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by on October 30, 2020

Almost every industry has reliable and non-reliable companies. It’s important to avoid working with non-reliable businesses to save yourself a lot of potentially unwanted stress.


As an electronics wholesaler, you don’t want to lose time and money due to other companies being untrustworthy or not reliable. Fortunately, we’re here to make sure you avoid these stressful experiences.


When you begin working with reliable companies, you won’t have to deal with stressful situations. Instead, you’ll have business partners that provide your company with the best possible service.


Normally, it can take lots of time to find a list of the most reliable smartphone vendors. With that in mind, we’re making things easy for you by putting the most reliable companies in a convenient list.


Here is a list of the most reliable wholesale companies in the smartphone industry.


1. Trade-In Tech



Trade-In Tech knows that longevity is often a great indicator of a company’s reliability. Launching in 2012, Trade-In Tech is a global electronics platform that continues to thrive in an industry where not every company sticks around for long.


Another reason for Trade-In Tech’s reliability is because this business knows and appreciates the value that each of our members brings to our website. When you join Trade-In Tech, we provide you with as much value as possible.


To keep out unreliable scammers and others with bad intentions, we require that all of our members complete a verification process. After you provide us with references, we’ll verify your information. Once you’re successfully verified, you become an official member.


Trade-In Tech members receive exclusive access to our marketplace, one of many ways to grow your business with us


You’ll find smartphones, tablets, laptops, home tech, accessories, and much more on our marketplace. With so many members, you can rely on finding the merchandise you need from our member network.


After becoming a member, you get access to a reliable network of electronics vendors from all around the world. With so many connection opportunities, you’ll find lots of trustworthy business partners.


We also provide reliability by actively helping your business grow. All members have access to Trade-In Tech’s blog. Our blog is growing fast and features a ton of helpful content for electronics wholesalers; we recently published our 100th post.


There’s also an exclusive section of our website that features tons of training videos. These videos are from our CEO Hayden Howard, an entrepreneur with a successful track record of starting and growing companies.


You can also rely on us to avoid paying fees. Yes, you read that previous sentence correctly. At Trade-In Tech we’re proud to offer zero fees to our buyers and sellers. It’s much easier to manage your electronics business when you’re not worrying about fees.


Our company also offers around the clock support. By being there for you 24 hours a day, we provide reliable support whenever you need it. If you have a question or concern, drop us a line, and we’ll respond right away!


2. Phonecheck



In the world of wholesale electronics, speed is often an important factor. Since you’re typically working with wholesale quantities, it can take a long time to check each of your devices. And, without checked devices, you don’t know what you’re selling to your customers.


So, how do you solve the problem of needing to process a lot of devices as fast as possible? By checking out another incredibly reliable company in the smartphone industry, Phonecheck


Phonecheck is a tool that provides diagnostic information and wipes data for both iOS and Android devices. This tool can check for manufacturer, software, and carrier locks. Phonecheck also checks your devices for the ability to both receive and hold a charge.


You’ll find that Phonecheck also inspects the authenticity of your devices and their parts. This feature is great for electronics wholesalers. The average consumer might not worry or know about OEM components. However, this can be a major problem for electronics dealers. 


Electronics with OEM components can sell for much more than devices with third-party replacements. If you buy or sell electronics, you’ll want a way to make sure you’re getting what you paid for.


Fortunately, Phonecheck can help with this by instantly checking for non-OEM components in your electronic devices. In a matter of moments, you’ll receive notifications alerting you of any non-OEM components in your electronics.


You’ll also instantly know the location of any third-party replacement parts. Finding these parts through Phonecheck is much faster and easier than doing this by hand.


Phonecheck also takes care of erasing and resetting your devices. Unless you’re only buying and selling brand new devices, you’ll need a way to erase data from previously used electronics.


As you probably know, trying to erase and rest devices manually is time-consuming. It’s easy to unintentionally spend hours getting a single device cleared and ready for resale. Fortunately, Phonecheck erases data and resets devices up to 10x faster than doing this manually. Testing devices with Phonecheck is incredibly easy and fast.


Phonecheck is also capable of testing multiple devices at a time, leaving you with more time to focus on other important business matters.


Over 5,000 companies certify the devices they receive. Several of PhoneCheck’s notable partners include Gazelle, Walmart, and eBay. Also, PhoneCheck works with both Mac and PC devices.


When it comes to reliability, Phonecheck offers 24-hour support. Going one step beyond that, Phonecheck prides itself on fast customer service. In fact, Phonecheck’s average response time is a lightning-fast two minutes!





We can’t talk about reliable wholesale companies without mentioning LSCR. Based out of Houston, Texas, LSCR has a large international distribution network. With this network, LSCR is able to supply its customers with new, used, and refurbished mobile devices.


You’ll find that LSCR carries smartphones and tablets from the most popular companies in this industry, including Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and many more.


With such a large distribution network, you’ll definitely want to keep checking out this company’s inventory because updates happen fast. Having this international distribution network makes this company a reliable supplier of electronics from many different countries.


Because LSCR has so many devices in stock, you can rely on this company to always find the electronics your business needs.


Another reason for LSCR’s reliability is that they understand the importance of providing customers with exactly what they’re paying for. Through its partnership with Phonecheck, LSCR processes devices accurately and at lightning-fast speeds.


Also, receiving Phonecheck certifications with LSCR’s electronics gives you peace of mind while buying from this business. Many buyers prefer knowing the devices they’re purchasing were professionally checked and data wiped. 


After LSCR processes your electronics, you’ll have peace of mind knowing these items will be ready for resale the moment they arrive. You won’t need to stress out about testing or wiping devices; LSCR does this for your business.


Because they’re able to process devices so fast, LSCR is a reliable supplier that always works to get its wholesale electronics to customers as fast as possible.


This business accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. For wholesale transactions, they accept wire transfer. It’s possible to pay through PayPal for smaller purchases.


LSCR is also a proud featured member of Trade-In Tech. We’re so happy to have them on our platform. If you’re wanting to open up a direct line of communication with this awesome company, become a Trade-In Tech member today.


4. Atlas Mobile



Another company we want to mention is Atlas Mobile. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling mobile devices, Atlas Mobile has what you’re looking for.


This company has a long history of reliability from buying and selling electronics throughout the world. Since this company started in this industry, it’s built many long-lasting relationships with vendors everywhere.


If you want to take a closer look at what Atlas Mobile is buying or selling, you’ll want to check out their price list. This massive list contains information about what Atlas Mobile is both buying and selling.


We encourage you to continually check this list for updates, as this company moves lots of devices at a time. However, you should expect to find this company selling a wide range of mobile electronics from Apple, Samsung, and many other popular companies.


When it comes to reliable information, Atlas Mobile makes this easy to find. Atlas Mobile features accurate and detailed information about every item on their price list. Best of all, this list is incredibly organized.


You can also count on Atlas Mobile’s reliability as a buyer. Atlas Mobile buys mobile devices in all sorts of conditions. While they prefer devices in mint condition, this company often buys back electronics in used and refurbished conditions.


If you’re selling items to Atlas Mobile, you’ll love the fairness of their prices. Unfortunately, certain buyback companies will try to give you the lowest possible offer. However, you won’t have this problem with Atlas Mobile. This company always provides fair values for goods they’re willing to buy.


It’s even possible to find Atlas Mobile buying back heavily damaged or DOA (dead on arrival) electronics. If you want to sell back devices to Atlas Mobile, make sure you let them know detailed information about the condition of your electronic devices.


If you aren’t sure about the condition of your devices, Atlas Mobile has a reliable grading system. With this system, it’s easy to know how much your electronics are worth.


5. Equinox Electronics



Based out of California, Equinox Electronics is a reliable business with years of experience in the electronics industry. This company specializes in procuring electronics for redistribution.


Equinox Electronics is a reliable business for many reasons. For one, there are hundreds of positive reviews about this company on popular electronic sales websites. By looking at these reviews, you’ll quickly see how Equinox Electronics works hard to keep its customers happy.


Plus, Equinox Electronics processes all of its devices through Phonecheck. If you were unaware, Phonecheck is a company that accurately tests the functionality of mobile electronics. This tool can also easily wipe data from and reset mobile devices to their factory state.


Because of this partnership with Phonecheck, you can rest assured that you’re getting reliable devices from a trustworthy provider. Phonecheck is an extensive diagnostics tool and another one of the most reliable smartphone companies.


Certain sellers might require you to buy excessively large quantities before you can do business with them. Fortunately, Equinox Electronics only requires minimum orders of ten devices. This minimum order requirement being low is great because it gives every business a chance to work with Equinox Electronics.


This company accepts both wire transfer and PayPal payments, two reliable payment methods. Equinox Electronics also provides reliable shipping, including free FedEx Express two-day shipping. It’s even possible to get your items shipped overnight.


If you need to return your electronics, you’ll want to know about Equinox Electronics’ 30-day warranty policy. This generous return policy is something that’s sometimes hard to find in the electronics industry.


Like Atlas Mobile, Equinox Electronics makes it incredibly easy to find its merchandise with the use of a price list. You can find this price list by visiting the website of Equinox Electronics. Equinox Electronics’ price list is detailed and highly reliable. You’ll find lots of information about each item this company sells, including make/model, storage capacity, color, quantity, and more.


This company also uses its own reliable grading system. By checking out this system, you’ll know about the condition of items before buying them. With this grading system, you’ll also never be surprised by receiving in the wrong condition.


There you have it, five of the most reliable companies in the smartphone industry. If you’re wondering how to start working with these companies, think about joining Trade-In Tech. Trade-In Tech is a global electronics platform whose main goal is to help your business grow. We’ve got a large, worldwide network of electronics vendors for you to partner with. We hope to see you on our platform soon.

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