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by on December 9, 2022

Every retailer aims to buy electronics during favorable market periods to resell at a profitable price. To achieve this, you need to study the market trend and identify when the price is low. This is the best time to buy smartphones in bulk. Also, wholesalers must watch out for some market traits from the manufacturers. Thus, when is the best time to stock your store with computers or other gadgets?

Benefits of Buying Electronics in Bulk

One of the leading benefits of bulk-buying to retailers is the increased variety of smartphones with different ranges and specification. More than ever, this is one of the qualities every wholesaler needs to look out for. With the availability of electronics in various sizes and shapes, there is a higher possibility of meeting the needs of more customers. It is also more cost-effective and timely to buy in bulk than per unit purchase. If you place an order from beyond your province, the shipping cost per unit would be relatively the same as a bulk purchase. You would not also need to spend much time sorting out a single order when you could do this collectively.

How Do I Get the Best Deal On Electronics?

Wholesalers should also look forward to upcoming new releases. It is much easier to sell an old model if a new one is not in circulation yet. More so, brands introducing new phones into the market often devalue the existing products. For instance, Apple always announces its release date in September. You may endeavor to sell the electronics in stock before this month. More so, brands like Apple and Dell often provide information about new products on their websites. You can maximize this information when buying smartphones in bulk.

On the flip side, you should buy older electronics to save costs. When a retailer buys smartphones in bulk, it is expedient to consider the release date. Phone models that have been released for a long time would have had about two or four users. Thus, this is the best strategy for buying a used phone at a low price. Since older versions have devalued, the market price will be lower, so you can expect to earn more gain. Your target audience would instead prefer electronics with updated features. Thus, the target audience preferences should influence a retailer's buying decision.

Since a phone's publicity phase may have passed, retailers may have challenges convincing the target audience. People in less-developed areas or communities would still opt for low-price telephones, even though it is an old model. In this case, you may want to set your target audience right and understand their financial capacity.

Buying Cell Phones from the Secondary Market

Even if it may seem as though the products in the secondary market space are small, there are many prospective consumers for retailers. As reported by CCS Insight, the number of revenues generated from smartphone resales in 2021 is about $13 billion. In most cases, manufacturers auction their excess stock through reputable online platforms. One of the inventories wholesalers get is the warranty renewal of any damaged part of the product.

It is also essential to understand the grading system in the secondary market if you are buying smartphones in bulk. If an electronic is in terrible condition, retailers get to spend mainly on repair fees. Thus, the inventories at the secondary market are usually sold as a different grading system.

Which Month is Best to Buy Electronics in Bulk?

Electronics are typically available for sale all year round, but an expert wholesaler should upgrade the market approach each month. This is because each month has special days or recognition, especially in the United States. Understanding the months will help you to develop the right market strategy you may need, which would also increase market sales. Thus, if you want to know which month is best to buy electronics, here is a highlight.

Buying Electronics Between January and March

Before the Super Bowl event, which often takes place in January, many wholesalers and manufacturers announce discount prices for electronics. Thus, you can mark your calendar and compare the various available suppliers. You should not compromise quality as a retailer, even though these items will come cheap. When electronics get spoilt after a few days of purchasing them, it damages the seller's reputation. Even if you are buying from the secondary market chain, endeavor to fix up all the features and confirm they are in good condition.

February is also a month to maximize the valentine's season. For instance, retailers can sell phone pouches with love designs and fancy decorations. Millennials and GenZ often love phone pouches with bright colors, so they are the best target audience for this. You could also package it in a gift box to perfectly serve the purpose of valentine's season.

Although there are not too many holidays in March, electronics are usually sold at a discount ahead of Tax Day in April. However, the 14th of March also highlights St. Patrick's Day. It is an excellent thing to buy in bulk ahead of these days, so you can also sell to a large number of an expectant audience.

Buying Electronics Between April and June

April is a spring season, which also has several discount sales. More so, mid-April is a tax month, so manufacturers often look forward to selling off inventories. Wholesales can also take advantage of Earth Day on the 22nd of April. Make sure you buy reusable electronics to match the theme of the day. More so, green-conscious suppliers and manufacturers usually sell at a lower price during this day.

The 19th of June also marks Father's Day. If you buy a newly released model in June, retailers can easily convince the target audience to purchase gifts for their fathers. This will mostly work for fathers who are tech enthusiasts and love to try every newly launched electronics. Also, retailers can buy other accessories in bulk, which will be helpful for the summer season. A perfect example is the phone holder. Since more people are likely to join the gym membership, selfie holders will help keep memories with pictures. People also bond with family and friends better during summer. When is the best time to buy a good phone with a quality camera other than now?

Buying Electronics Between July and September

Discount sales are also rapid during Black Friday. Although Black Friday was originally in November, some suppliers added the event to July sales. This is because July is also known as the back-to-school month. Many students would want to replace their laptops or buy a new one. Thus, manufacturers often use price to compete with one another to convince buyers they are the best option, especially when targeting positive bulk mobile reviews.

Most electronics manufacturers also target the months of February and April as release dates. Thus, this will help to compare the former laptop's features and prices with the new one. Amazon Prime Day is also usually not announced to the public. However, the brand had its 2018 sales in July. Even if it is uncertain whether the brand will continually hold sales in July, other competitors will look forward to the same month. Thus, they would also schedule events in July to win over consumers.

The month of August also accommodates tax-free shopping, which encourages people to prepare adequately for school. However, this is not usually available in every state. You need to understand your state's Department of Revenue as a retailer. As mentioned earlier, Apple announced its new release in September. You may want to sell previous models before buying the newly updated ones. This is because an old model's price drops as Apple launches its new phone or laptop. The 5th of September is called Labor Day, where manufacturers sell both big and small electronics at lower prices.

Buying Electronics Between October and December

October is not just a Halloween season but a season characterized by low temperatures. This makes many people stay indoors more than in previous months. With the rise in remote jobs, people even work from home and stay indoors more than usual. Thus, as manufacturers sell inventories of home electronics, wholesalers and retailers can also use the privilege to buy smartphones in bulk.

Among other months, November's Black Friday is the most dedicated to electronics, with positive bulk mobile reviews. Even though it is considered Black Friday, sales usually run through November. Retailers can get gadgets varieties as much as possible, including trackers, laptops, tablets, and gaming systems. It would help if you also watched for Black Friday promotions on phone accessories or electronic repair tools.

Some of the Black Friday sales usually spill over into December. Also, most suppliers love to sell out the goods that have stayed in the store throughout the year without any significant sales. However, you must confirm that these items are in good condition before selling them to customers.

As a retailer or wholesaler, remember that you do not necessarily need to sell when electronics are primarily cheap, except you are focusing on increasing sales. If you wonder how to get the best deals for electronics, hold these products, and sell them when the market is high. However, be careful not to keep them for too long, such that they will lose value or become outdated.

Can I Buy iPhones in Bulk?

If you are focused on stocking Apple products in your electronics collection, you must watch out for the sales schedules. These phones are not on regular sales, such as Black Friday. Thus, retailers can best buy at a profitable price by observing the market price. Also, remember that laptops and phones are released at different seasons. Apple laptops are usually released during Spring, and the latter is released during Fall. Apple's World Wide Developer's Conference also holds in June. At this conference, the brand discusses what consumers should expect in the coming months. Thus, this will help to plan for the future. Even though Apple does not directly offer discount deals, you may get some from suppliers online.

Carrying Out a Proper Research

This is a significant determinant of retailers' success rate when they buy smartphones in bulk. You must understand the buying guides during the sales month to make the best buying decision. More so, the fact that electronics are usually cheaper during some events does not automatically reflect the general price. This implies that some brands or suppliers may choose not to offer a special discount even on public Black Friday. You also want to confirm the average market price for wholesalers in order not to fall under the disguise of deals. Every wholesaler and retailer should endeavor to climb up the supply chain. For instance, a distributor should work towards being at the next supply chain to manufacturers. This will reduce purchase costs and even increase the potential gain.

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