitors.


3. Obtain Your Wholesale License


In most cases, forming a new business means completing a lot of paperwork. With that in mind, you'll also need to fill out some paperwork to obtain your wholesale license. You might also hear this important piece of paper referred to as a resale license.


Some retailers or distributors will require you to have a wholesale license before you can buy anything from them. Before you start working to get this license, it's important to check out your state's licensing requirements.


4. Get an EIN


Another important thing for your new business to have is an Employer Identification Number. As it turns out, this special number is incredibly important. For one, having an employer identification number lets the IRS know that your company exists. If there's one organization you don't want to hide things from, it would be the IRS.


Having an EIN is beneficial for more than just filing taxes. In some cases, you'll need an employer identification number to do things like open up a business account. Think of your employer identification number as a social security number for your business.


While this might be the fourth step on this list, it's recommended that you obtain your company's EIN as soon as possible. Considering the many companies that apply for EINs each year, it could take a little time for someone to officially register your business.


5. Start Claiming Online Directory and Social Media Listings



With your business officially registered in the country you live in, you can now start marketing your business. Before you go too overboard with marketing methods, especially paid ones, it's good to know that you can do a few important things for free!


When you have time set aside, you'll want to start creating and claiming social media accounts for your business. Check out platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the other major ones to get accounts created. After creating your accounts, it's good to have an official business logo and some other pictures of your company.


It's also a good idea to search for some popular free directories for companies in the electronics industry. By themselves, these backlinks won't carry a ton of value since they're free and available to everyone. However, it's never a bad idea for your business to claim these directory listings before someone else does.


To wrap things up, electronics wholesalers are busy but successful individuals and companies. If you can offer high-quality electronics below retail pricing, you should have waves of customers buying from your business. Being a wholesaler can also open up your world to working with other companies, including manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.


Do you want to know more about how to manage a successful resale business? Visit and bookmark Trade-In Tech's blog. Each month, you'll find tons of new and free content for business owners in the electronics industry.

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