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by on January 27, 2023

Whether you are a small startup looking to carve a market share or an existing wholesaler, you need to learn how to leverage existing opportunities to attract more customers,  make more sales and increase profits. This article will show you ten ways to make an easy profit in the wholesale electronics industry. These tips will also help you become one of the best wholesale electronics suppliers and make you a top choice for people looking for wholesale electronics near me.

1. Find a Niche

Electronics is a vast industry that includes home appliances such as smart TVs to variables such as smartwatches. As a wholesaler,  you can trade in multiple electronics products at once or focus on a niche.

Selecting a niche such as personal computers may seem limiting initially, but it provides a lot of room for opportunities and profit-taking. When you focus on a single niche, you will be able to handle more volume when buying bulk electronics, which could translate to lower buying costs for each unit. This increases your profit margin, allowing you to make more money.

You could also go a step further and focus exclusively on undersupplied products. For instance,  smartphones have a strong demand, but iPhones command more prestige, and you can profit from selling iPhone accessories. Just ensure you choose a reliable supplier, so you don't shortchange yourself or deliver inferior quality to your customers. 

2. Adjust pricing 

When it comes to electronics, you don't have to advertise the products themselves.  You only have to advertise your brand as the best place for getting high-quality gadgets at affordable prices.High quality is already a priority for you since you are aiming to be the best wholesale electronics supplier, so we will focus on pricing. 

There are two ways to make more profit from pricing. You can either increase your price to make more profit per unit/purchase or reduce your price to sell more units within a short period. Both options work well, depending on the circumstances surrounding their application. 

If you are taking the price increase route, we recommend only increasing the price of best-selling products. The increase should also be within the range of prices within your market. Some customers might compare prices, but are always willing to ignore slight differences if your quality is better than the competition. 

On the other hand, you can reduce your prices to attract more customers and make more sales. You will still be selling your products at a profit, but you will price them at the lower end of the product price range. The goal here is to sell more products quickly, allowing you to regain your capital quickly and invest it in more promising products. 

3. Limit discount

It can be tempting to offer discounts, especially to new customers that promise recurring purchases. However, you should know that too many discounts can affect your profit margin and severely hurt your business. Most customers will continue to demand discounts after receiving a first discount. When you refuse,  they will threaten to take their business elsewhere in an attempt to make you re-offer them the discount. 

Instead, we recommend setting your pricing model based on your preferred profit levels. Anyone who Googles "electronics wholesale near me" and stumbles on your brand can choose to do business with you. Those who trust your quality will buy at your price.

There will be times when offering a discount can be a good idea. However, we recommend that you only offer discounts to repeat customers that have consistently paid full price for your products. These customers will appreciate the discount more and will be encouraged to recommend you as one of the best wholesale electronics suppliers to others  

4. Avoid wasteful spending 

Starting a wholesale electronics online business can be very confusing. There are lots of guides on starting electronics businesses, and some of them would tell you to invest in things you don't need, such as ecommerce websites, large customer support staff and extensive business tools. While these might be vital for large businesses, most small and medium businesses can get by without them.

To ensure you get to keep most of your profit, we recommend that you streamline your business operation. For instance, using a platform like Trade-In Tech can save you a lot of costs and headaches. There are many top reasons why you should use Trade-In Tech for your online electronics business. Some of these reasons include enhanced customer support,  messaging platform, free verified leads provided on a monthly basis and zero fees transaction. 

You can also review your business to see areas you can cut back on without affecting the quality of service to your customers. While the extra earnings from these cutbacks can seem insignificant at the moment,  they can easily add up to huge savings over a long period.

5. Sell directly to retailers 

As a wholesaler of electronic products, you can sell to other wholesalers, retailers and end users. Selling directly to end users offers the highest profit margin. However, this model can be unsustainable for you since consumers only buy one or two units at a time. You can choose to sell to other wholesalers/distributors who then sell to retailers. While this option helps you move inventory quickly, you will lose some gains since you will be selling at a price lower than you would if you sold to retailers.

The only challenge to selling directly to retailers is to find a way to connect with them. Most retailers only use verified online marketplaces such as Trade-In Tech to connect with wholesalers and buy electronics products. So if you want to improve your profit margin, signing up for Trade-In Tech is a must.

When you sign up on Trade-In Tech, you get a lot of features designed to help you make more sales and improve your bottom line. The platform provides verified leads every month. You also get a messaging feature that you can use to connect with retailers to negotiate deals. Lastly, the platform handles payment processing. All you need to focus on is getting the products to the buyer in the right condition and on time.

6. Reward your loyal customers 

Retailers generally love to buy from wholesalers that offer the best shopping experience. Offering high-quality goods at great prices will bring buyers into the door and keep them for a long time. But if you want to convert these buyers into loyal customers,  then you need to make loyalty a key part of your wholesale strategy. Focusing on converting existing buyers into loyal customers is a better long-term approach as it costs less and offers more benefits than seeking new customers. 

Multiple marketing research has shown that most people stay loyal to businesses that treat them well without compromising on quality. So even when you increase your prices or are unable to deliver based on issues out of your control, your loyal customers will give you another chance to deliver the awesome customer experience they've come to expect.

One solid way to incentivize loyalty among your buyers is to use a point system. Each purchase awards them a point they can convert into free shipping or discounts. You can also offer insider tips and exclusive deals to repeat customers.  These extras will make them feel special and inspired to buy from you again.

However, rewarding loyalty is not a substitute for high quality. On the one hand, you should focus on being the best wholesale electronics supplier in your niche. On the other hand, you should reward those that consistently purchase from you. When you do both, your customers will become long-term loyal customers and refer your business to others.

7. Consider free shipping 

Everyone loves free shipping. Retailers use free shipping to entice customers, especially first-time buyers, and it works well for them. Free shipping can also work well for your online electronics wholesale business, provided you go about it the right way. If you rush to offer free shipping without planning,  the financial demands can eat into your profit and cause you to incur a loss.

One smart way to offer free shipping is to add the cost of shipping to the products. This approach works well because most customers see shipping fees as additional charges. So if they notice they don't have to pay shipping fees, they will be comfortable paying more for the products.

Another option is to limit the free shipping offer to a geographical location or transaction volume. For instance, if shipping to a particular destination is cheap, you can offer free shipping to that location. You can also offer free shipping to locations that are close to your warehouses. The other option is to require the buyer to purchase a certain volume before they are eligible for free shipping. This approach also works well since it incentivizes buyers to buy more products. 

9.  Optimize your online presence 

The two most important departments for an online electronics wholesale business are sales and marketing. Many of the points we've discussed fall into either category, but we need to pay a little extra attention to marketing. We're not discussing hosting large billboards and spending thousands on digital marketing. Our focus is on optimizing your online presence, so that when people are looking for the best electronics supplier, your business comes up.

The first step is to ensure you're online. Creating an account on Trade in Tech is the smart choice as it is free, fast and effective. Follow the process, and you will have a spot on one of the largest electronics wholesale platforms in the world. You can also set up a website and create social media accounts.  On all these platforms, ensure you use consistent branding and relevant keywords to ensure potential buyers can easily find your business.

10. Speed up the delivery process 

Swift delivery can be a great for profit making as most people who need goods in a hurry are willing to pay more. Unfortunately, the delivery process is typically out of your control since you will use a third party. However, there are certain things you can do to speed up delivery times.

One such is to offer expedited shipping. This shipping method often costs more, but some customers might be willing to foot the bill to get their goods on time. 

Another option is to speed up the time it takes to verify an order and ready the products for shipping. Using a fast payment processor and swift payment option can greatly reduce the time it takes from placing an order to delivering the goods.

Ten Ways To Make Easy Profit From Electronic Wholesale: The Bottom Line

Improving your profit margin can boost your business and stimulate expansion. However, not all businesses work the same way, so you should research before implementing any step. Go through the tips above and implement the best ones for your business.  

Ready to make more sales? Sign up on Trade in Tech if you haven't done so.

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