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by on October 12, 2021

People and companies are reselling electronics throughout the world. Don’t get us wrong - we love electronics that come from the U.S.A. However, there’s also another popular country for electronics, and it’s China.


Considering that, there’s a lot of electronics coming into and going out from this country. If you work in the electronics industry, it’s a good idea to think about entering into China’s huge electronics market.


But how do you do it? Buying and reselling electronics from China is much easier when you follow our tips. Speaking of which, here’s what you’ll learn about in this article:


  • Why you should consider buying and selling electronics from China

  • The potential drawbacks of getting electronics from this country

  • Where you can find electronic devices from China for sale online

  • How to start officially buying Chinese electronics

  • Extra tips to help resell your newly purchased electronics


If you’re ready to get started, we have everything you need below to help you enjoy a profitable future by purchasing electronics from China!


Why Should I Buy and Sell Electronics From China?



Before we dive too deep into this topic, it’s good to learn about the benefits of purchasing goods from China. There are MANY great reasons to buy and sell electronics from China. Here’s more information about why so many people love buying electronic devices from this large country.


Great Quality


It’s a common misconception that only low-quality products come from China. In reality, many high-quality products are made in this country. That’s a great thing if you’re looking for electronics to start reselling.


Guess where Apple manufactures its products? Yup, China. This country is one of the largest in the world. It’s also capable of manufacturing a lot of high-quality electronics. Best of all, electronics that come from China often cost far less to manufacture than those manufactured in the United States.


You might have to do a little digging, but it’s absolutely possible to find high-quality electronics made in China. One way you can do this is by sticking with some of China’s most well-known electronics companies like OPPO and Huawei.


Get More for Less


When you’re looking for products for your business, it’s always important to try and get a great deal. If not, you could be overspending on products or not able to get as much of something as you want.


You won’t have to deal with either of the previously mentioned problems if you’re buying electronics in China. That’s because China specializes in manufacturing large quantities of electronics in a short time.


The prices for most goods in China are far more inexpensive than what you’ll find in many other countries. This is a great thing for buyers looking for awesome deals!


Excellent Profit Margins


Getting items for a low price is great. But it’s also important to ensure that you can resell the items you bought for more than the purchase price of these goods. Fortunately, it’s quite easy to do this when you’re buying items from China.


Since China is known for selling goods at a lower price than certain other countries, expect to sell what you buy for a decent profit. Essentially, a profit margin is a calculation that companies use to make sure they’re making a profit on something.


As long as you’re selling your Chinese electronics for more than what you bought them for, you should be making a profit. However, it’s still a good idea to have some way to note the costs of goods you buy compared to how much money you’re selling them for.


China Loves Working With Wholesalers


As you’ll soon learn, the shipping process from China to North America can take quite a while. Considering that, many people who buy electronics from this country prefer to get as many items sent over in as few shipments as possible. What’s also great is that many Chinese sellers know and understand this.


If you’re looking to enter the wholesale electronics market, China is a great country to start working with. People in China don’t want to spend their day preparing a hundred or more shipments when these items could get sent out in fewer packages.


When you’re looking for great deals on wholesale electronics, China is a great place to shop from.


What Are the Drawbacks of Buying Electronic Goods From China?



While there are several great reasons to buy electronics from China, there are also certain disadvantages of doing this. To help you understand if buying items from this country is right for you, here’s more information about the pros and cons of getting electronics from China.


The Language Barrier


One of the most obvious drawbacks of buying electronics from China is the language barrier. Unless you speak Mandarin (China’s official language), it could be tough to have conversations with sellers from this country.


With that said, since China and North America often do business with each other, many Chinese companies employ people capable of speaking both Mandarin and English. There are also many free tools like Google Translate that can automatically translate just about every language in the world.


Be prepared to spend some time and energy finding companies with bilingual employees. If you can’t find companies in China with English-speaking capabilities, have a translation application handy.


Long Shipping Times


As we’re sure you know, China is far away from the United States. You might not realize how truly far apart these countries are until you order something from China. 


When you order something, in most cases, you expect to receive it within a week. That won’t typically be the case when you order electronics from China. In most cases, it can take weeks for your electronics to arrive. It could even take a few months to get goods from this country.


Knowing how long it often takes to receive items from China helps you avoid making promises you can’t keep to business partners and customers. You wouldn’t want to assume your electronics from China will arrive in a few days - a few weeks is more likely.


Where Can I Find Electronics From China Online?



By this point, you should have a general understanding of whether or not buying electronic goods from China is right for you. If you’re ready to learn more, you’ll want to check out our next section. We’re about to give you an inside look at the best places to find electronics from China online.


Trade-In Tech


When you’re ready to find and buy electronics from China, there’s no better place to be than Trade-In Tech. Trade-In Tech is one of the world’s leading platforms for electronics wholesalers. But we’re much more than just a platform. Here are some of the main reasons why you should think about becoming a Trade-In Tech member.


Finding Electronics Right Away


Everyone hates waiting, especially when it comes to their companies. Whether you’re starting a new business or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll find plenty of people to work with on Trade-In Tech. That’s because we have a huge network of tens of thousands of members.


We’re proud to have lots of Chinese companies working to buy and resell electronics on Trade-In Tech. And all you have to do to start connecting with them is join our platform! No plane tickets. No traveling overseas. No expensive hotels.


We Keep Out Scammers


If you plan on buying anything online, it’s important to watch out for scammers. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of them to be found in some of the most popular online marketplaces. However, Trade-In Tech isn’t like most of these marketplaces. Instead of letting scammers run wild, we have a verification system in place.


Every person who wants to join Trade-In Tech must pass our background verification process. We do our best to make this process as quick as possible. This process ensures that we’re able to offer all of our members a quality experience.


Our Huge Network of Members Saves You Time


We understand that people don’t want to waste hours trying to find the companies they need to partner with. That’s why Trade-In Tech utilizes a social platform to organize and display information about our member’s pages.


Plus, these pages are extremely easy to get information from. When you use Trade-In Tech to find the electronics you want, you’ll get connected with quality sellers in no time. By saving time, you’re able to put more work into getting your business off the ground!


Information About Upcoming International Trade Shows


You don’t have to go directly to China to get electronics from this country. However, there are a lot of electronic fairs taking place throughout China. If you’re up for it, you can potentially find lots of electronics devices at these popular events. However, it’s not always easy to find out when and where these events are taking place if you don’t live in China.


Fortunately, Trade-In Tech has got you covered. We list information about all of the popular electronics events taking place throughout the world.


One of the most popular electronics trade shows in China is the Canton Import and Export Fair. This event happens in Guangzhou, taking place twice each year, in April-May and also during November. The Canton Import and Export Fair offers all sorts of consumer goods, especially a lot of electronics!


Another event is the Global Sources Trade Show. This event takes place in Hong Kong and has plenty of electronics for visitors to choose from. Plus, like The Canton Import and Export Fair, the Global Sources Trade Show is also free. With that said, you’ll, of course, need money to spend on travel and somewhere to stay if you plan on attending this event.


There are also many wholesale markets operating throughout the year in China. Unlike with a festival, these markets give you the chance to find and buy electronics in wholesale quantities. But it's important to be cautious when you're buying things from wholesale markets. Some sellers operating at these markets might try to pass knock-offs as the real thing.


No Annoying Transaction Fees (Save Money)


Another important thing to think about business-wise is the fees you’ll have to pay. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to avoid fees while you’re doing business online. We’re proud to let you know that you won’t worry about paying transaction fees on Trade-In Tech. That’s because we don’t charge transaction fees.


By not having to deal with transaction fees, you save money. With more money, you can use it to scale your business faster than ever before.


We Can Help Market Your Company


Another stand-out feature of Trade-In Tech is that we can help market your business. Many platforms only want you to buy and sell items on their websites. At Trade-In Tech, we want to do more to help your business. That’s where featured memberships come into play.


By becoming one of Trade-In Tech’s featured members, you get to enjoy even more! With this type of membership, Trade-In Tech creates posts about your business. You don’t have to do a thing and your business gets in front of the eyes of our large network of readers - many of whom are looking for electronics companies to work with.


But we don’t stop there. We also give your company special placement on our website’s home page and in other areas. This can help ensure you’re reaching many more people and companies than before. Plus, many of these companies are those that want to work with other new businesses. Talk about a win-win!


Our Buyer’s Request Feature


While we don’t think you’ll experience this problem often, there could be times when you need something that none of our members have available. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech has you covered with our Buyer’s Request feature.


The concept behind our Buyer’s Request is a simple feature to understand. All you have to do is head over to our website’s Buyer’s Request section (after becoming a member, of course). Once you’re there, simply list in detail what you want to buy.


It’s always good to specify as much as possible when creating your buyer’s request. The more information you list, the easier it is for our large network of members to find what you’re looking for.


After filling out your Buyer’s Request, all you have to do is submit it. Once that step is complete, your request goes to our huge network of members. Within a short time, you should get messages from sellers who have what you need.




Another potential option if you’re looking for electronics from China is AliExpress. This website is a sister company to Alibaba. There are many things available on sale at AliExpress, including software, clothes, and certain types of electronics.


One thing that might seem like an advantage is AliExpress’ quick membership process. This website will accept just about anyone - that’s one reason why it’s so popular. Unfortunately, this website is also a popular website for lots of scammers. AliExpress has certain protections in place to help its customers. However, these protections will only go so far.


You’ll certainly find lots of low-priced items on AliExpress. However, make sure you watch out for minimum order quantities. As mentioned earlier, seeing that a smartphone only costs $10 new can sound appealing. However, it’s not as appealing if you have to order 1,000 of them to get these items shipped out… which might not be such a great deal!


Another disadvantage of buying electronics through AliExpress is a lack of payment methods. You can only purchase items on AliExpress by using a credit card. This isn’t good for someone who wants to buy items through PayPal or by using their debit cards.


Here’s another reason you might not enjoy using AliExpress: choosing the free shipping option means you don’t receive a tracking code. To put it bluntly: this sucks if you want to know where your items are during the shipping process. And, since it’s going to take a while to get your order, you’ll likely want to know where it is.


If you either can’t or don’t want to use credit cards to complete your purchases, you’re going to need to shop on another website. Fortunately, Trade-In Tech lets you and your seller work out preferred payment methods. You can also use PayPal.




You might also find the electronics you need by checking out Alibaba. As we mentioned earlier, this website was around before AliExpress. However, it’s still a potentially good way to find electronics from China (since that’s where this company is based).


When you’re buying items through Alibaba, you’ll most likely need to buy them in wholesale quantities. This, of course, isn’t great for someone who only wants to test the waters by purchasing one or a few electronics at once. Making a commitment to purchase tens or hundreds of electronics isn’t for everyone, especially new buyers.




Yet another option to find electronics from China is DHgate. This is another popular website with goods typically coming from China and available in large quantities. What makes DHgate different from Alibaba or Wish is that this website contains goods from over 222 countries.


However, there are some drawbacks of doing business on DHgate that you’ll want to know about. For one, DHgate does require a paid membership before you can begin buying or selling products on this website.


Something else we hear a lot of people complain about regarding DHgate is this company’s fees. Since DHgate’s platform helps connect buyers and sellers, this company can charge fees when transactions take place. If you don’t want to pay money towards fees, start doing business on Trade-In Tech.




Chances are, you’ve probably also heard about Wish. Wish is an online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers throughout the world. One of the main things people typically notice on Wish is a lot of low prices. However, those low prices also come with a few drawbacks.


One of the main drawbacks of shopping on Wish is dealing with long shipping times. Considering that many of Wish’s products come from faraway countries, you’re going to be waiting to receive what you ordered from this company.


Another problem some people report after buying items on Wish is a lack of overall quality. We’re not saying that only bad or low-quality items are on Wish. However, it’s a good idea to closely research anything you’re thinking about buying on this website. By doing this, you’ll potentially save yourself a lot of headaches after your electronics arrive.


Partnering Directly With Chinese Manufacturers


Lastly, it’s also possible to get electronics from China by striking up partnerships with Chinese companies. Typically, these businesses will be electronics manufacturers based out of China. The main difference between this method and other options is how difficult it will be.


As you can imagine, trying to strike up direct partnerships with a company from another country isn’t going to be easy. That’s why websites like Trade-In Tech, Wish, and AliExpress exist - to bridge the gap between international buyers and sellers.


If you want to try this method, you’ll want to let companies you contact know that you’re a legitimate business with the capital on hand to purchase electronics directly from them. Considering that, this method isn’t going to be the best one for someone without a decent amount of money on hand.


How to Start Buying Electronics from China



Now, we’re getting to the real fun. You’re now ready to start buying electronics from China. It’s time to get excited - this is a big step towards officially working internationally. But, before you get too excited, there are some steps you’ll want to complete. Follow these tips before you start purchasing electronic devices from China.


Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for More Information


When you start buying electronics from China, it’s understandable to feel more than a little intimidated. It’s daunting doing something for the first time. However, don’t let this scare you from requesting more information from your seller.


Understandably, it will be difficult for someone to ship you a sample of electronics. Instead of asking for that, ask for photos of what they’re selling (if they’re not already available). You never want to purchase something you’re not sure about, especially when it comes to electronics.


Watch Out for Knock-Offs


You’ll also want to avoid anything before checking it out when buying items from China. That’s because you can sometimes run into knock-off items. This isn’t a problem that’s specific to China. Knock-off items are almost everywhere. 


Fortunately, you can protect yourself from many knock-offs by knowing what you’re buying. The more information you have about electronics from China, the less likely you’ll be the victim of a scammer.


Keep these tips in mind before you start purchasing any items from China:


  • Crazy cheap prices: If you see websites offering goods at an extreme discount, be cautious. Sometimes, sellers make the mistake of pricing knock-off goods at extremely low prices. There’s no problem with walking away from something that looks sketchy.

  • Fonts or logos that look weird: Another telltale sign of knock-off items is that they don’t look 100% like the real thing. Unfortunately, some sellers target people who don’t know that.

  • No pictures or a lack of listing information: Lastly, watch out for a listing where everything sounds good but doesn’t feature a lot of listing information. More often than not, sellers don’t list a lot of information about their electronics because they have something to hide.


Be Specific About What You Want


In most cases, you have plenty of time to specify what you want when buying electronics. Most of the time, you’ll be speaking to someone in English. Both of these things might not always happen if you’re buying electronics in China.


Considering the fast pace of many residents of China, many people in this country want to do business quickly. So, it’s imperative to make sure that you’re as specific as possible about what you want to purchase. If not, you could wind up waiting months for too little or too much of something.


Don’t Ignore Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs)


Something else that’s good to focus on when ordering from China is the minimum order quantity. Essentially, this number is the minimum quantity of items you’d need to order before it could get shipped out.


Keep in mind that each seller has their own minimum order quantities. Some sellers might have an MOQ of five items, others might have much higher MOQs. Keeping an eye on this important number can help you avoid overspending on the electronics you want.


Get Some Sort of Receipt for Your Purchase


A benefit of buying electronics from Chinese companies is that some (not all) will be willing to negotiate the final price you pay. While getting a lower price is great for a buyer, make sure you have some way to confirm the lower price you and a buyer agreed on.


In this day and age, it’s incredibly easy to get a receipt for your purchase. It doesn’t even have to be a paper receipt, a digital receipt that confirms an agreed-upon price will work fine.


Tips to Help You Sell Chinese Electronics in America



So, you now know where to find electronics. But how do you sell electronics to customers in the United States? Fortunately, we’ve some great tips about this subject to help you out.


Make Sure You Have What People Want


The most important thing to remember when buying electronics overseas is getting what people back home will want to buy. The last thing you want to do is spend thousands of dollars on electronics from China that no one wants.


Since we have been in the world of international electronics for quite some time, we’re happy to let you know about popular electronics manufacturers in China. Some of the most popular electronics companies in China are OPPO, Vivo, and Huawei. With that said, not ALL of the most popular electronics companies in China are unheard of businesses.


People from China also like to purchase electronics from companies you’re likely more familiar with, including Apple and Samsung. When you carry reasonably popular electronics from China, you should have no problem watching sales start rolling in.


Don’t Leave Out Information on Your Order Description


One of the best tips to help you sell electronics from another country is to be specific about what you’re selling. Since these potential buyers might be buying something not from their own country, they’ll want to know more about it. When you place lots of information about this item in your listing, you’ll probably answer most people’s questions.


Generally speaking, the main things to include in your product listings are the make and model of the electronics you’re selling. It’s also a good idea to have information about any accessories that come with your products. People love knowing right away that accessories like charging cords or whatever else you’re including with your electronics.


When you make it as easy as possible for your buyers, it increases the likelihood of them purchasing something from you.


Build Great Relationships With Your Chinese Sellers


It’s understandable to assume that, once you buy something from a seller in China, the transaction and working relationship between these two parties will end. However, that shouldn’t be the case.


For one, you’re likely to buy more electronics from someone with whom you had a good relationship. Plus, you can sometimes reconnect with these sellers if your new buyers have questions about your items that you don’t know how to answer.


In conclusion, China can be a great country to find and buy electronics from. However, most people will need to give it some time and effort before they get great at buying electronics from China. If you’d like more expert tips to help you navigate this industry, visit Trade-In Tech’s wholesale electronics blog. We update this blog every week with tips, strategies, interviews with industry experts, and a TON of other stuff you don’t want to miss.


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