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by on December 9, 2022

Smartphones are like depreciating assets. With each year of use, their value goes down. So if you want to sell or swap your phone for a new model, you can't expect the resale price to be the same as when you bought the phone. There are so many factors that affect the resale value.

In this article, we will discuss the many factors that affect the resale value of phones for sale. If you are in the business of selling pre-owned phones, you should check the sections on how and where to sell more phones.


Factors that influence the resale value of your phone

Many vital factors affect how much value you can get for a pre-owned phone, regardless of whether you are selling as an end user or reseller business. These factors include brand, price, and product features. Let's see how these factors affect the resale value of your phone.

  • Brand: The brand or manufacturer is a significant consideration when planning to sell or swap a smartphone. The smartphone brand goes beyond just the name of its manufacturer. Many consumers prefer getting smartphones from reputable brands because of their track record of quality services. The perception of customers about the brand name and identity gives the company a competitive edge over other competitors and can increase your phone's resale value.
  • Model: You can have two phones from the same manufacturer with different models. The model with the higher class can stay in vogue for years and still command a reasonable price, while lower models usually disappear from the market within a few years. For instance, the Samsung Galaxy S series denotes premium quality and would command more attention and value than a phone from the Galaxy A series.
  • Price: There are two considerations when it comes to price. First, the buyer will consider the value of your phone and scale it down based on your phone's condition and current demand. Secondly, the buyer will consider the price of a similar model with upgraded features. These two considerations determine the value of your phone.
  • Product Features: Many smartphone brands now have high-standard features that distinguish their product and give them a competitive edge over other brands. There's a lot of competition in the smartphone innovation and technology industry because the features of a phone, such as software, applications, and high-speed processing system, positively affect the purchase of smartphones by customers. So if your phone features cannot compete with the latest models in the market, expect it to be priced significantly less.
  • Phone condition: You get better offers for a smartphone that is in excellent condition. If the defects affect phone usage, expect to receive lower offers. You can avoid low offers by refurbishing the phone before selling it.
  • Lifestyle and personal preference: The iOS vs. Android battle is real, and most people have made a stance and have chosen to stick with their choice forever. So, if you are going to market a phone, ensure you are targeting people who would value the phone. For instance, many people are loyal to the Apple brand. So, if you are offering a used Samsung phone for sale, they will price it low or ignore your sale.


How to sell more phones?

Are you looking to make more sales in the smartphone-selling business? Here are a few tips on selling more phones easily and quickly.

  • Sell valuable and high-demand phones: More often than not, people go for smartphones with higher demand. The more popular a phone is, the more likely it is for you to find a high-paying buyer. For example, most people would jump at a chance to own a pre-owned iPhone 14 but ignore most older models.
  • Get reviews from happy customers: One of the fastest ways to sell more smartphones to people is to have good customer reviews from those who have transacted business with you in the past. When buyers see good reviews, they will be encouraged to go ahead with the deal.
  • Ensure the phones you plan to sell are in good shape: This is a follow-up to the previous point. You can't get good reviews if your products are faulty or don't live up to your marketing promises. We recommend you test the devices before you put them up for sale. If there are any defects, declare them in your product description, so the buyer doesn't feel cheated when they get the phone. You can also offer repairs or refunds for defective deliveries. You can make this offer last for a few days or up to a week.
  • Respond swiftly to customers' concerns and questions: Customer service is everything. You want to be upfront with relevant information and provide prompt, genuine answers to potential buyers' questions. They will positively perceive you and become eager to do more business with you.


Where to sell smartphones near me?

When it comes to selling smartphones, there is no shortage of options. However, we recommend using online platforms as they offer a wider reach. The key factors to consider when choosing an online platform are:

  • Popularity, and
  • Reputation

If you are looking for qualified and high-paying buyers for your smartphones, we recommend Trade-in Tech. It is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to buy or sell smartphones and electronics.

Trade-in Tech gives you access to the highest-paying buyers from different parts of the world for any smartphone brands you want to sell, including Apple, Samsung, and other Android phones. With over ten thousand active members around the globe, you can easily use the electronic resale platform to sell your phone to a buyer with no transaction charge, irrespective of how much you sell the phone.



Wrapping up

Selling your phone or swapping it for another model can be done quickly and without stress. The important thing is to know the resale value of your phone and the best place to sell smartphones near you.

If you are ready to sell smartphones easier and quicker, we recommend signing up on Trade-in Tech to reach a vast network of buyers and sell phones faster.

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